Totem Pole Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Totem Pole Quotes from famous authors such as Kyle Kuzma, Greg Gutfeld, Maurice Greene, Rumaan Alam, David Droga. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

LeBron is a role model in that sense. Because for him to be as good as he is and how high up he is on the totem pole, to still care about Akron, Ohio, that is tremendous and speaks volumes.
Kyle Kuzma
Trump says what he thinks at that moment. He’s a totem pole of transparency.
Greg Gutfeld
In America, we have three major sports – baseball, football and basketball. They get the most coverage. Then there’s things like golf which mop up most of what is left. But track and field? We are way at the bottom of the totem pole.
Maurice Greene
Years ago, I worked at a fashion magazine. I was the lowest man on the totem pole, one of the only men on that particular pole: a little brother with a dozen older sisters whose grace and glamour I so admired.
Rumaan Alam
Copywriters on Madison Avenue constantly grapple with the question of where their work sits on the totem pole of ‘real’ writing.
David Droga
I looked at game show hosting as the bottom of the totem pole, one step away from infomercials. I never watched them myself. However, it’s been a lot of fun.
Drew Carey
Video artists being at the low end of the totem pole economically, one of the ways we survive is to go around showing work and giving these talks.
Bill Viola
The Dream couldn’t tell you the vibe in the NXT locker room, because, quite frankly, I have my own. When you are a Superstar as high up on the totem pole as The Velveteen Dream, you have those luxuries.
Velveteen Dream
With studio work, I’m always the bottom man on the totem pole.
David Lindsay-Abaire
My jobs on campaigns were pretty low on the totem pole – I was an advance man.
Beau Willimon
Some people pray to a totem pole, some people pray to a sun, some people pray to a god. It all works for them. It all comes back to what you think.
Barry Zito
I’m usually the last man on the totem pole. Except for the sound effects and the final sound mix, the score is the last element to be added to a picture.
Henry Mancini
I’ve learned a lot about what kind of actor I want or do not want to be while being on set. I sit back and observe how other actors treat the totem pole of set politics.
Gina Rodriguez
Atrial fibrillation has been the low man on the totem pole and so we’re just trying to get more visibility about this particular disease and how dangerous this could be.
Barry Manilow
I was a sharecropper’s son. That’s as low as you can get on the totem pole.
Hal Needham
You can’t really get into regular football after you watch Australian rules football because it’s just two different ends of the totem pole.
Andrew Bogut
In the States, tennis is sixth or seventh on the totem pole as far as sports go.
Andy Roddick
I will openly admit that I’ve never really followed hockey. Given my New England upbringing, I have always adhered to the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins mantra of professional sports fandom, but hockey was definitely the lowest sport on the totem pole – even when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.
Rachel Nichols
Look at it this way – a totem pole is just a decorated tree. My work is a confessional.
Louise Bourgeois
When I was in London at NBC, I was the lowest man on the totem pole. I would go to diplomatic receptions to meet people.
Leslie Cockburn
At first, I didn’t even realize how low on the totem pole I am. First of all, I’m a woman. Second of all, I’m of color. Third of all, I’m queer.
Victoria Monet
The 14th of 15 kids, I was the second youngest – not a coveted spot on the family totem pole.
Peggy Johnson