Superpowers Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Superpowers Quotes from famous authors such as Nina Hagen, Edward C. Prescott, Kurt Busiek, Noam Chomsky, Laura Lippman. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

We can change the world if we change ourselves. We just need to get hold of the old patterns of thinking and dealing with things and start listening to our inner voices and trusting our own superpowers.
Nina Hagen
In the category of economic superpowers, more is better than less – the more technology those leaders develop, the more we all benefit.
Edward C. Prescott
At one point, I worked up a list of five requirements for a superhero: superpowers, a costume, a code name, a mission, and a milieu. If the character had three out of the five, they were a superhero. But that’s just my definition.
Kurt Busiek
France had a policy, initiated by General de Gaulle, of trying to turn Europe into what was then called a ‘third force,’ independent of the two superpowers, so Europe should pursue an independent course.
Noam Chomsky
I’m very empathetic – that might be one of my superpowers.
Laura Lippman
South Vietnam had to be built from scratch and, from the very beginning, depended far too much on the Western superpowers. As in the case of a person on public welfare, this dependency, which became greater with each day, was quite difficult to shake.
Nguyen Cao Ky
We’re here to take our skills – our superpowers – and figure out how to help Puerto Rico, the Earth and the people.
Brock Pierce
I want everyone to be aware of what their superpower is because I believe that we all have superpowers.
Nafessa Williams
The world would be better off with multiple superpowers. When Communist USSR was a superpower, the world was better off.
Janeane Garofalo
We had the courage to face the superpowers that wanted a military triumph for each side they supported in Central America. We told them, ‘No,’ and presented a peace plan.
Óscar Arias
I’m a normal person and I don’t have superpowers! I do normal things, too.
Larisa Oleynik
I must try and break through the cliches about Latin America. Superpowers and other outsiders have fought over us for centuries in ways that have nothing to do with our problems. In reality we are all alone.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
We never said the U.K. is in bad shape if it leaves the E.U.: we said the E.U. would miss a massive opportunity. Without the U.K., the E.U. may never be able to stand up against superpowers like China and the U.S.
Joe Kaeser
I think these movies are definitely comedies. It’s quite difficult to take a superhero movie seriously because everything is heightened. A kid being bitten by a radioactive spider and getting superpowers is kind of ridiculous.
Tom Holland
In ‘The World Set Free,’ the world’s major superpowers attack each other simultaneously.
Tom Reiss
Yes, it’s a prequel. It tells the story about how the girls were born with superpowers, but they weren’t necessarily heroes at the beginning of this movie, so the movie is about the events that happen in their life to make them decide to be heroes.
Craig McCracken
Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He has to use his brain and his courage. That’s what always appealed to me.
Patrick Leahy
People may recognize me as some sort of superhero, but it’s different. Spider-Man and all these other superheroes, they get superpowers and do what they want to save the city. If we need to save Hong Kong, we can’t rely on superpowers, we can just rely on the people.
Joshua Wong
What we wanted to do was tell a story that felt relatable to anyone who’s been a teenager. We haven’t all been a second-generation Pakistani-American girl with superpowers, but we’ve all been 16 and awkward.
G. Willow Wilson
If I have superpowers, I would eliminate all negative people and all negativity from this world.
Vivek Oberoi
The things that make us different, those are our superpowers.
Lena Waithe
Common Core reminds us what testing can do right. Modeled on standards of the world’s education superpowers, questions demand critical thinking and creativity. Students are asked to write at length, show their work, and explain their reasoning.
Wendy Kopp
I never saw a little African-American girl saving the world. So to be able to be that for not only myself but girls who look like me is really important and inspiring. Unfortunately, we don’t see ourselves saving the world a lot, and if we do see any type of superhero, that person usually has superpowers.
Storm Reid
I always loved the Marvel movies. It was my dream to one day have superpowers, and that came true.
Pom Klementieff
I discovered that my insecurities and my flaws were things that I actually need to embrace, and I let them become my superpowers.
Skylar Grey
I don’t think Luke Cage as a superhero is something that has changed dramatically from the ’70s to now. He’s a black man going through the same thing as other people of colour – it’s just that he has superpowers.
Mike Colter
I believe it’s time that women truly owned their superpowers and used their beauty and strength to change the world around them.
Janelle Monae
It’s quite difficult to take a superhero movie seriously because everything is heightened. A kid being bitten by a radioactive spider and getting superpowers is kind of ridiculous.
Tom Holland
The prime reason behind making ‘A Flying Jatt’ was that there are barely any ‘desi’ superhero films in Bollywood which Indians can relate to. I wanted to exhibit that a superhero is more than just superpowers and leads a normal life like the others do. I wanted to attach a human factor to a superhero.
Remo D’Souza
One of the great things about playing a fallible superhero, one who doesn’t necessarily have superpowers, is that the stakes are raised by the prospect of them perishing.
Charlie Cox
Ever since I’ve been a little kid I’ve always wanted superpowers, which is the coolest thing in the world.
Alexander Ludwig
When you’re writing about superpowers, you’re writing about power. When you’re writing about immortals, you’re writing about mortality.
Margaret Stohl
My dreams were always small and puny. All I ever needed was a little house with a little picket fence by the sea. Little did I know that I would live in Malacanang Palace for 20 years and visit all the major palaces of mankind. And then also meet ordinary citizens and the leaders of superpowers.
Imelda Marcos