Smarter Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Smarter Quotes from famous authors such as Khloe Kardashian, Steve Wozniak, Thomas Piketty, Georges St-Pierre, Walter O’Brien. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it. For medical decisions and a ton of other things, it’s just smarter that it’s put on hold.
Khloe Kardashian
Teachers started recognizing me and praising me for being smart in science and that made me want to be even smarter in science!
Steve Wozniak
Economists tend to think they are much, much smarter than historians, than everybody. And this is a bit too much because at the end of the day, we don’t know very much in economics.
Thomas Piketty
The more knowledge you get, the more questions you ask. The smarter you get, the more you realize that everything can be possible.
Georges St-Pierre
Most managers are just trying to survive. That’s why a lot of smarter guys have been let go from Fortune 500 companies: because they came up with new ideas that no one would allow them to try.
Walter O’Brien
In Joe Yorio you find a guy who’s smarter at business than I am. I’m an entrepreneur and idea guy; he’s a professional businessman.
Erik Prince
We are the greatest computers in this world, but now we’ve created the smart phone which is smarter than us now, but we’re still making dumb decisions. We have given our creations more power than we have, and that to me is dumb.
Bootsy Collins
I think younger generation is much smarter than us. I am happy and proud of my kids.
Pankaj Kapur
Eisenhower was less deferential to the military than he seemed likely to be, Kennedy was not at all beholden to the pope, George W. Bush was smarter than portrayed and Barack Obama has not led a charge from the left – least of all on behalf of the civil liberties that have eroded since September 11, 2001.
David K. Shipler
I’m a little smarter than most.
John Rhys-Davies
There are very few black-and-white truths in management or in business, but one that I have found is that people either hire people who are smarter than them, or people hire people they can control.
Nancy Dubuc
But here’s the deal: If I were smart, I could figure out curling. If I were even smarter, I could figure out why people would actually watch other people doing it. I have tried. I can’t. I can’t even figure out the object of the game. Is it like darts? I just don’t get it.
Bob Schieffer
Some people are born good-looking. Some have the gift of gab. And some are lucky enough to be born smarter than the rest of us. Whether we like it or not, Mother Nature does not dole these characteristics out evenly.
Simon Sinek
I think Finn Balor is more about confidence, a smarter version of Prince Devitt. Otherwise, they have the same core values, same techniques, and the same heart.
Finn Balor
You can always trust that an audience is smarter than a studio thinks it is.
Drew Goddard
Favre is smarter than the coaches. Most of those coaches have never played pro football, and they’re second-guessing him?
George Blanda
No way can you ever, ever, ever evidence confusion, concern, lack of understanding. You have to be in charge. You are the guy. You have to be cooler than cool, smarter than smart.
Gene Kranz
Throwing money on the fire is normally not the solution to every problem. You put the fire out by listening to the people who are smarter than you are.
Shahid Khan
I believe if we can crowdsource educational solutions to teachers on the front lines, who often know their kids better than anyone, we will unearth and generate better-targeted, smarter ideas.
Charles Best
Both my parents were far smarter than the opportunities they had.
Bill Shorten
I am going to develop some smarter habits.
Jameis Winston
We had one task where we had a yoga mat on a big hill and told them to get three yoga balls at the bottom of the hill onto the mat. We didn’t think that one of them would bring the yoga mat down to where the balls were, so that was a reminder that sometimes these comedians can be smarter than us.
Alex Horne
Our failed population-centric approach to Afghanistan has only led to missed opportunities, which is why Afghanistan depends on donors for 90% of government revenues. A smarter, trade-centric approach will boost Afghanistan’s long-run viability by weaning it off donor welfare dependency.
Erik Prince
Devices are getting smarter – your television, your car – and that means more data spread around. There needs to be a fabric that connects all these devices. That’s what we do.
Drew Houston
Every 10 years, I know less about love and relationships. The smarter I get, the less I know.
Paul Haggis
You have to think a little smarter, be proactive, not reactive.
Frank Abagnale
The more injuries you get, the smarter you get.
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Nine times out of 10 the smarter or mentally focused fighter comes out on top.
Anthony Yarde
Kanye is the best. I’m obsessed with him to the nine. There’s nobody smarter, cooler. I sit for hours talking to him sometimes. There’s nobody more amazing, brilliant, innovative. He talks to me and I leave him and I’m like How am I going to talk to regular people now?
Jonathan Cheban
I think as women, the smarter and more powerful we are, the more it can be threatening and alienating to other people, more than with men. That’s something we need to support each other with.
Idina Menzel
I feel that I’m sort of playing me but more feminine, and to me more feminine means smarter.
Kevin McDonald
I found a nanny/child care position in Beverly Hills taking care of a 3-year-old and a 17-year-old. They had a large, wealthy house. I learned that I liked the way rich people lived. I learned that they were not smarter than me.
Mark Burnett
I still feel there are much smarter self-promoters out there than me. I am very methodical about my messaging, and I know how to gain attention very quickly. David Blaine is an example of someone who’s better at self-promoting than me. He is much better than I am.
Tim Ferriss
If you’re smarter than me, you shouldn’t be reading my books.
Malcolm Gladwell
I subscribe to about 200 blogs. I look for insights and good writing, and I look to get smarter.
Evan Williams
All evidence shows that we are actually getting smarter. Roughly we are getting 10 IQ points smarter every decade. The speed of innovation is also faster.
Bjarke Ingels
Everybody has problems in their life and the smarter people are the ones who know how to find a solution.
Juan Martin del Potro
I would say I have become a lot smarter in the way I understand things.
Sonny Bill Williams
It’s smarter to look at portions than to count calories.
Randy Jackson
The thing with ‘The West Wing’ is that the fantasy was legitimately better than the reality – these were smarter, better people than their real-life counterparts, working together at a better White House than the one we had.
Alex Pareene
Just because someone has gone to an elite school and college does not make him smarter than the person who has grown up on street knowledge.
Vikas Swarup
We have to get smarter about our cities. Especially when it comes to the most basic of public services – water supply.
Rohini Nilekani
I feel like, for me, I’ve become smarter. I’ve become a more intelligent wrestler. I’ve become a more intelligent performer, and I think that shows.
Seth Rollins
We can’t stop the development of smarter and smarter artificial intelligences. So our alternative is to make ourselves smarter so that we always stay one step ahead.
Louis B. Rosenberg
I’m getting older, and I’m smarter about how I eat.
Joey Chestnut
I’ve got to work harder and smarter to get to the place where I truly belong.
Sherlyn Chopra
You know as a director what you want, but the film is smarter than you, the film says no, the film says there’s something more here.
John Cassavetes
Don’t talk to me about how I haven’t done anything to prove myself. I’m not worth anything. Like, seriously, do your history first, then come up with something smarter than things that are blatantly not true.
Shayna Baszler
I find that each job that I do, the thing that gets me there is when I’m not smarter than it, when I don’t know instantly how that thing is made. Because if I do, then it’s boring. Or it would be simple.
Michelle Williams
I have definitely worked on that… being efficient and also being smarter with my pressure.
Daniel Cormier
Obama never listened to anyone, always thought he was smarter than every expert in the room, and treated every meeting as an opportunity to lecture everyone else. This led to real-world disasters, like Syria and the rise of Isis.
Steve Hilton
I love hearing people who are smarter than me talk about my comics. It makes me feel smarter.
Gene Luen Yang
It’s tempting to engage in anti-gun polemics and hope that popular opinion will dramatically shift, but it is also likely a mistake. The smarter course for those who want stronger federal gun-control laws anytime soon is legislative stewardship and compromise.
Adam Cohen
Labels only confuse people. The smarter people recognize artists who transcend categories. But I always try to entertain. It’s in my nature; writers are born to entertain. If that means working ostensibly within a genre, fine.
John Shirley
I think it’s evident that expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are surrounded by natural beauty. That elevates city life. So if we can make cities more attractive in the long run, we can be smarter about issues like development, zoning and economics.
Stone Gossard
I sometimes need to be smarter, but that’s not going to change how I drive.
Kevin Harvick
My favorite class as an undergraduate was a political theory class on justice. Now, ‘justice’ is hardly a self-defining term, and much smarter men than I have developed various definitions over the centuries. The class put Plato at one end and Nietzsche at the other, and off we went.
Paul S. Kemp
At least in the U.S., the party you believe in plays a big role in how you conceive of yourself. It feels good to think that your party is smarter, and that the smarts are what drive people to your party.
Maria Konnikova
People feel vulnerable when they travel. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of or talked into something they don’t want. Staying at Motel 6 makes you feel smarter. In fact, I think it actually means you are smarter, but I have no hard data to support that.
Tom Bodett
The longer you live, the smarter you get because you’ve been around. You’ve seen things. You’ve gone through different emotional experiences in your own life, and hopefully, you understand things better. And that makes you a better actress.
Eva Marie Saint
You have to be as smart as you can be, not smarter. You don’t need to be smarter than you are.
Jonathan Majors
I thought I was so much smarter than everybody. And I’m not.
Ethan Hawke
In time we grow older, we grow wiser, we grow smarter, and we’re better. And I feel like I’m becoming more seasoned, although I don’t have my salt-and-pepper hair.
The truth is, successful people are not ten times smarter than you. They don’t really work ten times harder than you. So why are they successful? Because their dreams are so much bigger than yours!
Dan Pena
I cannot stand Hollywood child performances. It just reeks of artifice, and it’s weird that, for some reason, Hollywood feels they have to make their child characters smarter than adults, and suddenly kids have the vocabulary of a college grad.
Sean Baker
I saw something in the news, so I copied it. I put a piece of tape – I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop – I put a piece of tape over the camera. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.
James Comey
At some point in your life, you’ll find yourself in a similar position: Surrounded by people who are smarter, faster, who have more experience and more money – and you’ll just have to find a way. And you’ll have to do it with passion.
Kevin Plank
You’re smarter than TV. So what?
Douglas Coupland
Being smarter gives you a tailwind throughout life. People who are more intelligent earn more, live longer, get divorced less, are less likely to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco, and their children live longer.
Steven Pinker
When I teach writing, I always tell my students you should assume that the audience you’re writing for is smarter than you. You can’t write if you don’t think they’re on your side, because then you start to yell at them or preach down to them.
Tony Kushner
As a street hustler, you’ve got to be smarter than everybody. You have to outsmart the police, you have to outsmart the people in competition with you, you have to outsmart all the opposition.
Yo Gotti
When my wife gets mad at me, I remind myself that she is much smarter than I am and so I probably deserve it, even if I don’t really understand it!
Michael Weatherly
The police can’t protect consumers. People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. We live in a time when if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will.
Frank Abagnale
I had a ninth grade teacher who told me I was much smarter and much better than I was allowing myself to be.
Scott Hamilton
Hillary Clinton’s not very bright. Everybody says she’s so smart, so much smarter than Donald Trump. She doesn’t really have a grasp. She doesn’t have a grasp on what’s important and what’s not.
Steve Bannon
I had lived with my mother in anger and love – I suppose most daughters do – but my children only knew her in one way: As the lady who thought they were smarter than Albert Einstein. As the lady who thought they wrote better than William Shakespeare. As the lady who thought every picture they drew was a Rembrandt.
Judith Viorst
I think after a time there won’t be anything left to be interesting for mankind. Computers are about to do everything for us. Cellphones are smarter than we are. We’ll embrace spirituality because we’ll be bored of everything else.
Damian Marley
I’m working with Al Haymon, who is the best in boxing and he manages my career, and every time I fight he tells me, ‘Look, you’re only getting better and better, smarter and smarter, keep trying and one day we’re going to get that big shot.’ And sure enough, it happened.
Jermall Charlo
The perfectibility of the human mind is a theme that has captured our imagination for centuries – the notion that, with the right tools, the right approach, the right attitude, we might become better, smarter versions of ourselves.
Maria Konnikova
Always be smarter than the people who hire you.
Lena Horne
As veterans we should be smarter about how we talk about things.
Dan Crenshaw
This is my advice to entrepreneurs. It’s easy to give up, but believe in your ideas. Surround yourself with people you respect and are smarter than you.
Brian Lee
The thing that’s changed the way I do my stand-up act is having kids and getting older and wiser and smarter. There might be a joke or two in the past that I wish I hadn’t done, but in the past, you can’t have it back.
Larry the Cable Guy
I’ve become smarter, more disciplined and more hungry.
Andrei Arlovski
As I matured, I became a smarter person, a more sensitive person, a more thinking person.
Charles Bock
Everyone assumes that novelists are smarter and more interesting. They’re generally smarter and more interesting, but they’re often very short. So it kind of cancels all the smart and interesting stuff out.
Liev Schreiber
We really are based on this idea that teachers have all this pent-up classroom expertise and that if we could just empower them to come up with micro-solutions, they’re going to come up with smarter ideas than anybody would at the top.
Charles Best
I always make sure I hire people smarter than me.
Aliko Dangote
We, as adults, are the gatekeepers, and we have to check our own fears at the door because we want our children to be smarter than we are. We want them to be more fully human than we are.
Jacqueline Woodson
Another person who’s smarter than I. What a relief to not have to be the smartest guy anymore.
Dave Winer
I love dogs. I think dogs are way smarter. Maybe I can be the dog spokesman for the rock world. There are a lot of cat people making rock music.
King Tuff
Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Business is just like sports: if you’re the best in the group that you run in, you’re never going to get any better. It’s the same thing in business. I surround myself with people who are smarter than me and have more experience than me, and I have gotten a lot of great advice.
Dakota Meyer
I had an instinct to gravitate towards people who were smarter than I was, teachers that were nice people that were trying to do things in life that were constructive, and that’s what I gravitated to instead of what I saw and what I was in.
Florence Henderson
We are not experts on everything. We are not capable of doing everything by ourselves. There are a bunch of other smarter people around the world.
Masayoshi Son
I’ve never really had a problem with the imagination level of an audience. They’re always smarter and savvier than any studio exec will give them credit for.
James Van Der Beek
All I care about is getting smarter and better.
Johny Hendricks
Democrats always like to brag that their guys are smarter than the opponents and Republicans always like to brag that their guys are more moral than the opponents. But if you’re looking for morals in politics you’re looking for bananas in the cheese department.
Harry Shearer
Whether you voted for me or not, going through the Democratic process had made me a better candidate. I am a smarter, better candidate.
Andrew Cuomo
There’s no reason why we cannot become smarter, more perfect, and maybe even live longer.
Michio Kaku
At any given moment, I’ve always assumed that nearly everyone around me was smarter than I was, more naturally gifted, quicker-witted, and probably capable of understanding Heidegger and Derrida.
Michael Dirda
I want to make other people around me smarter and more powerful.
Fantastic Negrito
Be smarter than other people, just don’t tell them so.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Mankind is getting smarter every day. Actually, it only seems so. At least we are making progress. We’re progressing, to be sure, ever more deeply into the forest.
Franz Grillparzer
I definitely feel like I’m a smarter player than when I first entered the League.
Connor McDavid
It is one thing to oppose a bill and say, ‘Well, I’m smarter than the other side and have more wisdom than they do,’ but it is another thing to oppose a law because it violates the very principles upon which this country was founded.
Scott Garrett
We’re smarter and more innovative when we’re diverse.
Julie Sweet
Public broadcasting makes our nation smarter, stronger and, yes, safer.
Stanley A. McChrystal
I believe that rather than it being a case of humans versus machines, the future of financial advice more likely lies somewhere in between, where human advisors leverage artificial intelligence and automation to become smarter and more efficient at doing their jobs.
Clara Shih
We know from our business with clients around the world that when companies bring together people of different genders, races, cultures, and perspectives, we are smarter, more creative, more innovative, and more relevant.
Pierre Nanterme
In America, nobody’s boyfriend wants them to be smarter than he is, and no one wants to admit it.
Eileen Pollack
CNN is getting smarter, and you can feel it in the stories, you can feel it in the depth with which they’re covered, the kinds of people in terms of guests who are brought on air, the way in which issues are discussed.
Fareed Zakaria
My personal theory is that younger audiences disdain books – not because those readers are dumber than past readers, but because today’s reader is smarter.
Chuck Palahniuk
We believe our diversity makes us stronger, smarter, and more innovative, helping us better serve the needs of our clients, our people, and our communities.
Julie Sweet
When the venture industry started, it was enough to just have money and then it was enough to sort of have this big fuzzy brand. But now startups are getting a lot smarter.
Naval Ravikant
I don’t have to be smarter than anybody else. I’ve just plain worked harder and longer than anybody else.
Graham Hawkes
Most kids are smarter than most grown-ups. Kids see the world in black and white… They look through all the garbage and see a world run by fools and dullards and lazy people. And there’s nothing they can do about it because they have no power.
Dav Pilkey
If you can’t hire someone smarter than you, do it yourself.
Michael Seibel
What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we’re going to reinvent the phone.
Steve Jobs
In a world that’s smarter than it used to be and, in some ways, smarter than it ought to be, stupidity has a way of making us seem all the more human.
Walter Kirn
The professors at Harvard are smarter and more world-renowned, and so your child will learn from a pre-eminent scholar who is a leader in his or her field. Some of Harvard’s professors are even famous.
Andrew Yang
Pigs are smarter than dogs, and both are smarter than Congress.
Elayne Boosler
Under Donald Trump, our deals will be smarter, our soldiers will have what they need, and our veterans will have what they earned. We will secure our borders, protect our nation. In all this, we will be more serious. And when we do, this nation will start winning again.
Mike Pence
I am smarter because I stayed in school, and I am a better football player.
Dak Prescott
I think just by the nature of getting older, I hope that I’m a smarter basketball player than I was at 23.
Sue Bird
We humans are not the end of evolution, so if we can make a machine that’s as smart as a person, we can probably also make one that’s much smarter. There’s no point in making just another person. You want to make one that can do things we can’t.
Marvin Minsky
I’ve always wanted to do theater in Chicago. Chicago is a big theater town-and, in some ways, I think this city is savvier and smarter than New York. Sometimes, I think it’s a little too chic to go to theater in New York these days.
Jeffrey Donovan
As our smartphone becomes even smarter, mobile technology should actually take the burden out of our daily lives.
Peggy Johnson
Our politicians are stupid. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning. And they send the bad ones over because they don’t want to pay for them. They don’t want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them?
Donald Trump
America is smarter than the politicians. America is demanding a change and not more of the same cronyism, not more of the same deception, corruption, and business. Washington, D.C., needs to be shaken up.
Ryan Zinke
The thing about working at Pixar is that everyone around you is smarter and funnier and cleverer than you and they all think the same about everyone else. It’s a nice problem to have.
Andrew Stanton
You have to carry yourself with respect, care about your reputation. And unfortunately, as a woman, you have to be smarter and better and you have no room for mistakes or error.
Joy Taylor
I had two parts of my body: my left side, which was strong and somewhat dumb, and the other side was weak and hard to control but perhaps smarter. It gave me a very strong sense of the duality of the plane that we live in.
Leon Russell
Do I catch flak because I’m so much smarter than everyone else? I don’t know.
Brett Hull
We’re learning as we go. We’re a lot smarter this time. We understand what it takes to mobilize away from the threat of a hurricane.
Ray Nagin
Humans are in charge of the planet because we are smarter than other animals and are able to build tools and apply rules. In the future, if something is much, much smarter, there’s going to be a transition as to who is actually in charge.
Anthony Levandowski
We think of computers as smart and powerful machines. But your goldfish is smarter.
Jason Fried
Laying the groundwork for smaller, smarter government, especially at the federal level, is going to be tough. But it is essential for getting us back on the path to long-term prosperity.
Charles Koch
By definition, the Singularity means that machines would be smarter than us, and, in their wisdom, they can innovate new technologies. The innovations would come so quickly, and increasingly quickly, that the innovation would make Moore’s Law seem as antiquated as Hammurabi’s Code.
Marvin Ammori
From a motivation perspective, helping others enriches the meaning and purpose of our own lives, showing us that our contributions matter and energizing us to work harder, longer, and smarter.
Adam Grant
Brock Lesnar is an extraordinary, underrated forward thinker. Every day of Brock’s life, he is smarter than he was the day before.
Paul Heyman
I’ve always felt that kids are a lot smarter than we’ve given them credit for, but we’ve never given them a chance to figure things out as they’re watching television.
Genndy Tartakovsky
Many African people are smarter than me – kids who could have been better. I have no claim for genius.
Mo Ibrahim
If you ask people whether a computer can be smarter than a human, 99.9 percent will say that’s science fiction. Actually, it’s inevitable. It’s guaranteed to happen.
Anthony Levandowski
I have to be smarter than my opponents. I have to figure out their styles in the ring. I have to be three or four steps ahead of them. So my mind has to be sharp.
Bernard Hopkins
I would never bet against Peyton Manning. You know about the age and the neck and the strength. But I had George Blanda, and as he got older, he got smarter, and he just got rid of the ball quicker. I watch Peyton, and I see George Blanda.
John Madden
But I believe the older I get, I’m wiser and I train smarter.
Tyson Gay
As far as aging on screen is concerned, I am sure the TV audience don’t go by stereotypes – they have evolved and become smarter over the years.
Divyanka Tripathi
Of course, I know by growing older, I’m going to become stronger, smarter, and know the game better.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
When I was super young, and everybody who has been in fan of mine from the WEC days, I was just tough as nails, fearless and that’s what made me tick. I’m not those things anymore. I’m fearless, but I plan ahead. I’m strategic. I’m smarter, and I’m just a different person than I was.
Cub Swanson
I am still quick at 250 to 260 lbs and I am smarter.
Larry Holmes
We don’t need more government, we just need the government we have to work smarter and more efficiently.
Jaime Harrison
Of course the job has a lot of glamour. But it really is about being smarter than your average bear. Your mind is your best weapon. It’s great when you’re a good shot with an AK-47, but it’s about being clever.
Valerie Plame
Lately, I’ve been feeling like I wish I was smarter. I want to know about more things, I want to be able to talk to people more in depth about things in the world.
Justin Thomas
It’s actually a smarter crime because imagine if you rob a bank, or you’re dealing drugs. If you get caught you’re going to spend a lot of time in custody. But with hacking, it’s much easier to commit the crime and the risk of punishment is slim to none.
Kevin Mitnick
The world believes all blondes are stupid and brunettes are smarter. Well, I disagree.
Anna Kournikova
I guess you’d have to say that sometimes the audience is smarter than the critics.
Toby Emmerich
My father loved biographies. He loved the true tales of interesting people that were shaping our culture. I get why he dug ‘Vanity Fair.’ You feel smarter, somehow, for reading it.
Abigail Spencer
The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. A Stanford study showed that those who saw a photo of their future self made smarter financial decisions.
A. J. Jacobs
I feel sorry for the poor kids whose parents feel they’re qualified to teach them at home. Of course, some parents are smarter than some teachers, but in the main I see home-schooling as misguided foolishness.
Dick Cavett
You need all four people to be throwing well. You need to be playing the right shots. You just need to be a lot smarter.
Brendan Bottcher
Oprah is signed on to help, and a lot of celebrity friends have agreed to help me raise money for Make-A-Wish. We want to make the world a better place for innocent children. I cried my heart out when my father died from cancer. I wish I was smarter, wiser like a doctor, to save these children from dying.
Criss Angel
We know that a smarter Australia means a stronger Australia. An Australia able to grasp the opportunities of the Asian Century. A skilled workforce and a strong, productive and resilient economy. We know we’ll only win the economic race in the Asian Century if we win the education race.
Wayne Swan
If there’s any secret to my success, it’s that I just hire people who are smarter and more talented than I am.
Kurt Sutter
We’re reminded yet again: we are stronger, we are smarter, we have more fun when we include each other – when we include as many perspectives as possible.
Leslie Odom, Jr.
I used to refer to myself as a ‘theoretical anorexic,’ just as crazy when it came to body image, but saved by a lack of self-discipline. My daughters do everything better than I do – they’re smarter, more beautiful, happier. What if they end up better at anorexia, too?
Ayelet Waldman
I get smarter when I read seeing big words.
Emmanuel Sanders
The unconscious is much smarter than the conscious.
Warren Beatty
Every check-in should mean something. Foursquare should get smarter every time that you continue to check in. We should be able to offer special deals that you may be interested in, and we should be able to offer recommendations for the type of things you should do next.
Dennis Crowley
Well, what did we buy? Instead of a leaner, smarter government, we bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy, and which will put 16,500 IRS agents in charge of policing President Obama’s health care bill.
Michele Bachmann
Don’t ever be afraid to hire people that are smarter than you. Just because they are smarter than you doesn’t mean they have to make more money.
Chris Gardner
The change that I never fall into is the, ‘I’m-above-you-look-at-me-do-stuff-for-me change.’ The change that I’m hoping I get to is where I become wiser, smarter – where I put myself in situations that don’t have a huge potential for disaster.
Jeremy Lin
I think I’ve always been pretty shameless about seeking out people much smarter and much more experienced than me from the very beginning.
Brian Chesky
If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.
John Gotti
My brother and sister are smarter than me. But I’m the most successful because I’ve been given opportunities that they never had.
Angela Rayner
Kids today are smarter than we ever were. And they’ve got computers, too, which is awesome. They’re scary to me.
David Arquette
I learned how to be a learner. When you get in a job, the tendency is to say, ‘I’ve got to know it. I’ve got to give direction to others. I’m in this job because I’m better and smarter.’ I always took a different view, that the key was to identify the people who really knew and learn from them.
Anne M. Mulcahy
I still feel there are much smarter self-promoters out there than me. I am very methodical about my messaging, and I know how to gain attention very quickly.
Tim Ferriss
I’m no scientist, but I’ll dare extrapolate and say that it’s pretty obvious that the more you struggle to recall something, the smarter you are!
Faith Salie
It’s hard to pay attention these days because of multiple affects of the information technology nowadays. You tend to develop a faster, speedier mind, but I don’t think it’s necessarily broader or smarter.
Robert Redford
In the shorter form of the game, I think I’m getting a lot smarter with the way I’m approaching my innings and also the way I read the game.
Steve Smith
How about we let the states be innovative on Medicaid and do much better and smarter things?
Steve Scalise
ICT careers are becoming more complex as a result of the digital revolution, where smarter connections are being made between people, processes, data, and things.
Tae Yoo
Hardworking, passionate teachers know their students’ needs better than anyone else in the school environment. If we can tap into their needs, we can unleash smarter solutions and empower those people on the front lines.
Charles Best
There cannot be any better cross-section of America and I think the soldiers represent the best we have. Today’s soldiers are brighter and smarter, perhaps in a different way, than past generations because they’ve been brought up in the computer and information age.
Gerald Griffin
We assume that good-looking people are smarter and more effective than they really are, and that homely people are the reverse.
James Surowiecki
Smarter is always the answer.
Samuel J. Palmisano
Publishers have realized that, unlike the previous time period, American teenagers are both smarter and require more topical material than they had been giving them before that. For one thing, they’ll read thicker books. Besides, has anybody looked at the news or read the newspapers recently?
Tamora Pierce
You can teach someone with basic smarts to be smarter; you can’t teach cultural fit or personality. But you also want someone who has a passion to win; someone that is all in.
Mellody Hobson
A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
Will Rogers
At 16, 17, you have no fear. You don’t think or analyze. You just play on automatic. You can get smarter as you get older, but in sports you can be too smart, you know?
Anna Kournikova
I know I’m not smarter than a 10-year-old.
Noel Edmonds
Practicing in the trial work trenches of the law, I saw, too, that when we judges don our robes, it doesn’t make us any smarter, but it does serve as a reminder of what’s expected of us: Impartiality and independence, collegiality and courage.
Neil Gorsuch
I need to play smarter and protect the football.
Carson Wentz
If you’re living off credit-card advances and ramen noodles, a buyout offer might be too hard to resist. And you’ll be even smarter the second time around.
Bing Gordon
Your body is smarter than you are, so you always have to stay one step ahead.
David Kirsch
Voters are smarter than Republicans think they are.
Ted Lieu
People are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers, instead of their conscience, be their guide.
Will Rogers
Nature has provided us a spectacular toolbox. The toolbox exists. An architect far better and smarter than us has given us that toolbox, and we now have the ability to use it.
Barry Schuler
I rarely see one of the ‘summer blockbuster’ movies. I’d like to see a stronger focus on smaller, smarter movies.
Christopher Meloni
The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is. For to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves – and the better the teacher, the better the student body.
Warren Buffett
The most fun I ever had on a movie was working with Albert Brooks. He’s the caviar of comedy. I mean, nobody’s funnier; nobody is smarter than Albert Brooks.
Sharon Stone
Men don’t get smarter when they grow older. They just lose their hair.
Claudette Colbert
I’m smarter than the average; I just act dumb. That’s what gets people’s attention; you act dumb, you get people’s attention.
Gilbert Arenas
I’ve been working on a lot of things, just knocking down the three consistently, making smarter moves off the pick-and-roll, improving my dribble a lot.
Terry Rozier
I had a lot of experience with people smarter than I am.
Gerald R. Ford
Military service might sound like a totally different environment, but every experience you fall back on later, it makes you smarter. Why wouldn’t that be true of the military, too?
Pete Buttigieg
Being slim is the new elitism. Thinness today says that you are richer, smarter and more successful than the overweight masses.
David Zinczenko
I’ve learned never to count Vin Diesel out. Just don’t do that. And I guess it’s because he is a very smart guy. Smarter than people give him credit for.
David Twohy
The older you get, it is harder to prepare physically, even if you have all the experience in the world. You’re more sore the next day, you can’t pack in as much, and you have to train smarter. You have to pay attention to more subtle things like your warmup routine or core work.
Chris Long
Audiences are smarter than ever; they know if filmmakers cheat an environment.
Ridley Scott
Most beautiful dumb girls think they are smart and get away with it, because other people, on the whole, aren’t much smarter.
Louise Brooks
You have to be smarter and a wiser businessperson and consumer. You have to learn to protect yourself through education.
Frank Abagnale
I’m a very big believer that the primary focus for any organization at any point in time should always be smarter, better, faster.
Charlie Baker
Reading is important because it makes you smarter and lets you find out about things you’re curious about.
Alex Wolff
Increase your company’s average talent with each hire – founders tend to be pretty smart but willing to take on risk. Employees should be a lot smarter and less risk averse.
Michael Seibel
I try to surround myself with people smarter than me – if I’m the smartest guy in the room, I change rooms.
Adam Neumann
There’s no smarter politician out there than Bill Clinton.
Ed Rollins
Be happy that you’re growing older, that you’re maturing, that you’re smarter, that you’re wiser.
Walt Handelsman
Everybody that I was in school with had an uncle or father in the law, and I started to realize that I was going to end up writing briefs for about ten years for these fellows who I thought I was smarter than. And I was kind of losing my feeling for that.
John Wayne
It is literally the case that learning languages makes you smarter. The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a result of language learning.
Michael Gove
It is unclear how much money Trump has, but it is not enough to matter in Russia. If he keeps up his pose as the tough billionaire, he will be flattered by the Russian media, scorned by those who matter in Russia, and then easily crushed by men far richer and smarter than he.
Timothy D. Snyder
In the best cases, Twitter makes people smarter and faster and more efficient.
Evan Williams
The fun for me in collaboration is, one, working with other people just makes you smarter; that’s proven.
Lin-Manuel Miranda
I mean I’m not smarter than the market, but I can recognize a good tape and a bad tape. I recognize when it’s right and when it’s wrong and that’s what my strength is.
Jim Cramer
I went from 250 to, like, 175 in three and a half, four months. And then I ended up graduating with honors. I went from a 2.4 to a 3.06 in a year. It’s funny how those two are related. I don’t want to say that if you lose weight, you’ll get smarter, but… well, it worked for me.
Jay Pharoah
I didn’t marry to have children. I married to have a relationship, and I was blessed with one child. I was an only child, too – my mother was smarter than most women today; she just had me.
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Connected vehicle technologies are revolutionizing and democratizing transportation for safer, smarter, more responsible, and more accessible driving.
Dinesh Paliwal
Whenever I came up against presidents of other companies, I was always smarter, because I was from the streets.
Berry Gordy
It is only through reading that one can understand how people are smarter than you and what they have left behind for you.
Twinkle Khanna
Stay open-minded; stay focused. Train hard and train smart. For me, the older I get, the smarter I have to train also, because the recovery time is longer. Work on everything: become a well-rounded fighter – don’t just be good at one thing; be good at everything.
Brock Lesnar
Well, I’ve been recording myself on a computer since I was about 13 or 14. So it’s completely entwined with my creative process. Essentially, it allows you to make music that’s better and smarter than you are, by using your ears to lead the way.
St. Vincent
There’s a moment where Jobs says that one day you will wake up and realize that the world was created by people no smarter than you. I want people to believe that; we’re so often bound by obstructions and judges.
Joshua Michael Stern
Time and energy are finite. You only have so many hours in a day and so many days of your life. The solution to using your time wisely isn’t about exerting more energy – eventually you’ll run out of steam. The key to reaching your greatest potential is about working smarter, not harder.
Amy Morin
In the media age, everybody was famous for 15 minutes. In the Wikipedia age, everybody can be an expert in five minutes. Special bonus: You can edit your own entry to make yourself seem even smarter.
Stephen Colbert
Children are smarter than any of us. Know how I know that? I don’t know one child with a full time job and children.
Bill Hicks
Every day, I get a little smarter.
Travis Kalanick
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
Russell Simmons
All that Tim Kaine has is to try to convince people that conservatives are racist – and you know what, people are smarter than that.
Corey Stewart
Girls think that being glamorous means making mistakes and being irresponsible. And that’s just not true. The smarter you are, the better prepared you are to make decisions in your life, the more likely you are to lead a satisfying life and be glamorous and fun and anything you want to be.
Danica McKellar
I know I felt like I was ready to be an adult long before the rest of the world agreed. I’d already realized that a lot of grown-ups didn’t know any more than I did, and some of them were even dumber than I was, and even the ones who were smarter weren’t using their smarts for things I necessarily considered worthwhile.
Tim Pratt
And maybe I’m a little smarter now than I was before for all the stupid things I’ve done.
Herb Brooks
Most horror films fail to scare me. I think ‘The Ring’ plays more as a psychological thriller. It’s smarter, there’s more character development and some of the themes explored go a little deeper.
Martin Henderson
One of the things that Teller and I are obsessed with, one of the reasons that we’re in magic, is the difference between fantasy and reality. That is the subject that, if you have a brain in your head, is always dealt with in magic. The smarter the tricks you’re doing, the more that’ s an important thing.
Penn Jillette
It is smarter to borrow from nature than to reinvent the wheels.
Philip Emeagwali
I trained as hard as I could, I ran as much as I could, I sparred hard, I did everything right. I did everything I could possibly do at the age when I could fight. You have to be realistic; you can’t say, ‘Oh, I am smarter now, older and I can punch harder.’ You think you can, but you can’t.
Micky Ward
This may sound strange, but at a very early age, at around 3, I was aware that I was smarter than the other kids.
Lois Lowry
I just like Forrest Gump. Maybe I’m a little smarter than him, maybe I’m not. Probably because of the whole Southern aspect of his character and for some reason I always wind up on the better end of all deals… I’ve just kind of got the old silly boy luck!
Luke Bryan
Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.
Nicole Maines
A professional player is smarter than a college man. He uses his noodle. He knows what to do and when to do it. He rarely goes up in the air as is the case with most of our college players when they get in a tight place.
Red Grange
I can’t spell or do grammar, but I’m smarter and more serious than people think. I’m no featherweight when it comes to digging deep and being involved. So many stars I know do so much. It’s our duty to give back.
I used to have the very standard worldview. I can easily identify with people who see computers getting faster and smarter, and technology getting more and more beneficial, without seeing the other side.
Jaan Tallinn
I’m working on a bunch of things with my daughter Emily. In some ways, she’s a smarter and better editor than I am.
Patricia MacLachlan
Australia’s economic future depends upon getting smarter. This means investing in the skills and knowledge of our workforce.
Bill Shorten
I’m considering getting married again. I’ve not lost faith in that institution. I’m older; I’m smarter. I’m no longer searching for something to complete me… and therefore I’m now able to find someone to be a partner with.
Teri Polo
Working at Pixar you learn the really honest, hard way of making a great movie, which is to surround yourself with people who are much smarter than you, much more talented than you, and incite constructive criticism; you’ll get a much better movie out of it.
Andrew Stanton
Jail just made me wiser. It made me smarter. It made me wake up to a lot of stuff. And also it made me a better businessman. I had to learn the music business. It just made me a better person as far as the way I live.
There’s an opportunity to make your board – and your company – smarter by adding diversity, especially of gender.
Aileen Lee
We need women behind the camera like we do in front of the camera. That’s when we will have stronger, smarter, better roles for us.
Shriya Saran
These audiences are so damn smart, way smarter than the studios give them credit for.
Dean Devlin
Like a lot of people, I’m getting up there in age. Before I ate anything and everything. I just inhaled food. I enjoy eating, and I used to be the guy who works out just to eat. Now I’m much smarter about what I eat.
Kirk Herbstreit
‘Stupidity’ defines the mental state wherein we acknowledge that we’ve never been smarter as individuals and yet somehow we’ve never felt stupider. We now collectively inhabit a state of stupidity.
Douglas Coupland
Hire people who are smarter than you, and don’t be afraid to work with them as partners. Make it clear that you plan to learn from them, not just the other way around. The right, smart, motivated people respond very well to that approach, particularly coming from a younger manager like I am.
Lynn Jurich
A lady is smarter than a gentleman, maybe, she can sew a fine seam, she can have a baby, she can use her intuition instead of her brain, but she can’t fold a paper in a crowded train.
Phyllis McGinley
Trying to be smarter, work smarter, and just take care of my body more and more.
Calvin Johnson