Triangle Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Triangle Quotes from famous authors such as Jonathan Stroud, Reggie Miller, Tim Hardaway Jr., Taylor Lautner, Joseph Morgan. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I used to have quite long hair, and I decided that I wanted to get it cut. I’d never met the person who did it, and she cut it into some kind of dreadful mullet. It looked like a triangle on my head. The other kids were merciless.
Jonathan Stroud
Running the triangle offense, you have pretty much set rotations where you are going to be at.
Reggie Miller
The triangle is a tough offense to get used to.
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Filming ‘Eclipse’ – Eclipse was my favorite book so I was really excited to start filming the movie. I just love that it’s the height of the love triangle. ‘Twilight’ develops Edward and Bella’s relationship, ‘New Moon’ develops Jacob and Bella’s and in ‘Eclipse,’ the three of them are physically together.
Taylor Lautner
‘The Vampire Diaries’ is a great show, but it’s on the verge of being overcrowded. The amount of characters, a lot of them don’t get screen time because there’s so much to put in, and it has to center around the love triangle.
Joseph Morgan
There are a lot of facets of the triangle I can take advantage of. It does a great job of spacing the floor, getting people in the right spots. It plays to my strengths. I stay around the elbow and blocks.
Robin Lopez
My mother found herself in a triangular situation of my father and his legitimate wife. I experienced the emotional trauma of that triangle in my cradle.
Mahesh Bhatt
I remember when that Kelis song ‘Milkshake’ came out, and just how extreme it seemed in terms of that really high triangle part and then the really low subs and then her voice in the middle.
David Longstreth
Arithmetic! Algebra! Geometry! Grandiose trinity! Luminous triangle! Whoever has not known you is without sense!
Comte de Lautreamont
It’s funny: I’ve joked that ‘Sharp Objects,’ ‘To the Bone,’ and ‘Dietland’ are my self-harm trilogy, and each one is a different side of that triangle, with ‘Dietland’ really about fighting back.
Marti Noxon
I pay a lot of attention to composition in my art, and I will often shift myself or change a pose according to the golden triangle rule of photography composition.
Sasha Pivovarova
I think I can bring a lot to the triangle offense. Derek Fisher wasn’t the tallest guard, but what he did is succeed and have a great career. I’m looking forward to learning from him. I’ve never played in the system, so I want to get there early.
Shane Larkin
I started my career with her. I was supposed to do my first film in Tamil in which she was the other heroine. The film was titled ‘Vennira Aadai.’ It was a love triangle, with Jayalalithaaji and I playing the hero’s two love interests. But the director Sridhar removed me from the film after a few days’ shooting.
Hema Malini
‘Superman’ has always been about Lois Lane, Superman and Clark Kent and this love triangle between these three people who really are only two people.
Bryan Singer
For the triangle to really work, everybody needs to be on the same page and know how to play it.
Kristaps Porzingis
There was something special and unique about the love triangle that existed between Clark Kent, Superman and Lois Lane.
Jim Lee
‘The Last Ship,’ which is a beautifully written piece, is about a love triangle and young men working in a shipyard. Audiences may prefer to see a show that allows them to forget about their worries for an evening.
Rachel Tucker
Everybody knows that the great reversed triangle of land, with its base in the north and its apex in the south, which is called India, embraces fourteen hundred thousand square miles, upon which is spread unequally a population of one hundred and eighty millions of souls.
Jules Verne
I got a random tattoo the other day. It’s a red triangle, which makes everyone think I’m arty, which I’m not. I used to draw red triangles all the time. It must mean something – maybe I don’t know it yet. But I’ll figure it out.
Ellie Goulding
You know, I think of the global economy as an inverted triangle, resting on the shoulders of the American consumer. And if the American consumer cannot have enough disposable income in order to maintain a standard of living that creates more opportunities generation after generation, that’s bad for everybody.
Hillary Clinton
Songwriter friends will be like, ‘Oh my God, when are you going to put out ‘Love Triangle?” It’s just been that song for me that really helped me get a lot of writing sessions and helped jump-start my writing career.
I was in love with the triangle because it was so different to what everybody was doing in the NBA. Everybody else was dribbling down, throwing it into the low post, and then their guy would go to work. To me, it was boring.
Nick Nurse
The great Chicago teams when Tex Winter and Phil Jackson were there – the triangle was just amazing. I know Michael Jordan was great, but everybody touched the ball, everybody cut, everybody moved. It was just so hard to guard.
Mike Budenholzer
In 1978, when I thought of creating a flag for the gay movement, there was no other international symbol for us than the pink triangle, which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps. Even though the pink triangle was and still is a powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us.
Gilbert Baker
To catch the ball, face up, look at all of my options and then pass. I was playing hot potato. I didn’t want to be the guy to stall the triangle.
Karl Malone
I wouldn’t have made it past the first round of American Idol auditions. It was months before our first song was recorded. The guys were like, ‘Just seeng!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know how to seeng! Can’t I just play the triangle?’
Malin Akerman
I like the triangle. My first season, the whole first season, we played nothing but the triangle, so I know it pretty well.
Kristaps Porzingis
I play basketball; I actually like the triangle. It opens things up if you know how to move without the ball and know how to cut. That’s the game you learn in high school and younger – pass, cut – basically the fundamentals of basketball, which makes it extremely difficult to guard.
Stephon Marbury
I sing about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and so I designed a UFO fashion. It includes science-fiction bikinis and Bermuda Triangle shorts.
Nina Hagen
I thought Korra was 17 so Mike and I have to get our stories straight. The main characters are in their late teens, we’ve always loved those kind of teen love triangle type stories and there was plenty of that in the original series.
Bryan Konietzko
The triangle itself is just an offense based on freedom of the ball to go to different places, everybody feeling involved. It’s a good thing.
Jeff Van Gundy
I’m a gypsy at heart. I have a little triangle where I tend to go, which is between Sydney, Los Angeles, and London, and I’m happy with that at the moment.
Elizabeth Debicki
I was doing chemistry in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. It was the first time I’d lived alone, and I had an epiphany while I was spending a lot of time watching TV and decided I wanted try acting.
The memory of the 146 people who lost their lives in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire stands as a reminder that legal protections and workplace safety standards were won through a long struggle for social justice and at great human cost.
Eric Schneiderman
I want to fly a jet. I’d love to just be in the air and go mach 3 or mach 4. Or, I’d be an underwater salvager. I’ve always been fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. I love chemistry, also. That’s why acting is so random for me!
Kellan Lutz
Some of the best logos are the simplest. One of the oldest is the mark used by the Bass brewery: a red triangle. Target has made a red circle with a red dot in the middle seem the very essence of affordable, hip practicality.
Tahl Raz
The triangle is a foundation to an offense.
Bill Cartwright
I don’t see the Hurricanes relocating, period. I think the Triangle is a terrific market.
Gary Bettman
I love the triangle. It’s a great offense if you execute it well.
Kristaps Porzingis
I could go my whole life and say, ‘I’m not going to do anything with a love triangle,’ but whenever you have a romance, there has to be some obstacle, and even the dumbest romantic comedies have a love triangle or something.
Catherine Hardwicke