Tempting Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Tempting Quotes from famous authors such as Rob Halford, Jacob Weisberg, Edith Pearlman, Aesop Rock, Claire Messud. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

It’s very tempting for certain generations to say, ‘Well, I just want to be in a band, and I want to be a rock star,’ or whatever. That’s not what it’s about. Firstly, you’ve got to be in it for the love and the passion that you have for the music, and then you take it from there.
Rob Halford
It’s tempting to dismiss the debate about the National Security Agency spying on Americans as a technical conflict about procedural rights.
Jacob Weisberg
I think the computer is a hindrance to good writing because it is so tempting to leave what you’ve written. If you use a typewriter, you must retype if you make a mistake, and thus, you must re-examine every word.
Edith Pearlman
I believe giving pets ‘people food,’ while tempting, is generally frowned upon. As a pet owner you want to prioritize your animal’s health over the entertainment value in watching your little guy bat around a small piece of chicken.
Aesop Rock
If I hear a story or a fact about somebody I don’t know and have never met, it’s like getting a hollow vessel that you can fill up with whatever you want. That’s more tempting to me than to try to replicate what I actually know.
Claire Messud
On most sets, the crew always seem to have some delicious tempting treats nearby – I find that if I’ve got a packet of almonds around, a handful is a great snack – I’m now offering them to everyone!
Zoe Ball
It can be easy and tempting, especially during a presidential campaign, to listen only to opinions that mirror and fortify one’s own. That’s not ideal, because it eliminates learning and makes it impossible for people to understand what they dismiss as ‘the other side.’
Cass Sunstein
The neck on which diamonds might have worthily sparkled, will look less tempting when the biting winter has hung icicles there for gems.
Samuel Lover
It’s not a good thing to be friends with people you’re covering. There’s just no point in doing it. It’s tempting, but they’re not going to consider you their friend anyway. They just know that you’re somebody that can do something for them.
Kurt Loder
Some forms of veil are justified by the idea that you’re not tempting men. Well how about men just behaving and keeping their hands to yourselves? How about, instead of criticizing how I dress, respecting me and my right to the public space?
Mona Eltahawy
It’s tempting to look back into history with rose-tinted glasses. Most people in the Stone Age didn’t live anywhere near as long as we’re living now. Today we can enjoy a more wide-ranging diet and we have fruit and vegetables available all year round.
Alice Roberts
In Shakespeare’s world, characters cannot trust their senses. Is the ghost in Hamlet true and truthful, or is it a demon, tempting young Hamlet into murderous sin? Is Juliet dead or merely sleeping? Does Lear really stand at the edge of a great cliff? Or has the Fool deceived him to save his life?
Virginia Postrel
Politics means facing up to hard choices and facing down prejudice, short-termism, the easy, tempting court of knee-jerk public reaction.
Charles Kennedy
It’s very tempting to go part-time and take up a number of non-executive directorships because everyone is crying out for talented women.
Dido Harding
Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
Benjamin Franklin
Once a food becomes off-limits, then it takes on this whole other personality. ‘Forbidden’ is more tempting. And it becomes something evil, but food is food. It’s there to nourish your body.
Valerie Bertinelli
I almost did a show called ‘Celebrity Splash.’ It was a high diving competition show that only ran one season because of all the injuries. I can’t even enter the water without holding my nose, but I was between jobs and the money was tempting.
Chrishell Stause
There is such a thing as tempting the gods. Talking too much, too soon and with too much self-satisfaction has always seemed to me a sure way to court disaster. The forces of retribution are always listening. They never sleep.
Meg Greenfield
When looking for an influencer to work with, it’s tempting to go for those with huge amount of fans and followers. This is perfectly understandable, as you obviously want your business or product promoted to as many people as possible. However, numbers aren’t everything.
John Rampton
The mobile solutions offered by companies such as Square, and now Amazon, may seem tempting for merchants due to the low cost, but these solutions simply do not have the functionality or reporting capabilities that real businesses need.
Jared Isaacman
The most resonant crimes are the ones in which the victim is most innocent, or perceived as innocent. Blaming the victim is tempting; it offers an out.
S. J. Rozan
It’s very tempting, when somebody says they like this about you, to want to do that over and over.
We’re actually thinking about distributing ‘Moon Over Broadway’ on-line. It’s tempting, because when you go to a major studio, it’s sort of like a farm, you know? They make all the money, since it’s kind of a buyer’s market.
D. A. Pennebaker
Should a girl like me, in whom the milk of human kindness flows copiously for everyone, from protein-shy Hottentots to the glandular obese, actually aim a few swift boots at the prone form of Sen. Phil Gramm? Nah. But it’s tempting.
Molly Ivins
Sound as medium has an incredible elasticity. So, of course, it is tempting for artists of other fields to try something with sounds. Why not? We are living in the age when there is no limit in gathering all forms of art and music to mix it together if you so desire.
Yoko Ono
There’s no point thinking, ‘Well, my life’s certainly worked out, I’ve got all the answers.’ It would be wrong for me to say that I don’t get seduced by certain things. That things don’t become tempting.
Michael Fassbender
For value investors, General Motors is a tempting target. The company’s share of the North American auto market has steadily declined for two decades, and analysts say the company suffers from weak management and unexciting cars.
Alex Berenson
As tempting as it seems to wear tennis shoes with your tux, don’t do it. I think it looks ridiculous. If you’re 14 years old, maybe give it a shot. In general, don’t portray anything that says ‘I’m too cool and I don’t care.’
Paul Feig
It’s tempting to engage in anti-gun polemics and hope that popular opinion will dramatically shift, but it is also likely a mistake. The smarter course for those who want stronger federal gun-control laws anytime soon is legislative stewardship and compromise.
Adam Cohen
One of my rules about writing exercises is you never are allowed to put them in your book because it’s just too tempting. You try to shoehorn things that don’t belong.
Gillian Flynn
Sleeping with your phone in your bedroom is never a good idea, but it’s even worse when you’re bullied online because it’s too tempting to stay up all night trying to ‘fix’ the situation – which isn’t possible anyway.
Rosalind Wiseman
I thought if my son was now eighteen years old and he was tempted to join the fight and take the burden of protecting his family – because it’s always tempting especially for young men – what would I do as a mother to stop him?
Nadine Labaki
I didn’t need tempting back to the theatre. It’s always been something I’d wanted to do again and again and again, but with every job, you can only take what’s in front of you or what’s offered.
Andrew Gower
It’s very tempting to have a nanny and live in a gated community and have a chef – I’d love to have a few dinners cooked for me. But I don’t want that for my children. When they’re older, if people say to them, ‘Did you have a chef?’ I want them to be shocked by the question.
Kate Winslet
Although it is tempting to describe the conduct of Tinder’s senior executives as ‘frat-like,’ it was, in fact, much worse – representing the worst of the misogynist, alpha-male stereotype too often associated with technology startups.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
While our amplified knowledge of genetics – and the increasing precision of the field – does make it tempting to take on celebrity cases, retro-genetics can’t always provide clear answers.
Sam Kean
It’s tempting to work more than 60 hours a week and sacrifice sleep, not move, and eat bad foods as they are convenient. But this comes with a cost.
Tom Rath
It is so tempting to try the most difficult thing possible.
Lady Randolph Churchill
Living and working in the centre of a city, one cannot but be affected by the sight of the homeless on the streets. They are almost an expected feature of life in a big city, and it is tempting to think there is little or nothing that can, or even should, be done about it. This is not so.
Basil Hume
The advice I give is that, tempting as it is, getting the training you can get from law firm experience is really invaluable. It teaches you not just what you know but what you don’t.
Belinda Johnson
It’s a very tempting thing to try and relive your glory days when you get a little older and you worry that people have forgotten all about you.
David Gilmour
Diving into Internet speculation is like playing with the devil. It’s tempting, of course.
Theo James
It’s tempting, when confronted by political malfeasance, to become so absorbed with its symptom that we give too little attention to treating its cause.
Marianne Williamson
I like birthday cake. It’s so symbolic. It’s a tempting symbol to load with something more complicated than just ‘Happy birthday!’ because it’s this emblem of childhood and a happy day.
Aimee Bender
I don’t want to be a silly temptress. I cannot see any sense in getting dressed up and doing nothing but tempting men in pictures.
Greta Garbo
If you believe you are the city on the hill, the world’s best hope, it is tempting also to believe that outside your boundaries are barbarians.
Linda Colley
New technologies always reshape society, and it’s always tempting to worry about them solely for this reason.
Tristan Harris
I carry Caress Body Wash in Tempting Whisper to clean my hands. The scent lasts throughout the day!
La La Anthony
I do a lot of recipe creation. Translation: cooking tempting dishes that must be eaten.
Ruth Glick
It is no wonder that bank capital is regulated. When borrowing and lending is profitable, it is tempting for banks to scale up their operations and to borrow and lend too much in relation to their capital, in effect reducing the effectiveness of the potential capital cushion.
Evan Davis