Staging Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Staging Quotes from famous authors such as Ayushmann Khurrana, Amit Shah, Marianne Elliott, Ike Turner, Alan Taylor. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I played Shylock in my school’s staging of ‘Merchant of Venice.’
Ayushmann Khurrana
While staging demonstrations against wrongs, please do not cross the line, and see to it that no situation is allowed to turn into a riot.
Amit Shah
Staging any play is very exposing because, if you are going to do it well, you have to put so much of yourself into it.
Marianne Elliott
I always considered myself being an organizer. I’m very good at teaching singers, I’m very good at staging a show, to entertain people. But I never included myself. I never applied this to me as an artist.
Ike Turner
I love staging action and wide-shots, not necessarily going to close-ups.
Alan Taylor
To have the athletes weigh in on a stage, televised, it makes no sense. Holding us at weight to run us through medicals and a staging process, it lengthens the time we’re depleting ourselves.
Luke Rockhold
I’m interested in the acting and staging of specific emotions, and so I work with actors. It’s a small proportion of what I do, but it’s always what people seem to focus on.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
I really enjoy blocking and staging. I think most of visual storytelling is camera placement and how to stage action around the camera.
Hiro Murai
Everything in Wagner’s work – the music, the acting, the staging – stemmed from the text. Everything served to interpret the text.
Robert Wilson
‘Va Savoir’ is a lovable comedy about love that looks upon life as drama and uses the world of the theater as a staging device.
Elvis Mitchell
Lady Gaga is not saying anything new, she’s just quoting something that’s already been said, and staging it. It rarely seems sincere. That’s why I always try to say something authentic.
Celine Sciamma
When we started making ‘Selma,’ the Black Lives Matter movement didn’t exist. The parallels between Martin Luther King staging these marches, suffering police brutality… we weren’t even aware when making the film that these sorts of things would start to happen again in 2015.
Stephan James
People now know of the word intervention and think they understand what it means, but more often than not they go about intervening the wrong way. I see people staging things on their own. But discussing the nature of somebody’s condition over breakfast isn’t an intervention.
Drew Pinsky
As for radio and movies, I like the movies better, although the work is much harder. The cinema has microphone technique, staging, and glamour all wrapped up into one.
Rudy Vallee
Staging Formula One is incredibly expensive.
Mario Andretti
Directors sometimes have good ideas that I wished I’d had, not on rewriting but simply on staging.
Tom Stoppard
It’s great when it all comes together in a great musical like ‘Sweeney Todd,’ when Stephen Sondheim writes songs from heaven, the book is good and the staging is good. But it’s very rare when that happens.
Dennis DeYoung
The staging for ‘Monsters’ is all about me getting free. In the beginning I’m like tied, in a dark place… until I am scared no more, and I’m taking the lead of my life, I’m being the queen of my life, I’m ruling the world! In the end I’m taking a risk, but I’m taking the leap of faith.
Saara Aalto
Canada has become such a staging area for Chinese money.
Kevin Kwan
2012 has been an extraordinary year for our country. We cheered our Queen to the rafters with the Jubilee, showed the world what we’re made of by staging the most spectacular Olympic and Paralympic Games ever and – let’s not forget – punched way above our weight in the medals table.
David Cameron
Part of the problem with producing contemporary political theater in America today is that many theaters don’t have flexibility or resources, be it hiring a lot of actors or staging a work that might be tough for some audience and board members.
Theresa Rebeck
An ex-ABT ballerina, while staging a ballet for the company, once followed a dancer into the bathroom to deliver notes through the stall door. She was known to bark – literally, like a dog – during private rehearsals.
Sascha Radetsky
There have been moments when I was physically strained, but I have overcome the hardships by staging performances and receiving support from our members and fans.
People think, ‘Oh, you’re doing ‘The Wiz’ because ‘Empire’ is such a big hit.’ The truth is, staging this musical has been a dream of ours since the ’90s, but the rights were tied up. It’s just coincidental that, this year, when we were choosing a new musical, the rights were cleared.
Craig Zadan
My mother grew up strong. She was a charismatic leader among her peers, staging plays, organizing projects, raising money for charity; she was fiercely protective of her younger brother, with whom she shared a passion for jazz and rock and roll.
Anand Giridharadas