Traumatic Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Traumatic Quotes from famous authors such as Warren Buffett, Sandra Oh, Anne Wojcicki, Eva Hesse, Drew Goddard. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

In the 20th century, the United States endured two world wars and other traumatic and expensive military conflicts; the Depression; a dozen or so recessions and financial panics; oil shocks; a flu epidemic; and the resignation of a disgraced president. Yet the Dow rose from 66 to 11,497.
Warren Buffett
I don’t think people get the pressure of becoming famous and what it does for an artist. What does that for your creative self. And what that can do for your mental health. And I would say, from year two to year six or eight of ‘Grey’s,’ it was extremely difficult and very stressful and traumatic, if I’m being honest.
Sandra Oh
It’s worth knowing more about the complicated environmental and genetic factors that could explain why traumatic brain injuries lead to long-term disabilities in some people and not in others.
Anne Wojcicki
I have the most openness about my art… It’s total freedom and willingness to work. I’m willing really to walk on the edge, and if I haven’t achieved it, that’s where I want to go. But in my life – maybe because my life has been so traumatic, so absurd – there hasn’t been one normal, happy thing.
Eva Hesse
I tend to fall more into the fun horror genre than the traumatic horror genre. I love the films where you’re laughing as much as screaming, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the other ones.
Drew Goddard
I had never been out of the Bay Area before. It was very traumatic moving to New York.
Su-chin Pak
Having a bad haircut can be quite traumatic!
Rachel Stevens
Writing about traumatic events in your life is actually much harder than being there the first time round because you have to relive all those moments and you know what the outcome is.
Gok Wan
We all get damned in our lives, and there are ripple effects. One thing can determine a life, and it’s hard to overcome that if the event is really traumatic. Your life is completely condemned by it.
Matthias Schoenaerts
When I was 13, I came back from summer camp – summer of ’74 – and my mother had had an accident during surgery and was in an oxygen tent in a coma. It was so traumatic. My parents had been divorced for six or seven years at that point, and it was sort of the seminal event of my life.
Andrew Zimmern
So initially getting up on stage I was really nervous, I was like, ‘wow, I’m going to be standing there and all these people are going to be looking at me?’ But funnily enough it wasn’t too traumatic. It felt quite natural because I felt I looked good and I knew how to do the poses.
Dorian Yates
As the National Football League and other pro sports increasingly reckon with the early dementia, mental health issues, suicides and even criminal behavior of former players, the risk of what’s known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), is becoming clear.
Jeffrey Kluger
For our white members, voting is something they have done for hundreds of years. But for us, it is not such a traumatic thing, because we have never participated in an election.
Mangosuthu Buthelezi
When I dyed my hair red, the first week was traumatic because my pillows, my shower, my towels, my clothes and everything was red.
Eva Marie
A break-up between couples is traumatic for everyone.
Farhan Akhtar
If my boyfriend was kicking me out of our house, I wouldn’t leave peacefully and leave a note. I would have trashed the place. It would have been a lot more traumatic.
Julia Fox
My dad would take me deer hunting with him, which was pretty traumatic – ‘Bambi’ was one of my favorite movies.
Haley Bennett
The early years of my life were very, very traumatic. It was scary, because any child knew that death was sort of lurking around Europe as far as Jews were concerned.
Felix Rohatyn
In most organizations, change comes in only two flavors: trivial and traumatic. Review the history of the average organization and you’ll discover long periods of incremental fiddling punctuated by occasional bouts of frantic, crisis-driven change.
Gary Hamel
The loss of my father was the most traumatic event in my life – I can’t forget the pain.
Frank Lowy
It’s so important, after a song is finished, to go to sleep and listen to the song with fresh ears the next day. It’s sometimes a traumatic event. And playing it for someone else for the first time – that is the most nerve-wracking thing of all. But we learn so much.
Robert Lopez
It’s not that I never do interviews or that I find them traumatic. It’s just that I’m basically not that comfortable doing them.
Jamie Hewlett
The new disease was named chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and the NFL fervently and repeatedly denied that such a thing had anything to do with the league or its players.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
My childhood was so traumatic.
Tana Mongeau
I had a very traumatic end to my career so I didn’t think I would become a manager then. As the years pass by the fire in you, the hunger, the desire for success comes back.
Roberto Di Matteo
Caring for someone who is terminally ill is traumatic, but it’s a privilege too. It’s part of being a woman.
Zoe Buckman
When my father died, I was living in England. It was very traumatic that he died when I was away.
Sharon Creech
I’d always been a little bit uncomfortable talking about my sexuality just because it took me a while to fully accept it. I had a bit of traumatic time with my friends when I was younger, and it kind of just put me off talking about it.
Calum Scott
Chronic means long term. Traumatic means associated with trauma. Encephalopathy means a bad brain.
Bennet Omalu
The first thing you should know about me is when I was three years old my mother left me and my father. And that was traumatic obviously for my father – he suffered a nervous breakdown at that time in his life.
Robert Carlyle
Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted.
Richard Wagner
It’s not just professional athletes and soldiers who are at risk from traumatic brain injury. More than 1.7 million people a year sustain a traumatic brain injury, and about 50,000 of them die each year, according the Centers for Disease Control. There are both emotional and financial costs from these injuries.
Anne Wojcicki
The more traumatic events you endure with the city, the more of a New Yorker you become.
Trevor Moore
Working at Palace was one of the happiest episodes of my football career, even though the ending was one of the most upsetting and traumatic.
Neil Warnock
Of course, losing my father was traumatic. I was an only child. But from the time my father died, my general theme in life has been to turn adversity into opportunity.
Thomas G. Stemberg
It would be ill-advised to compare war and a sport, but I don’t think the brain knows the difference. With post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries in blasts with veterans, we see a very similar and somewhat unique issue with repetitive brain injuries in football.
Chris Borland
If Obama came by his liberalism in the faculty lounge, then sure, he can see it hasn’t worked, and he can modify it. But if Obama got his formative ideas when he was very young, and if they are the result of his traumatic relationship with his father, then they are built into his psyche.
Dinesh D’Souza
There’s a lot of people out here faking a smile on their face like they got it together but inside actually suffering from some sort of traumatic experience, a loss, depressed, fearful, envious or whatever the case may be, but I can feel it.
Summer Walker
When you’re surrounded by friends and exes, there’s a whole lot of stuff that starts crawling out. But however serious and traumatic those experiences may be to the participant, to the onlooker they’re hilarious.
Steven Moffat
It’s pretty traumatic knowing that your instrument that’s your career isn’t working, and you’ve got to have an operation.
Jess Glynne
I don’t know if this is the kind of retrospective analysis that people are fond of applying to their work or actions, but it feels like I knew I was going to be famous and I knew that an element of that would be traumatic, so that if I could make myself something big and otherworldly, it would be a kind of defence.
Russell Brand
I was in the orphanage in New Orleans until I was almost a year old. I don’t think I ever got held by my mama, so that was completely and utterly traumatic. I think it was trauma from the first breath, and I think I’ve spent my whole life trying to heal from that trauma. So it shaped my brain.
Mary Gauthier
Lack of access to basic sanitation facilities can be a traumatic experience for girls especially during menstruation period and have an adverse impact on their health.
A loss of a great friend is traumatic and emotionally tough.
Andrew Ridgeley
So many people dread Thanksgiving because they find it traumatic or uncomfortable. My suggestion is to come with a couple of great questions for the table.
Laurie David
I’ve been in gyms before and people have recorded me on their mobile phones and uploaded it on Facebook and said: ‘Look at this fat pig,’ which has been really traumatic for me to see.
Gemma Collins
The thing about post-traumatic stress disorder, we know about one in five, about 20 percent of individuals that are exposed to a direct traumatic stress will develop this disorder.
Dale Archer
When you go through a traumatic event, there’s a lot of shame that comes with that. A lot of loss of self-esteem. That can become debilitating.
Willie Aames
Divorce is horrible, no matter who instigates it. It’s very traumatic.
Rick Stein
Visiting anyone post-surgery for the first time can be traumatic.
Camille Grammer
You can’t underestimate how traumatic divorce is for the children.
Isla Fisher
To me, ‘Garden of Delete’ is a way of describing the idea that good things can bloom out of a negative situation. All the traumatic experiences I had during puberty, ugly memories and ugly thoughts in general can yield something good, like a record or whatever.
Oneohtrix Point Never
Americans look at the Middle East as a source of trauma because of 9/11. At the same time, I could see the fear going on in the Middle East as well – which would be the next country to be invaded or sanctioned? Being around those tensions was traumatic for me.
G. Willow Wilson
A director must be patient and unflappable. I think I was always pretty relaxed. I don’t find shooting as traumatic as some directors do. Some hate it. But you also have to be strong-willed and persistent enough to get what you want.
James Ivory
Every time I smacked my right foot to the ground I couldn’t absorb shock. So no matter what, I’ve thought about this a lot, it doesn’t matter what my life in football would have looked like, it was so traumatic for me that I just couldn’t play the game I loved. And I didn’t know how to handle that as a teenager.
Emma Hayes
I was in Puerto Rico going to school, and it was very jarring for me. ‘Traumatic’ is the only way that I can say it. Kids were making fun of me: ‘Oh, you’re a Yankee.’ And I acted out a lot. A lot. But looking back, and through a little bit of therapy, everything I am has to do with that time.
Jimmy Smits
I get mad at people who talk about traumatic job interviews, about going on one and getting rejected. I get rejected all the time and not only do I get rejected, but people have no problem being really specific about why I was rejected.
Julia Sweeney
Friends who were so supportive absolutely made my high school – that could have been traumatic – they definitely made it bearable.
Lizzie Velasquez
Ultimately I look at the long-term goal of communicating messages. Although I’ve seen some traumatic things, delivering messages of comfort and closure allow for a sense of peace.
Tyler Henry
Katrina silenced me for two years. I wrote a 12-page essay on my experience in Katrina, and that’s it. I didn’t write anything for, like, two, two and a half years after Katrina hit because it was so traumatic.
Jesmyn Ward
Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me. But I got so much out of that.
Bridget Moynahan
When you have a traumatic experience, you look at your mindset.
Keith Barry
Puberty is an extremely traumatic process even if you don’t realize it. It kind of lives with you for like 10 years.
Andrea Riseborough
In the comic-book lore, of course, you mutate post a traumatic event. You must have the mutant gene, but if something traumatic happens to you, usually at puberty, then that mutation manifests itself.
Gavin Hood
I went to college because my father thought that I should learn engineering, because he wanted to go into the heating business with me. There, I realized I wanted to be a physicist. I had to tell him, which was a somewhat traumatic experience.
Leonard Susskind
I learned a lot about a traumatic situation and what it does to you. It really brings you closer to your family and your loved ones.
Dylan O’Brien
You have to understand that PTSD has to be an event that you experience, a very traumatic event. And actually, there is evidence that brain chemistry changes during this event in certain individuals where it’s imprinted indelibly forever and there’s an emotion associated with this which triggers the condition.
Dale Archer
Most women who go public with #MeToo stories are fearful for obvious reasons. There is the pain of reliving traumatic experiences. There is the rage of not being believed.
Bari Weiss
Many people are allergic to process and structure because it causes traumatic flashbacks of working at BigCo and suffering through bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake.
Christine Tsai
Post traumatic stress disorder starts out with nightmares, flashbacks and actually reliving the event. And this happens over and over and over and over in your mind. If you let it go on, it can become chronic and become hard if not impossible to treat.
Dale Archer
As the mother of a grown son with a traumatic brain injury, I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of finding out how to repair even a small part of the damage that changed his life.
Judy Woodruff
In 1974 I was trying to get my first little band together. That year marked kind of a traumatic point in my life, but I had a lot of support from friends and family and a lot of good things ended up coming out of it.
Emmylou Harris
I’ve always thought – and I don’t even know if I’d be right for the part – that Jean Seberg would make a great biopic. She was in Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Breathless,’ she played Joan of Arc. She had this eventful and traumatic adulthood, she thought the FBI was after her, and she became a darling of the French New Wave.
Gillian Jacobs
Aging doesn’t scare me at all. You can handle the bumps each year. They’re traumatic when you’re younger, and they’re hurtful, and you go through some terrible times, and you feel terrible.
Maye Musk
You certainly can’t prevent all mental health problems – factors like genetics and traumatic life events certainly play a role. But everyone can take steps to improve their mental health and prevent further mental illness.
Amy Morin
I find home renovations almost traumatic. But people can create something great.
Ginger Zee
In a way, film and television are in the same sort of traumatic trance that print journalism is. The technology has outpaced our comprehension of its implications.
Tony Kushner