Themes Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Themes Quotes from famous authors such as Anurag Kashyap, Errol Morris, Hideo Kojima, Giorgio Armani, Caroline Polachek. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

There is more to Indian cinema than just Bollywood. I think regional cinema, especially Tamil and Marathi cinema, are exploring some really bold themes.
Anurag Kashyap
A lot of the themes of my movies, the actual stories, come from tabloid stories.
Errol Morris
I try to watch a movie a day, if not more, and through movies, I learned about so many different political themes I hadn’t been interested in and cultural things I hadn’t been aware of and economic factors I hadn’t thought about.
Hideo Kojima
The idea of the museum is to show my work since the start, and I wanted to show all of it, not just to choose between different pieces. They are grouped together in themes – minimalism, androgyny, black and white, graphic, flowers, and so on – from the earliest designs to the most recent ones.
Giorgio Armani
One of my biggest Disney influences in terms of world-building on this record was a background painter named Eyvind Earle, who was working in the ’50s. He would make hyper-modern shapes that were sharp retellings of pastoral themes.
Caroline Polachek
I never get bored talking about themes dealing with ambition, leadership and what it means to be an American. I love that stuff. I just love it. I’ve loved it ever since I was on ‘The West Wing.’
Rob Lowe
Classical music’s ability to translate emotional themes is fantastic.
Alan Price
Pay attention to the big themes because that’s what will help you earn ten times your money.
Barry Sternlicht
I haven’t written about an immigrant experience because I haven’t experienced that before and am focused on existential themes.
Tao Lin
I like Ronald Reagan, who didn’t play crass politics, and he just articulated and delivered on broad themes that were needed. Free markets meant free markets. Deregulation. Lower tax rates. Strong national defense. And he was credible and believable.
Dave Brat
‘The 5th Wave’ is sci-fi, but I tried very hard to ground the story in very human terms and in those universal themes that transcend genre. How do we define ourselves? What, exactly, does it mean to be human? What remains after everything we trust, everything we believe in and rely upon, has been stripped away?
Rick Yancey
Hmm… at some point when I was making ‘Postcards,’ it struck me, what the underlying themes for the record would be. It would be about choices, fears and doubts, and it had an existentialist theme to it.
Jens Lekman
I strongly believe film should create conversations around themes we are grappling with as a society.
Stacy Martin
I like the beauty of Faulkner’s poetry. But I don’t like his themes, not at all.
Manuel Puig
I think as far as themes, ‘Hedwig’ is about what music meant to you as a kid and how rock n’ roll can save you; that is definitely part of it.
John Cameron Mitchell
What I think of as ‘freakonomics’ is mostly storytelling around an idea – not a theme but an idea. I like ideas much more than themes. Themes are boring. Themes are, ‘Wool is back,’ but ideas are, ‘Why is wool back?’
Stephen J. Dubner
The first poem I ever wrote, about loss, when I was 5 years old, expressed the themes of everything I would ever write.
Marguerite Young
‘Dirty Jobs’ is a fun, simple little show with huge themes under it. For me, it’s penance, it’s redemption, it’s a sweaty mess.
Mike Rowe
Route 192 is its own thing, and you can’t find that anywhere else. The colors and shapes of the buildings, the way that all the small businesses in a way feed off of the parks and sort of rip off the themes of Disney – you’re not going to find that anywhere else.
Sean Baker
I like to put my characters through a lot, so, in ‘Talon,’ my fans will find familiar themes of bravery and sacrifice, and what it means to be human… even if you’re not human.
Julie Kagawa
It is a very beautiful story, ‘The Crow.’ It is a very tragic story with huge emotional themes.
Luke Evans
I know the Bible pretty well. I’m not one of those guys who can immediately start quoting every book, but usually I know where to look to find certain themes.
John Darnielle
The media thinks that you have to make science sexy and concentrate on themes such as rivalry and the human issues.
James Dyson
Peroxide’ is a mix of everything I have experienced from the age of 15 until now with themes of break ups, first love, growing up – all the sorts of things that you experience at that age.
Nina Nesbitt
I think, along with the great joy and excitement of having a child, it seems to be that the common themes are also a lot of doubt and fear and uncertainty about being a parent – and about how you might not live up to those expectations.
Chris Sullivan
All stories interest me, and some haunt me until I end up writing them. Certain themes keep coming up: justice, loyalty, violence, death, political and social issues, freedom.
Isabel Allende
All my books are about one major idea and two or three subsidiary ones. I have thought a lot about music when constructing books, and I like the way in music that themes come back.
Sebastian Faulks
I have the vanity to think that every play I have written is different from the previous ones. Yet, even though they are written in a different way, they all deal with the same themes, the same preoccupations. ‘Exit the King’ is also ‘The Bald Soprano.’
Eugene Ionesco
What I think was a really lucky coincidence was that a lot of the themes of ‘Okja’ are things I write about a lot: cognitive dissonance and corporate greed and also the internal politics of fringe groups.
Jon Ronson
After this, I took private lessons in Italian from an elementary school teacher. He gave me themes to write about, and some of them turned out so well that he told me to publish them in a newspaper.
Grazia Deledda
I think the themes in my songs are very similar from the first album to the newest one. It’s all about the human condition and how we are all trying to learn to live with each other and survive love and life.
Deana Carter
I think if you look at the themes that are presented in the film, some are inherently social, and I think that any film which deals with the family is dealing with the smallest social unit in our society – and in a sense it is a question of scope.
Atom Egoyan
We live in a global society, and I don’t think we can talk about, quote unquote, ‘American themes’ anymore.
Lynn Nottage
There’s so many more themes of drag than just fierceness.
Sasha Velour
I like the idea of experimenting with all sorts of themes and just feeling free creatively.
Though many of Obsidian’s games have featured wry, sardonic humor, the developer has stuck to more serious fantasy and sci-fi themes.
Jason Schreier
These are the themes in life which are consistent in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism – of being grounded in who you are and being engaged in an unjust world.
Cory Booker
Themes only arise after a novel is written, and people begin to try to talk about it.
Rachel Kushner
It’s important for me to talk about my life as a gay man, not gay themes per se, in my work.
Tituss Burgess
We may play in a contemporary rock vein, use standard bebop themes, and many other things besides.
Chuck Mangione
Variety of characters and themes bring out the best in me.
We used the Western style to express our own themes and stories. But don’t forget that our heritage includes The Thousand and One Nights.
Naguib Mahfouz
There’s so many great themes from the ’80s: ‘Magnum,’ ‘Miami Vice.’
Ramin Djawadi
In the past, like for the last Rilo Kiley record, ‘Under the Blacklight,’ I wore exclusively hot pants because the themes in that record were the underbelly of Los Angeles.
Jenny Lewis
There’s never really been a tradition of making films about Jewish themes or using Judaism as a constant.
James Gray
You know, a vampire book is not a book to be the vehicle for big themes and stuff, where sometimes when you’re dealing with art or the life of Christ or the oeuvre of Shakespeare, you know, it’s a little more ambitious.
Christopher Moore
I think as the largest democracy in the world, we have self-conscious filmmakers who can handle sensitive themes.
Shoojit Sircar
The themes, ideas and the characters from ‘Skyfall’ can obviously continue on, because it is a franchise, and it is an ongoing story.
John Logan
Essentially, you know, one of the great advantages of working in science fiction is it does give you an opportunity to talk about interesting and somewhat controversial themes and social issues and in a way that doesn’t really threaten the audience, because I’m not challenging their particular points of view.
Ronald D. Moore
Yes, I’ve heard of the ‘Mad Men’ comparisons, but I like to think ‘The Hour’ has its own distinctive voice. Although it is set in 1956, I have tried to give it a contemporary edge, and its themes of love, passion, romance, fury, professional jealousy, and personal failure are universal, I think.
Abi Morgan
The themes in WordPress drive a lot of design trends. It democratizes design… You make a theme, and suddenly it’s on hundreds and thousands of sites.
Matt Mullenweg
We grew up as kids watching those movies and we were exposed to themes of civil rights, unfairness, bigotry and fathers struggling against the kind of mob of the town, so you remember how you felt as a kid being taken seriously, that you are part of the human drama.
Rachel Griffiths
I never maligned the sanctity of cinema in my career. I always selected themes and made films with the fervent hope that they will never demoralise viewers.
Balachandra Menon
Even though ‘Star Wars’ takes place in another galaxy, a lot of the themes and things that characters deal with in terms of lessons that they’re learning are things that are completely relatable to real life.
Kelly Marie Tran
So I prefer to do the entire music for a film. And when I’m doing the background score, I can weave the whole film together in terms of themes and songs for a good cinematic feel.
Amit Trivedi
Occasionally, I hear grumbles about everything being a series or a trilogy, but apart from the question of them maybe selling more books, I think that there’s a real problem in trying to introduce a new world or a new concept while also getting your reader to pay close attention to your characters and themes.
Ann Leckie
Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign touched on all the themes I have covered throughout my career and all of the layers of meaning that run through black politics. Ambition. Aspiration. Fear. Folly. It was all on display as Obama boarded the roller coaster that ultimately led to the White House.
Gwen Ifill
In general, the main themes emerge early for each book, even before the storyline and characters, as I research the time and place I want to draw upon. Having said that, every single book so far has offered me surprises en route, and these include motifs that come forward as I am writing.
Guy Gavriel Kay
I see some recurring themes: things that feel threaded together, some symbolic references, and songs about some of the big questions, like death. There are a lot of references to weather, too!
Tracy Chapman
Art is built on the deepest themes of human meaning: good and evil, beauty and ugliness, life and death, love and hate. No other story has incarnated those themes more than the story of Jesus.
John Ortberg
Students and teachers should be sensitive towards the themes of empowerment of the marginalised.
Ram Nath Kovind
We are all regionalists in our origins, however ‘universal’ our themes and characters, and without our cherished hometowns and childhood landscapes to nourish us, we would be like plants set in shallow soil. Our souls must take root – almost literally.
Joyce Carol Oates
When I wrote ‘Southern Baptist Sissies,’ that was the first time that I really ventured out into pure drama with themes where there was not one laugh sometimes. But I’ve always gravitated organically to blending tones and usually get good reviews about that. That’s what life is about.
Del Shores
Themes don’t change very much in story telling, and I think each writer has his or her own territory; however, I think craft and style take a lot of time to develop. I don’t think there’s any other way to develop your own style without reading your betters.
Min Jin Lee
I like the stories with the historical themes.
Sarah Sutton
Climbing has a lot of themes that are applicable to people, no matter who you are.
Kevin Jorgeson
I like to have recognizable themes and sounds that really connect to the project and that you can identify with that particular project. My goal is always, ‘When that theme comes on – even if you’re not in the room – you hear it and say, ‘Oh my show is starting, I gotta watch.’
Ramin Djawadi
I think the only consistent thing is that I like projects that explore different social themes. ‘Our Family Wedding’ is a comedy, but it deals with two different cultures coming together. It’s also about people letting go.
Forest Whitaker
Ted Geisel was trying to make a statement about awareness and personal responsibility. He was very clear about that. But the ideas and themes in ‘The Lorax’ go beyond a love of trees. It’s also a story about the dangers of greed and the power of redemption. That’s what makes it a timeless tale.
Chris Meledandri
As a screen composer or film-music writer, I need something that I can work with in the body of the score. Like ‘Charade,’ ‘Moon River,’ ‘Wine and Roses,’ ‘Dear Heart’ – they were all just themes that grew out of the picture.
Henry Mancini
I can’t make a movie unless I believe in the themes behind it. I mean, that’s the first question I ask myself, always, is, ‘What is this movie about?’
Jake Gyllenhaal
‘A Perfect Place’ is character-driven. The director for that wanted a couple of identifiable themes with a bunch of variations. That is what I did. The director for ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’ did not want that at all.
Mike Patton
Imams must ridicule Caliphate fantasies. Exchange programmes between Muslim-only schools and non-Muslim-majority schools should be initiated. Community-based debates around these themes must no longer be shut down from fear of offence.
Maajid Nawaz
In the century-long history of Chinese science fiction, apocalyptic themes were mostly absent. This was especially true in the period before the 1990s, when Chinese science fiction, isolated from the influence of the West, developed on its own.
Liu Cixin
I don’t try to call myself a poet. But I know that my stuff is pretty literal, in that the themes are pretty simple and on the surface.
Bo Burnham
I do seem to have a lot of family secrets in my novels. I guess I’m one of those writers who is often writing about the same sort of themes, but taking different angles on them.
Nancy Werlin
There are millions and billions of atoms of memory of all kinds of musical themes in me.
Erykah Badu
The themes in ‘Violet’ are universal: accepting yourself with all of your flaws, moving on, and the forgiveness and freedom that comes along with that.
Joshua Henry
Angels and Airwaves is a complete, pure reflection of who I am. The philosophy, the spiritualism, the esotericism, the idea of hope and space and the themes about life and grandeur… that’s all me.
Tom DeLonge
The themes Poe used were universal and timeless. As long as the English language exists at all, we will be able to appreciate what he did. It will not age! It will not become dated!
John Astin
I feel that people really feel they’ve got a part of me when they listen to my albums and the themes just show themselves.
Sarah Brightman
Many times, the way I write my themes or melodies is that I hear it, and then I sing into my phone or something, or I’ll scribble down on a piece of paper.
Ramin Djawadi
Is it good, bad, or neutral to recognize thematic patterns in your own work? When it comes to recurring themes, I’m of the mind that knowledge is probably not power, at least in terms of the work.
Sara Zarr
A lot of the emotions we portray are universal themes that resonate with everyone, so the fact that people feel invested in our partnership is truly remarkable.
Tessa Virtue
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is a great piece of filmmaking and does a valuable public service by raising difficult questions most Hollywood movies shy away from, but as of this writing, it seems that one of its central themes – that torture was instrumental to tracking down bin Laden – is not supported by the facts.
Peter Bergen
I was making big paintings with mythological themes. When I started painting black figures, the white professors were relieved, and the black students were like, ‘She’s on our side.’ These are the kinds of issues that a white male artist just doesn’t have to deal with.
Kara Walker
One of the struggles that I have with classical music is the way one thinks about a recapitulation. There’s always this idea of themes, and I have trouble with that.
Julia Holter
The fact that we are I don’t know how many millions of people, yet communication, complete communication, is completely impossible between two of those people, is to me one of the biggest tragic themes in the world.
Georges Simenon
I think what ‘The Hobbit’ and Middle-earth deal in are quite universal and timeless themes of honour and love and friendship… so they’re things that do resonate with people.
Martin Freeman
Obviously, the ‘Rocky’ theme is one of the most recognizable themes in film.
Ludwig Goransson
Thanksgiving is a season that is very much in accord with the themes and teachings of Jesus Christ.
John Clayton
I can’t imagine writing something that didn’t address Jewish themes and questions. It’s such a big part of my life, a lot of the way in which I experience the world.
Molly Antopol
Basically, I’m motivated to write about sociopolitical issues as well as relationships. I think those themes have stayed with me throughout my life.
Jimmy Cliff
I try to produce music that is life-giving and inspires people to hope, but it isn’t just for the super-religious. I want to address themes that people who aren’t Christian can appreciate.
Above these universal themes ‘Truth Will Set U Free’ is also a song composed for those who were born gay. I am a straight man so I do not profess to understand or know what a LGBT person experiences but I do recognize injustice when I see it.
Corey Hart
I’m interested in working with great people and exploring great themes in different mediums.
O. T. Fagbenle
The whole reason one wants to do lower budget films is because the lower the budget, the bigger the ideas, the bigger the themes, the more interesting the art.
Francis Ford Coppola
I don’t really do themes. I might accidentally, but themes are an emergent phenomena of the writing of the book, of just trying to get a story out there.
Iain Banks
Motherhood, pester power and emotional blackmail – Indian marketers have cottoned on to the fact that these three themes can sell just about anything – from food and toys, to insurance products, tonics, televisions and air-conditioners.
Sucheta Dalal
I do not use the language of my people. I can take liberties with certain themes which the Arabic language would not allow me to take.
Tahar Ben Jelloun
For me, life and death are very important themes. There is no life without death. That’s why it’s very important to me.
Tite Kubo
I think comedy and satire are the strongest ways to deal with very serious themes and very painful themes.
Colman Domingo
We write in ways that, we generally hope, reflect real life, or at least look familiar to humans. And in life, recurring themes are a recurring theme. We never quite conquer a pet vice or a relationship pattern or a communication habit. We’re haunted by our particular demons.
Sara Zarr
I don’t consciously go out looking for themes. They attach themselves to me.
Gillian Armstrong
What I write is very personal, but not autobiographical. It’s more ‘thematically personal’ – what’s up in my life in terms of themes at the moment.
Josh Radnor
I did a cake for the 60th birthday of Elton John, for Britney Spears’ 27th birthday and for the ‘Circus’ album she put out – the cake had circus themes. I prepared a cake for a surprise 82nd birthday event for the architect Frank Gehry; the cake was comprised of mini-replicas of his buildings.
Ron Ben-Israel
In film, in general, you have just so many cliche themes or stories that are told over and over again.
Takashi Miike
Like Rodgers and Hammerstein, I’m not afraid to deal with themes about the ups and downs of life, yet which are still entertaining, and you still feel these stories.
Harvey Weinstein
Themes on some TV shows are overdone. That ‘Playhouse 90’ theme music was an example.
Henry Mancini
Unfortunately, anti-Darwinism keeps playing minor variations on the same negative themes and adds nothing to our understanding of life.
Ian Hacking
Faulkner speaks to us on the questions of race, the challenges of modernity, and modern man’s dilemma in all of its aspects. That he is able to specify among those and bring those themes alive is one of his great gifts. There are so many different kinds of pleasures one gets from encountering those materials.
David Milch
I’m hoping to see some minorities in executive offices in positions of power, people who see the merit of projects with minority themes. That may or may not happen.
Bill Duke
The most difficult part of any crime novel is the plotting. It all begins simply enough, but soon you’re dealing with a multitude of linked characters, strands, themes and red herrings – and you need to try to control these unruly elements and weave them into a pattern.
Ian Rankin
Throughout the ages, stories with certain basic themes have recurred over and over, in widely disparate cultures; emerging like the goddess Venus from the sea of our unconscious.
Joan D. Vinge
Most horror films fail to scare me. I think ‘The Ring’ plays more as a psychological thriller. It’s smarter, there’s more character development and some of the themes explored go a little deeper.
Martin Henderson
Musical themes developing is a lot of what classical music is based on, and exposition and recapitulation – these kinds of things I find oppressive.
Julia Holter
The thing that interested me, there are so many filmmakers I admire – like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino – they have these themes where there’s not much going on, but they were suspenseful.
Bobcat Goldthwait
As a singer, I like to treat my fans with great content and keep it fresh by experimenting with different genres or themes.
Sara Khan
My films are based on themes, so I always go for theme tracks and background score.
Shoojit Sircar
I’d already made the decision before I’d even read it-just because it was John Sayles. Then when I read it, the themes were actually themes that have been a big part of my life.
Mary Steenburgen
I get very driven by certain themes and ideas.
Alex Winter
What gets us excited about any movie is the social relevance and the character themes and the character journeys and like the adventure story.
Anna Boden
Lib Dems are really good at making very detailed policies but very bad are communicating the core values that drive those policies. I’d like us to say less but more often. We need to focus on a few themes and go hard on them.
Layla Moran
There is great mystery in a church. For me, there is a great privilege to be confronted with the design of a church because it shelters the most powerful themes of humanity: birth, marriage, death.
Mario Botta
With couture, the great thing is that each piece has its own character, and you have space to explore and continue themes season after season.
Giles Deacon
Demonic figures and occult themes have disappeared from modern magic.
David Copperfield
People don’t think their dreams amount to much, but when I ask them to examine them for common themes, they surprise themselves at how accurate they are! They see that their dreams have value.
Henry Reed
You never know when some small thing will lead to a big idea. Travel is very inspirational – but it’s in the ordinary that I find my themes of love and work and family.
Adriana Trigiani
I think a melody is a melody. And the way I usually start is I start writing my themes without even writing to picture to just try to find the tone for the movie or the TV show.
Ramin Djawadi
They say great themes make great novels. but what these young writers don’t understand is that there is no greater theme than men and women.
John O’Hara
There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, each can fuel the other. As a filmmaker, I want to entertain people first and foremost. If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen.
Edward Zwick
Mr. Trump’s election has caused a tectonic shift in advertising – just as it has in media more generally – and themes that might have once seemed innocuous or patriotic have suddenly become politically charged, controversial, and divisive.
James B. Stewart
I think audiences can deal with these mature themes.
Harvey Weinstein
I found it amazing people can think that art must be connected to religion. Religion may give art themes, but there would still be art without religion. Bach is not proof that art exists.
Michel Onfray
I respect Malayalam films the same way I respect Bengali films. I think Malayalam films have not compromised on the essence and have kept their own statement and are coming up with very good themes.
Prosenjit Chatterjee
I never thought I would write about the Book of Revelation. It’s so dense; it’s so complex and puzzling. But then I found I was thinking about a number of themes, one of which has to do with politics and religion.
Elaine Pagels
‘Filk’ is the folk music of the science fiction and fantasy community – you get parodies, you get traditional music that’s had the words slightly modified, and you’ll also get just original works that have been written about science fiction and fantasy works, or with science fiction and fantasy themes.
Seanan McGuire
I’m not sure if it’s easier to address tough themes through humor, but I do think it’s more fun and makes such themes easier to digest for the reader.
Camille Perri
It’s true that misunderstanding and lack of understanding are often themes in my fiction, but I am grateful for the moments when true understanding is achieved, especially between writer and reader. It’s miraculous.
Ken Liu
The stories are there first, and they come from my experiences wandering around in the world. They will resonate into bigger things, forces sweeping the planet, themes and archetypes, but I’m not smart enough to have lucid integration of all that in my head as I’m writing.
Bob Shacochis
For me, the biggest thing was writing memorable themes for the new characters so that ultimately people would have the same identification with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ as they do with the Harry Potter films.
James Newton Howard
I used to love comic books, and I love American comedy, and neither are afraid to tackle big themes.
Jamie Hewlett
I’m always writing across the same themes. But with short stories, I’m doing something different than with novels. In some ways, they’re coming from a much deeper place.
Lynn Coady
You never make all things for all people and can’t always pander to the broadest denominator. I keep an eye toward doing the themes that interest me. Do they move me? Interest me? Make me think? When I run across something that is provocative in an unsettling way, it appeals to me.
Edward Norton
Malayalis tend to be nostalgic about rustic storylines, pastoral themes and ordinary folk who lead a simple way of life.
Biju Menon
If I spend time at the front of the process worrying about connecting themes, then I won’t write the best songs.
Jason Isbell
We’re definitely still interested in the Avatar/Korra universe and fantastical world building in general, but I think many of the core themes and tones found in our two kids’ series would be present as well in any sort of adult dramas we might be lucky enough to make in the future.
Bryan Konietzko
I think vampires are different from human beings, but they’re sentenced to eternity on this planet. They have the same confusion about love and permanence, integrity, and denial. These qualities really are the same in vampire characters as in humans. I think they’re universal themes.
Alexandra Cassavetes
Some novels present a story form many points of view. Most movies tell only one person’s side of the story. Sometime it’s easy to use the strongest point of view, or find the character with the most dramatic experience. It depends on which themes the scriptwriter wants to explore.
Seth Grahame-Smith
I tend to describe recurring themes as being part of a writer’s DNA – something so deeply embedded in us that even we don’t notice it until we’ve written three or four books.
Sara Zarr
Any underrepresented audience loves to see themselves on TV, but what’s more important is that we’re writing about universal themes – good versus evil, can you change yourself? These themes resonate for everyone.
Courtney A. Kemp
I think when you’re writing films that just come fresh out of your own imagination – I think probably anyone who’s done that, there are certain themes or styles.
Lisa Cholodenko
I knew I wanted to write on religious themes when I was a GI in World War II. I saw and experienced so much violence that I thought I could express my outrage best with music.
Dave Brubeck
I prefer to write books for children instead of reading them. But I do strongly believe in childhood and in respecting childhood innocence. I don’t like books for children that deal with adult themes.
Philip Kerr
I think my music’s more disturbing than Tupac’s – or at least I thought some of the themes of ‘The Downward Spiral’ were more disturbing on a deeper level – you know, issues about suicide and hating yourself and God and people and everything else.
Trent Reznor
I think you sense the metaphorical resonance of what you’re writing without analysing it too carefully. That leads you down dead ends. You stop imagining things and start writing towards these themes.
Joseph O’Neill
Too many politicians are shifting the critical themes of our national conversations from a ‘big ideas’ American Brand Platform to narrowly focused, polarizing sound bites that put party philosophy before what used to be heralded as the common good. These ideas, more often than not, divide us rather than serve to bind us.
Alan Siegel
When I was 20, Shostakovich was my favorite composer. I still find his Fifth Symphony wonderful, with its outstanding themes and rhythms. That’s the piece that made me want to be a classical composer.
Dave Brubeck
In my writing with Extreme, there are heavy themes. The cover photo has me with a gun to my neck. I am not advocating suicide. I am taking the philosophy that man is the measure of his own fate.
Gary Cherone
Themes recur again and again in my work.
Eve Arnold
The problem with themes is that writers don’t realise they are themes until someone points them out.
Tobias Hill
The themes that make one laugh always stem from poverty, hunger, misery, old age, sickness, and death. These are the themes that make Italians laugh, anyway.
Mario Monicelli
‘Black Mirror’ obviously has its own universe, with a very strong fingerprint and strong themes, and I was intrigued on reading. It’s such a powerful piece of storytelling.
Max Richter
Dickens writes such brilliant characters and stories, and his themes and social commentary are still so relevant. I think that’s why he’s still so loved today.
Douglas Booth
Fiscal responsibility and government reform are going to be good themes for governing, well at any time, but particularly coming out of a recovery.
Bob McDonnell
Change and renewal are themes in life, aren’t they? We keep growing throughout life.
Susan Minot
All of the Flying Lotus records are exploring similar themes: These questions in my mind about what’s next and what’s beyond.
Flying Lotus
Usually, homecoming themes are like, ‘A Night Under the Stars’ or ‘An Evening to Remember.’ Ours was simply, ‘Batman.’
Mikey Day
I think the themes of belonging and parentage and love are obviously universal.
Christopher Eccleston
Tribeca Film Festival Doha will promote Middle Eastern themes and filmmakers, but not exclusively. Approximately 40 films will be presented at the new Museum of Islamic Art and in cinemas across Doha. Innovative work by established filmmakers will be shown alongside the debuts of newly discovered directing talents.
Craig Hatkoff
I’m interested in themes that endure from generation to generation.
David Guterson
Straight-away the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God, and not only do I see distinct themes in my mind’s eye, but they are clothed in the right forms, harmonies, and orchestration.
Johannes Brahms
But it’s much more exciting to make Die Hard. One of the reasons that I think that movie is so successful is it deals with those very important blue-collar relationship themes. But it’s more visually beautiful to show things blowing up. It just gives you more on the screen.
Penn Jillette
Shakespeare is all big themes, like the most amazing love, or the most scary war.
Anna Torv
I’ve done a lot of work in Hollywood and theatre, but to be honest, the biggest pleasure I’ve ever got is from the TV single plays I’ve written. It’s a format where you don’t mind saying, ‘I want to tackle some important themes head on.’
Peter Morgan
People don’t call them horror movies, but Hitchcock, for me, is my favorite storyteller. He was really exploring dark themes, and I don’t know what category you put his movies in. Thriller? Horror? Some of them go in either one.
Jason Blum
After a few days with the iPhone X, I can begin to make out its themes. It’s a step towards fading the actual physical manifestation of technology into a mist where it’s just there – a phone that’s ‘all screen,’ one that turns on simply by seeing you, one that removes the mechanics of buttons and charging cables.
Steven Levy
Themes around education and learning run through my work.
David Almond
‘Hill St.’ was very good, but it was very impersonal work for me. I wrote about that place as if I was a visitor. It wasn’t what my life was like. It was a great place to learn the craft of how to shape a scene, but I wanted a chance to write about more personal themes and obsessions.
Mark Frost
I think so many of the themes from the natural world mimic emotional themes in our lives.
Maggie Rogers
I really love writing themes and melody.
Trevor Rabin
Part of what’s so tricky in a film that’s two hours long is how many themes can you effectively explore.
Gavin Hood
Because kids are physically smaller, there’s an assumption by people who haven’t read a kids’ book for a long time that their ideas and themes and problems and ambitions must be commensurately smaller and less important. I would venture that sometimes the opposite is true.
Morris Gleitzman
What I love with ‘Game of Thrones’ is, every season, I get to continue to develop the existing themes; every season, I also get to write new themes.
Ramin Djawadi
I had worked for George Bush as a speechwriter, and I read a lot of White House memoirs. They all have two themes: ‘It Wasn’t My Fault’ and ‘It Would Have Been Much Worse if I Hadn’t Been There.’
Christopher Buckley
You have some great films every year, but for the most part, no one is making films with heavy messages or themes. People are afraid of doing that.
Tye Sheridan
I’m starting to realise that there are certain themes that I return to, those being that there is no such thing as normal, and people finding their voice and living authentically. And also that you can be influenced and helped through an extended family.
Toni Collette
After 9/11, I knew I wanted to write about power and identity and the way Americans on all sides of the political spectrum often mythologize our leaders, which are themes that the superhero genre has always handled really well.
Brian K. Vaughan
I want to re-mythologize ‘The Green Hornet’ in a contemporary context, with an emphasis on story and character, while at the same time incorporating themes that speak to my heart.
Gavin O’Connor
‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired me. I wanted to take those themes and try to bring it into a more 21st story with aliens.
Tony DiTerlizzi