Turns Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Turns Quotes from famous authors such as Pankaj Mishra, Jeff Greenfield, John McDonnell, Tom Ford, Nicole Scherzinger. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

It turns out that globalisation, while promising sameness through brand-name consumption, was fostering, through uneven economic growth, an intense feeling of difference.
Pankaj Mishra
History doesn’t turn on a dime; it turns on a plugged nickel.
Jeff Greenfield
If bitter party name-calling turns people off then smear politics just destroys all credibility in the aims of politicians, the role of political parties and the political process itself.
John McDonnell
I’m living the exact life I planned on living when I was five. My life has taken some turns and changes that I didn’t anticipate, and it has brought me different things. I thought material things would bring me happiness, which they didn’t. But through this, I have learned what things are important and what aren’t.
Tom Ford
It turns out that understanding the British public is not rocket science. The British appreciate honesty and they also have a bonkers, off-the-wall sense of humour like me.
Nicole Scherzinger
First of all, my persuasion is what really breeds violence is political differences. But because religion serves as the soul of community, it gets drawn into the fracas and turns up the heat.
Huston Smith
The kidnapped person is so tantalizingly close, kept alive by a devastating hope. Kidnapping or hostage-taking is perhaps the most disturbing form of terror because it turns this hope into a liability that can paralyze.
Uzodinma Iweala
At various stages in my life, I could have stopped, or took the long rest. For some reason, my heart told me otherwise. I just kept going. Half of the time, I wasn’t sure where I was heading. The other half, I was probably taking the wrong turns. No matter.
Li Lu
I just love music. I love writing songs. It’s not even a job; it’s a gift. I’m waiting for someone to kick me out of the party because I snuck in here, and I keep thinking somebody’s going to figure out that I have no clue. Turns out that most of them have even less of a clue.
Linda Perry
The reign of Henry VIII is the axis around which England turns.
David Starkey
America turns its back on the mentally ill. It likes to think it doesn’t, but it does.
David Means
My plumbing is all screwed up. Because it turns out, I do not own a garbage disposal.
Demetri Martin
Early in my publishing career, someone told me I’d need to have five books in print before I could quit my job as a journalist. Turns out it was closer to 10 books. It also turns out that while it’s great to see my titles on bookstore shelves, my best customers are schools and libraries.
Kate Klise
Prayer is commission. Out of the quietness with God, power is generated that turns the spiritual machinery of the world. When you pray, you begin to feel the sense of being sent, that the divine compulsion is upon you.
E. Stanley Jones
To remind a man of the good turns you have done him is very much like a reproach.
I’m pretty boring, as it turns out.
Joe Kennedy III
Those edges and turns teach control and discipline, just like finger exercises on the piano.
Barbara Ann Scott
Well, I don’t think everything necessarily that I touch turns to gold, but I think I get great joy out of it regardless of whether it is successful or not.
Kenny Rogers
Wittiness turns me on more than anything else.
Caity Lotz
This seems to be the law of progress in everything we do; it moves along a spiral rather than a perpendicular; we seem to be actually going out of the way, and yet it turns out that we were really moving upward all the time.
Frances E. Willard
Working with Tyler Perry has been a wonderful experience. Everything he touches turns to gold, it seems like.
Lance Gross
It turns out you can train a neural network on a big body of text. It can be Wikipedia; it can be all the works of Charles Dickens; it could be all of the Internet. They can use grammar and put words together in interesting and convincing ways – and, I think, unexpected and beautiful ways.
Robin Sloan
I actually broke my nose when I was 7 years old, and I’m always super conscious that it turns slightly one way. I have a slight bump in it, too, but I’ve found that if I put a bit of concealer on one side of the bump, it seems to blend in more.
Devon Windsor
I’m a writer; as soon as I imagine what would happen if I found the fountain of youth, it turns into a dystopia in my head.
Marie Brennan
Our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Israelis while the world turns the other cheek.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
My worst subject in school was school, but it turns out I’m great at starting them.
Bob Goff
People ask me, ‘Don’t you ever run out of ideas?’ Well, on the first place, I don’t use ideas. Every time I have an idea, it’s too limiting and usually turns out to be a disappointment. But I haven’t run out of curiosity.
Robert Rauschenberg
I was like, ‘I’m an academic!’ I’m not at all. It turns out I’m not great at that.
King Princess
If every editor turns you down, maybe you should take a second look at your text, however, just in case.
Piers Anthony
As it turns out, there is a thing called the Internet, and stuff does go out there whether the suits like it or not.
Al Yankovic
Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I never look at twists as a way to trick the audience. Obviously, I think a good story has surprises and unexpected turns, and you always want to do that with an audience. But it has nothing to do with conning them or making them believe so strongly in one thing and then kind of going the other way.
Sam Esmail
I have never seen a bad television program, because I refuse to. God gave me a mind, and a wrist that turns things off.
Jack Paar
Jealousy is bred in doubts. When those doubts change into certainties, then the passion either ceases or turns absolute madness.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
It turns out that a Nobel is also followed by other recognitions, and perhaps the most unexpected of these is that the Japan Karate Association in Tokyo has now made me an honorary 7th-degree black belt, something that, given my athletic abilities, is even more unimaginable than being an Economic Sciences Laureate.
Alvin E. Roth
There’s a difference between, as I always say, the destination, the end point, and the journey. The journey has a lot of twists and turns. It isn’t always pretty.
Bob Menendez
I used to write on a big old couch, but I gave that away. I was wise enough to give it to my son, so if it turns out that the couch was essential to my work, at least the decision to be rid of it is not irreversible.
Marilynne Robinson
I don’t see myself as a Larry King or somebody. When you do interviews, sometimes it turns to interrogations. I’m more of a conversationalist, not throwing hardball questions.
Joe Morgan
It is true that power corrupts. The hope at the polling stations and the actions of the elected representatives, unfortunately, often turn to be opposite. The power of ballot turns into the power of wallet. Some law-makers become law-breakers.
Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
Opening presents at midnight on Christmas Eve – midnight! As soon as it turns to Christmas Day, we’re opening those gifts.
Frankie Grande
A nation that turns it back on Christ and God’s words of truth will inevitably regret it.
Monica Johnson
For years I’ve wanted to write a book about mummies, and had been following the science of mummy CT scans when the premise for ‘The Keepsake’ occurred to me: what if an ‘ancient’ mummy turns out to have a bullet in its leg? How does a modern murder victim get turned into a mummy?
Tess Gerritsen
The democratic process is supposed to be one person one vote, but it turns out that money is talking louder than the votes.
James Hansen
My career is too short for there to be any turns! But I would say that not everyone is noticed and accepted in their debut films. I was accepted both by the industry and the audience.
Kriti Sanon
There’s so much rich interaction with drivers that we take for granted. It seems like a mundane thing, but it turns out to be a really big deal.
Karl Iagnemma
It turns out that the very genes that turn on in cancer cells perform vital functions in normal cells. In other words, the very genes that allow our embryos to grow or our brains to grow, our bodies to grow, if you mutate them, if you distort them, then you unleash cancer.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
‘Harry Potter’ shouldn’t be children’s first experience with suspense and plot turns.
Berkeley Breathed
What can possibly be the common factor in a Kim Jee-woon film? I think what really ties a lot of my projects together is that there is always a character that believes his life is not exactly the way he wishes it to be. My regard for that character turns out to be a very sympathetic one.
Kim Jee-woon
Asking someone to be with us turns out to be an impossibly demanding and therefore pretty mean thing to suggest to anyone we would really want the best for.
Alain de Botton
I seemed to vow to myself that some day I would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till I came to one of the poles of the earth, the end of the axis upon which this great round ball turns.
Ernest Shackleton
Bureaucrats lodged deep in agencies slow the impact of Trump’s demands. Low-level staffers leak private meetings. The Department of Justice has gone rogue. The Swamp, it turns out, fights back.
Matt Gaetz
Sugaring season is the season when you tap the trees for sugar that turns into maple syrup. I’ve married someone from Vermont, so it’s an expression I kept hearing, and I’m like, ‘What is that? That’s just so beautiful.’ I like the idea it’s the very, very first murmurings of spring.
Beth Orton
Basically, all anyone has to do is ask me for fun details or tell me to be creative, and my mind turns to mud. I am instantly the most boring person you’ve ever met.
Melissa Bank
Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun
Michael Savage turns on a microphone and broadcasts his opinions to faithful followers who enjoy listening to his views on politics, social issues, and anything else that this colorful, provocative, entertaining guy comes up with. It doesn’t matter which of his views I agree or disagree with.
Mike Gallagher
Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning.
Dorothy Allison
When you are down and out something always turns up – and it is usually the noses of your friends.
Orson Welles
My wife turns me onto shows. I do end up watching them. She has to drag me in there, and when she does, I enjoy it. ‘Glee’ was one of those things for the first year, especially – I got into that. I would sit down with a glass of wine and get into that. I even have a ‘Glee’ CD in my car.
Mark Pellegrino
Turns out, there’s not a lot of information about pickles on the Internet.
Brian Posehn
I think the core of fans’ relationship is one that vacillates schizophrenically and mercurially from reverence to resentment. Fans fetishize the players’ athletic genius and both deify it and demonize it; witness the way awe turns into anger whenever a player holds out or flips off the offensive coordinator.
David Shields
He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.
William Shakespeare
Walking, it turns out, is a sublime way to get to know people in China. They’re used to meeting strangers on the road. Many here understand what it feels like to walk a long way.
Evan Osnos
Any discrimination, like sharp turns in a road, becomes critical because of the tremendous speed at which we are traveling into the high-tech world of a service economy.
Clarence Thomas
Turns out I’m good with guns even though I don’t like them.
Jaimie Alexander
It turns out that Donald Trump has been very good at buying low and selling high, and it helps account for his amazing business success.
Lawrence Kudlow
‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ it turns out, is a classic Batman epic.
Neal Adams
The greatest impact of ‘We Are the World’ seems to have been the video, which lets us see the singers take their turns at the microphone without any sense of star ego.
Robert Hilburn
In our world of rampant ‘individualisation’, relationships are mixed blessings. They vacillate between a sweet dream and a nightmare, and there is no telling when one turns into the other.
Zygmunt Bauman
But I felt all the more bound to make this proposal, because it at once turns to a reproach.
Ferdinand Lassalle
Suffering turns men towards their creator.
Ramana Maharshi
A writer is someone who tells you one thing so someday he can tell his readers another thing: what he was thinking but declined to say, or what he would have thought had he been wiser. A writer turns his life into material, and if you’re in his life, he uses yours, too.
Walter Kirn
It is too great comfort which turns a man against himself. Life is most readily renounced at the time and among the classes where it is least harsh.
Emile Durkheim
Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.
Vaclav Havel
I’m going to focus on speed, doing little things like my turns and my starts – just speed.
Ryan Lochte
As a fan of both media, I never had any qualms about an adaptation. I’ve always been able to separate books I’ve loved from their movies, no matter how the film turns out.
Markus Zusak
What we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument.
C. S. Lewis
People always talk about my heel/face turns. One of the jokes in America is I’ve had more turns than NASCAR.
Big Show
I knew I’d have to go to Paris eventually, and I didn’t want to be the provincial kid who just turns up and says, ‘I want to act.’
Tahar Rahim
When the market turns down, a lot of people lose jobs… and that’s the time people become entrepreneurs. Downturns end up being the best times to start companies.
Tobias Lutke
When you’re picking up and moving, it does create… well, I can sleep anywhere, which is really useful, it turns out, on movie sets. But what it really does is teach you how to adapt and change and fit into a new group or school, and that really is a lot like turning up to a new movie project and finding your place.
Amy Adams
When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you spend your time is extremely important.
Daniel Kahneman
When so-called child’s play turns hostile, and a child becomes a victim, it is time to act. Victims of cyberbullying do not choose to participate. Rather than build character, bullying can cause children to become anxious, fearful, unhappy, and even cause them to be physically sick.
Linda Sanchez
I will always fight for peace. But, unfortunately, it is war that drives us forward. It is war that makes the major turns. It makes Wall Street function; it makes all the bastards in the Balkans function.
Emir Kusturica
What’s very interesting is that when we look at human bodies, we look at our body as a singular entity when it turns out, no, if I could reduce us to a small size as the size of a cell and put you inside your body, rather than seeing a singular entity, what you would see is a metropolis with 50 trillion citizens.
Bruce Lipton
You cannot afford a world with slavery, which literally takes someone and turns them into a machine.
Andrew Forrest
In Rio de Janeiro, every cop has to make a choice. He either turns dirty, keeps his mouth shut, or goes to war.
Jose Padilha
It turns out that the Republican Party is not a hero to anyone but the racist, xenophobic caricature of a candidate that is Donald Trump.
David Brock
You just pour your heart and soul into a project, and everyone pays their dues, and everyone on the crew, everyone works so hard. Then you just don’t know how the show ends up. You just hope that it turns out great, and you hope that people respond to it, and you hope that the network accepts a Season Two.
Jamie Chung
There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury. There is no mercy in a country that turns their back on those most in need of protection: the elderly, the poor, the sick, and the suffering.
Joe Kennedy III
Psychotherapy theory turns it all on you: you are the one who is wrong. If a kid is having trouble or is discouraged, the problem is not just inside the kid; it’s also in the system, the society.
James Hillman
I’m looking forward to free skiing the most. Just groomers, big wide groomers making nice big turns.
Picabo Street
The human mind, as it turns out, is messy.
Ellen Ullman
While I know some women who are stunningly sanguine when they’re pregnant, I dissolve into a total mess. What normally appears sturdy turns fragile: the economy, the climate, humanity’s baseline social contract.
Lauren Groff
Everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful for the twists and the turns, as painful as they’ve been.
Chrishell Stause
I can feel things – tap into emotions. When I meet a new person, I know their life straight away. I suppose you could call it a special intuition, but it’s my number one quality, and I’m always 99.9 percent right. If I don’t like someone, it always turns out to be for a good reason.
Suzi Quatro
I’ve spent so many years talking about lame ducks in the White House and Congress, and it’s never occurred to me to find out what the heck it means. It turns out it’s an old English hunting term – something about firing at a duck without quite killing it. In any case, the hobbled duck limps on, at a distinct disadvantage.
Gwen Ifill
No one will remember that President Obama supported the Arab Spring if it eventually fails and the region collapses back into the political Dark Ages. If we actively engage these movements with advice, with money, and, when necessary, with military force, then we get a vote in how it all turns out.
Sebastian Junger
I knew with Snape I was working as a double agent, as it turns out, and a very good one at that.
Alan Rickman
Time takes the ugliness and horror out of death and turns it into beauty.
Dodie Smith
Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.
Vaclav Havel
Life has many twists and turns.
Max Baucus
When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?
Khalil Gibran
It turns out that our ability to connect with other people is driven by our ability to connect deeply with ourselves. And that can be just a few minutes sitting on your porch feeling the breeze against your face. That can be a few moments spent in meditation or in prayer or remembering three things you’re grateful for.
Vivek Murthy
Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.
Matt Groening
He who turns the other cheek will get hit with the other fist.
Nipsey Russell
The person that turns over the most rocks wins the game. And that’s always been my philosophy.
Peter Lynch
Inside, I’ve got a real purist desire and dream about the music. I like the idea of being able to carve out a kind of magical, colourful, artistic, inspirational life. And the reality just turns out to be quite different, working with the business to bring this thing you have created into the world.
Damien Rice
There’s no reason my films can’t work as hard as VR does to hook an audience and never let them go, so I think that that it turns the volume up a little bit on storytelling. The same way when I was doing commercials and then I went and shot ‘Go,’ and ‘Go’ has a level of pace that is unlike any of my other movies.
Doug Liman
I pondered all these things, and how men fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of their defeat, and when it comes turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to fight for what they meant under another name.
William Morris
When a fantasy turns you on, you’re obligated to God and nature to start doing it – right away.
Stewart Brand
At a big company, often size turns into constipation; it fogs the lens about what’s really happening. Sometimes with size and success comes the notion that since we’ve done things to be successful, we have the formula and can institutionalize it. That can be death.
Mark Parker
I never thought I’d enjoy collaborating so much, but turns out it feels like a super power if you collab with the right people.
Lisa Hanawalt
I’ve always worked in cinemas or cafes to make money because it turns out freelance journalism is quite hard to get into.
Lauren Mayberry
You can’t climb up to the second floor without a ladder. When you set your aim too high and don’t fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. Try for a goal that’s reasonable, and then gradually raise it.
Emil Zatopek
‘As the World Turns’ was such a great experience and such a great school for me. It was better than any class I could have ever taken.
Alexandra Chando
We decided to have the baby at home because we wanted it to be a natural birth, and it turns out that it was 30 hours of natural. Eight hours of pushing – that’s the part that men don’t understand. Women go, ‘Oh, dear, oh, dear God, eight hours of pushing?’ And the men are like, ‘Okay, eight hours of pushing.’
Evangeline Lilly
A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.
Enid Bagnold
I don’t think people understand what it takes to make a movie unless they’ve experienced it themselves or been around it. It’s a miracle every time you make a movie, and a bigger miracle if it turns out well.
Marc Forster
Sabbath is always some of the best music ever. And the reason is because it grooves. It’s funky. It’s heavy. It’s got lots of great changes, twists, and turns.
Robert Trujillo
Destiny never changes with money, but sometimes it turns by meeting good people too.
Amit Sadh
Any time the United States government turns over an American citizen, including military personnel, to the government of another country, it is in our nature to want to make sure that they receive the best treatment, the fairest treatment, and the most humane treatment.
Howard Baker
I’m not somebody that opens a playbook and just turns and reads and reads. That doesn’t do it for me.
Tim Tebow
In business, there are times when you disagree, and sometimes it turns out that you’re just plain wrong. Humor takes away tension and helps you realize you’re wrong.
Craig Newmark
As it turns out, just hanging out around athletes doesn’t actually make one more fit.
Mary Pilon
The real Antichrist is he who turns the wine of an original idea into the water of mediocrity.
Eric Hoffer
The Hulk has an awesome superpower. He turns into this giant monster that can eliminate several dudes at once.
Ty Simpkins
Flash turns up the optical volume so that whatever lies behind the lens – be it film or a digital sensor – is a little more receptive.
David Hewson
We have got to stop being a society that turns our heads and looks the other way.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
I still marvel at how God turns dreams into reality.
Martha Reeves
You have twenty-one days to shoot a whole movie and sometimes you go into that thinking ‘ugh, this could potentially be really, really difficult’ and it turns out to be the most incredible experience.
Kathleen Robertson
I know for my wife and I, we always loved the idea of being young parents. It is an incredibly inspiring and challenging job being a parent, and as it turns out, being young really helps you keep up.
Taylor Hanson
There are two types of courage involved with what I did. When it comes to picking up a rifle, millions of people are capable of doing that, as we see in Iraq or Vietnam. But when it comes to risking their careers, or risking being invited to lunch by the establishment, it turns out that’s remarkably rare.
Daniel Ellsberg
It turns out that we can build perfectly secure software, and yet people can still get hurt.
Alex Stamos
The right moment wears a full head of hair: when it has been missed, you can’t get it back; it’s bald in the back of the head and never turns around.
Francois Rabelais
I do know how life can go one way or another and that it’s not all just black and white, and there are many different situations and twists and turns in life.
Mel Rodriguez
When people feel a certain religion claims to have all the answers, that’s what turns them off.
As it turns out, social scientists have established only one fact about single women’s mental health: employment improves it.
Susan Faludi
Readers probably haven’t heard much about it yet, but they will. Quantum technology turns ordinary reality upside down.
Michael Crichton
If evil is empathy erosion, and empathy erosion is a form of illness, then evil turns out to be nothing more than a particularly awful psychological disorder.
Paul Bloom
As it turns out, my grandmother, my mother, my wife, and my daughter are all women, and I like those people. I’m concerned about the issues that they face in their lives. So I’m a feminist, but that’s not all I am.
Tommy Lee Jones
I go back and think of President Kennedy, who had a military service background, but he comes into the presidency, and he’s faced with a decision on the Bay of Pigs, with the C.I.A. and the military giving him data, and it turns out very badly.
Stanley A. McChrystal
I love directing more than anything in the world, and I love being in the editing room. I love cutting. When I’m shooting, I cut it in my head anyway. That’s not to say that it always turns out that way, but you have a sense when you’re composing a sequence or a scene how you want it to look anyway.
Hart Bochner
My main goal is to connect with the crowd. I leave room for improv. Whatever happens, happens. When I bring my band with me, it turns into the Craig Robinson comedy dance party.
Craig Robinson
Beginning in the 1920s and 1930s, film has been a shadow thrown over the minds of all novelists. Ever since, novelists have strained to make themselves more relevant and, whether consciously or not, novel-writing has been influenced by cinematic doctrines – by turns, embracing and defying it.
Matthew Pearl
Put your problems into perspective and it usually turns out things aren’t nearly so bad. And when they are, look to those memories of happy times. Keep some happiness on reserve for those rainy days!
Manila Luzon
Where every something, being blent together turns to a wild of nothing.
William Shakespeare
My parents had bought a video camera for us to film Christmases and other family events. I took it down to the beach, set up a tripod, and I would grab two other friends, and we’d take turns filming and surfing. Then, at the end of the day, I’d go home and I’d make a video for everybody to watch.
Taylor Steele
To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.
Mikhail Bakunin
Without tolerance, our world turns into hell.
Friedrich Durrenmatt
It turns out kids today still learn that four-chord progression when they’re just picking up the guitar.
John Scofield
‘Seven Turns’ was a tough album because we knew that the critics would use it to determine whether or not we should have remained broken up.
Dickey Betts
No matter what twists and turns your life offers you, your ability to be adaptable and flexible will help you to stay open to all of the hidden gifts that difficulty may offer.
Mandy Ingber
It turns out that one of the biggest drivers of investors are both successful and non-successful startup founders.
Michael Seibel
You set up a story and it turns inside out and that is, for me, the most exciting sort of story to write. The viewer thinks it’s going to be about something and it does the opposite.
Nigel Kneale
When one turns over in bed, it is time to turn out.
Duke of Wellington
Sometimes in politics, you think you’ve seen it all. Turns out I was wrong.
Eliot Spitzer
It turns out that social networks drive a heck of a lot of traffic to blogs.
Matt Mullenweg
Monetary policy will, as always, respond to the economy’s twists and turns so as to promote, as best as we can in an uncertain economic environment, the employment and inflation goals.
Janet Yellen
Turns out, I couldn’t catch them – or even get close to them. I realized that sharks are amazing, beautiful animals who have absolutely no interest in checking me out.
Malin Akerman
I will certainly not join politics. I would like to be remembered as a clean businessman who has not partaken in any twists and turns beneath the surface, and one who has been reasonably successful.
Ratan Tata
I take in a lot of stuff from real life, movies, television, news and it all gets mixed in my head and somehow turns into a story idea.
Janet Evanovich
The foundations of our lives are far more fragile than we think. So we are severely shaken when life turns out to have a will of its own.
Susanne Bier
When I was in the private sector, one characteristic that differentiated the best entrepreneurs from the others was that they were not in it for the stock options, but for a mission – to deliver something that was helpful… Every entrepreneurial journey, it turns out, is like this.
Todd Park
I’m trying as hard as I can to keep pushing the boundaries of what a woman is capable of doing. And it turns out there’s a lot we can do. There’s a lot we can speak about.
Rita Moreno
Nest Thermostat owners like the carbon monoxide link. If Nest Protect’s carbon monoxide alarm goes off, the Nest Thermostat automatically turns off the gas furnace.
Tony Fadell
It turns out I’m not very good at working with a traditional boss.
Carrie Brownstein
As a person navigating the waters of public scrutiny, you are often unable to hold on to personal heroes or villains. Inevitably you will meet your hero, and he may turn out to be less than impressive, while your villain turns out to be the coolest cat you’ve ever met.
Rob Lowe
As it turns out, one of the biggest choices we have doing the show is deciding the tangents we are allowed to take, the stuff that we see along the way. We’re allowed to explore the world at large on these things; the urban-legend aspect of it is just kind of an excuse.
Jamie Hyneman
The path for the democratic development of Hong Kong since the return to the motherland has been full of twists and turns. We have had some successes and some failures.
Carrie Lam
If the Pluto mission was a cat, then it would’ve been dead long ago because they only get nine lives, and we’ve had significantly more than nine stoppages and odd twists and turns.
Alan Stern
When volume drops off, prices settle down. Volume is the force that turns stocks higher.
Louis Navellier
Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust; hatred alone is immortal.
William Hazlitt
Our message of ensuring every Hoosier has access to a quality education that turns into a good paying job, that ultimately leads to a meaningful career with access to affordable health care, is resonating.
Todd Young
It’s hard to explain music when it goes in your gut and makes left and right and turns and moves you and resonates with you.
Dion DiMucci
There are some people, no matter what they do, it turns out badly. They have a problem: either what they do is wrong or things that happen were wrong. I was president of a company like that; it was called Grid Computer.
John Morgridge
The implication is that this basic idea we have that we are controlled by our genes is false. It’s an idea that turns us into victims. I’m saying we are the creators of our situation. The genes are merely the blueprints. We are the contractors, and we can adjust those blueprints. And we can even rewrite them.
Bruce Lipton
As the nation’s attention turns from Washington politics to the Obamacare disaster, Democrats will have no choice but to reconsider our fair and reasonable proposals to delay the law.
Tom Graves
I’ve always liked older women. One sad thing about being my age is that there are no older women. I used to amuse my mother’s friends even at five or six with witty turns of phrase. Somehow, I just knew how to be funny.
Howard Jacobson
It turns out the businessman knows more about how the economy really works than the chattering class. What a shock.
Stephen Moore
Initially, I thought that Ethereum was a thing that would be used for people to write simple financial scripts. As it turns out, people are writing stuff like Augur on top of it.
Vitalik Buterin
You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.
Anne Lamott
French is the language that turns dirt into romance.
Stephen King
Age is getting to know all the ways the world turns, so that if you cannot turn the world the way you want, you can at least get out of the way so you won’t get run over.
Miriam Makeba
The elegy does the work of mourning; it allows us to experience mortality. It turns loss into remembrance, and it delivers an inheritance.
Edward Hirsch
Why do I like to write short stories? Well, I certainly didn’t intend to. I was going to write a novel. And still! I still come up with ideas for novels. And I even start novels. But something happens to them. They break up. I look at what I really want to do with the material, and it never turns out to be a novel.
Alice Munro
Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers. It’s not just about entertainment – it’s about education. Permission marketing is curriculum marketing.
Seth Godin
It’s a deep and all but certain truth about narcissistic personalities that to meet them is to love them, but to know them well is to find them unbearable. Confidence quickly curdles into arrogance; smarts turn to smugness, charm turns to smarm.
Jeffrey Kluger
Trust him not with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
As it turns out, three of my four kids are professional singers. And they’re really interesting, good singers.
Loudon Wainwright III
Time turns the old days to derision, Our loves into corpses or wives; And marriage and death and division Make barren our lives.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Another solid run through Central Park. Admittedly, six miles turns out to be a bad idea after a full day in heels!
Meghan Markle
I’m personally attracted to great writing – that’s what turns me on the most.
Michael Mando
Buddhism talks about the possibility of transforming greed, hatred, and delusion. But sometimes need turns into greed.
Jack Kornfield
A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible ‘lifestyles’ turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind.
George Will
If you don’t work your brain turns to cheese.
Frank Sinatra Jr.
The challenge is to stay true to the characters while also having them be entertaining every day, because it turns out that just watching someone be true to themselves isn’t that rad to watch.
Ryan North
My mother would put me on a wooden box at the stove and tell me to call her if certain things would happen. Like if the steam turns blue, that is danger!
Paul Prudhomme
My favorite songwriting trick is writing something like ‘XO.’ In my brain, I thought, ‘This is probably going to be a love song. How can I change that and find ways to twist that.’ As a songwriter, it’s your job for the song to take twists and turns that people don’t expect.
Kelsea Ballerini
I am the worst at the grocery store. It turns into three carts. It turns into, ‘Oh did you see the truffle cheese? We’ve got to get the truffle cheese!’
Guy Fieri
It turns out that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community, are happier, they’re physically healthier, and they live longer than people who are less well connected.
Robert J. Waldinger
I learn from Kevin Spacey and Tom Hardy, watching these guys work, the things they all do differently. Tom never stops exploring and discovering, take after take. His mind never turns off.
Michael Kelly
There was a time when my uncle was in an immigration detention center, and members of our community would take turns visiting him each weekend. That instilled in me the value of taking care of each other even if the systems aren’t working in your favor.
Opal Tometi
There’s a moment in every book when the book turns and it surprises me.
Chuck Palahniuk
Everybody loves a horror story because it’s a roller coaster ride -you wait for the slow ride to the top then speed down with all the bumps, twists and turns.
Tony Todd
Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. In one of those life-isn’t-fair results, it turns out that the happy outperform the less happy. Happy people work more hours each week – and they work more in their free time, too.
Gretchen Rubin
‘Three Kingdoms’ gives you a panoply of different routes; everyone can find their own path. It shows that sometimes the route to fulfilment or success is not the obvious one. You must take twists and turns to achieve a goal.
Ma Jian
I was like, Amazon Prime? Who has Amazon Prime? It turns out everybody.
Gaby Hoffmann
Well, there’s much more time to do a weekly show, and much more coverage – as it turns out, it was all preparation for the stuff I’m doing now – but it was interesting to see how much time was spent on how little airtime, compared to knocking out a show a day on the soaps.
Jonathan Frakes
One secret of leadership is that the mind of a leader never turns off. Leaders even when they are sightseers or spectators, are active; not passive observers.
James Humes
I think a man turns into a writer by editing his own texts.
Imre Kertesz
If it turns out to be a hit, well, good luck dealing with fame. And if it’s not a hit and you can still survive and make music you believe in, well, then you’re truly blessed. I think that’s where we are now.
Edie Brickell
Christie led the way – with a bulldozer. The governor is blunt, brash, and self-consciously authentic, the antithesis to what turns off today’s voters: flip-flopping politicians who speak in poll-tested platitudes. Yes, he’s the anti-Romney.
Ron Fournier
It has to do a lot more than just twerking. It’s feel good music; it makes people have a good time. It doesn’t matter what type of situation they’re in, we bounce all around New Orleans. Weddings, birthday parties, funerals. The whole nine yards, and it’s a happy music, it turns people from a frown to a happy smile.
Big Freedia
The rumor is Chu Hing really wanted the ‘Green Turtle’ to be Chinese American, but the publisher didn’t think that would sell. If you read those books, the hero almost always has his back facing the camera so you can’t see his face. When he turns around, his face is obscured.
Gene Luen Yang
One of the problems with the identification of Christianity with love is how such a view turns out to be both anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic. The Jews and Catholics become identified with the law or dogma, in contrast to Protestant Christians, who are about love.
Stanley Hauerwas
In the university library, we know when a book has been used in a class or put on reserve… or while it was out, did somebody call it back in. It turns out to be a pretty good indicator of how relevant the work is at that time.
David Weinberger
Every actor turns everything round to their character.
Ruth Wilson
We are all seduced by charismatic people, whether it’s in your office or in the bus or in the train. There are people who just, like, come through the door, and everybody turns around and looks at them and feels drawn to them.
Edgar Ramirez
It’s a comedy thriller, brilliantly written and it’s full of twists and turns at every page. When I was reading it I was desperate to get to the end to find out what happens, it really hooks you.
Louise Jameson
My assumption was that all indigenous architecture would be more fractal. My reasoning was that all indigenous architecture tends to be organized from the bottom up. As it turns out, though, my reasoning was wrong.
Ron Eglash
I’ve never been able to arouse any interest in myself for digitally produced sound, and so the computer turns me off.
David Tudor
There have been times I’ve finished a big job and thought, ‘Great, a couple of weeks off.’ But then a couple of weeks turns to three weeks and then after a month you’re staring at the phone willing it to ring.
Johnny Vegas
I love film very much. It’s very special to me, and seeing how it all turns out is always just a magical moment for me.
Lauren Ashley Carter
Life is not what you expect: it is made up of the most unexpected twists and turns.
Whenever I deliver a hit, I can see a glow on my father’s face. Sometimes, I think he turns 10 to 15 years younger when I deliver a hit.
Mahesh Babu
Once my pilot and I push and jump into the sled, I hold on for dear life in the back while she skillfully and hopefully quickly navigates the two of us down a mile of icy, often bumpy, sharp right and left turns. I then pull the brakes at the end.
Lauren Gibbs
Not until somebody turns round and says, ‘Art, how do you fancy playing Charles Dickens? How do you fancy playing Prince Charles in this biopic?’ Until those movements come, then no, we haven’t got past anything.
Art Malik
Life is tragic simply because the earth turns and the sun inexorably rises and sets, and one day, for each of us, the sun will go down for the last, last time.
James Baldwin
The one who turns his back on the world and its comforts and, sets out on the path that leads to the Beloved has to face countless difficulties. But he brakes them all for the sake of the Beloved.
Dada Vaswani
I think the self is complicated, that at various times we are all various people, and wrestling actually does a lot with that. You have things like heel turns where a person goes from being a good guy to a bad guy.
John Darnielle
I go to bars and restaurants, and I sit and I eavesdrop on people and I watch people in shopping centers and, you know, I read the newspapers and I talk to the Trenton cops, and I just get a lot of information that comes in that somehow turns into a book.
Janet Evanovich
The real challenge of being a flight attendant is getting people out. The training requires that they demonstrate they can evacuate an aircraft within 90 seconds, but of course, a lot of stuff that is easy to do in training turns out to be tough in practice.
Philip Greenspun
When the holidays approach and the weather turns cold, you spend your nights watching and rewatching saccharine movies until you fall asleep, hoping for some gleam of happiness or catharsis that never comes, a version of life that looks like a Hallmark movie or where your idealized prince finally shows up.
Ben Domenech
Nobody really turns out too happy in any of my stuff. It’s really strange, because I’m actually a pretty happy person. I’m not walking around giggling or anything like that, but I’ve got this feeling that everything is okay with my life.
Donald Ray Pollock
Imagination, it turns out, is a great deal like reporting in your own head. Here is a paradox of fiction-writing. You are crafting something from nothing, which means, in one sense, that none of it is true. Yet in the writing, and perhaps in the reading, some of a character’s actions or lines are truer than others.
Amy Waldman
While everyone usually turns up late at Bollywood parties, I always reach these places on time and end up making a fool of myself.
Ali Fazal
I’m a hip-hop dancer, but when I’m in my room it turns into this lyrical nonsense, and I listen to Phil Wickham and India Arie, who has the most precious songs.
Alyson Stoner
I ain’t going to say everything I touch turns to gold or camouflage. I’ve got to work hard to keep what I’ve got. Nothing comes easy to me. It never has.
Boo Weekley
Indeed, bull markets are fueled by successive waves of prior skeptics finally capitulating as their fears fade. Eventually, fear turns to euphoria, and that’s the stuff of bubbles.
Kenneth Fisher
I think, like all big things, you don’t know they’re going to be a big thing when you start. You just kind of, like, play because it’s fun, and it’s interesting, and then it turns out to be way more important than you expected.
Anthony Levandowski
I always knew I wanted to be a technologist, so I went to Duke and got a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Really, I thought my goal in life was to be an inventor, a problem solver, so I thought I needed a Ph.D. to be good at inventions, but it turns out that you don’t.
Aaron Patzer
It turns out synthesizing DNA is very difficult. There are tens of thousands of machines around the world that make small pieces of DNA – 30 to 50 letters in length – and it’s a degenerate process, so the longer you make the piece, the more errors there are.
Craig Venter
I’ve had my ups and downs, and I definitely have a sense – in America, especially – that once you’ve made your mark and gotten your Rolling Stone piece and your Grammy nomination, that they’re on to the next piece of meat, and they don’t necessarily like to follow the twists and turns of an artistic career.
Rufus Wainwright
Most of the people I know in the film business here in New York, the moms and the dads, just take different turns working. So everybody’s a working parent, and nobody bats an eyelash at it.
Reed Morano
A voice expressing emotion in a musical way moves on. It’s like the finale of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – the world turns in on itself, as a universe unto itself, in the shape of one human being.
Dwight Yoakam
The thing that weighs the most on how your final artwork turns out is the amount of time you have and the speed at which you can move.
Jim Lee
There’s a different kind of attitude when you come from Western New York. You work for everything you get, and nothing’s really handed to you… You realize good work turns to good things, and that’s the edge I always came up with.
Luke Harper
If the conditions were right there could be great acceptance. Often it is only when they pose an economic or political threat that it turns really ugly.
Iris Chang
Women, it turns out, are built to lead – particularly in the modern world.
Helen Fisher
Everything I touch turns to gold.
Pete Waterman
There was one thing my daddy wouldn’t tolerate in any shape, form or fashion, and that was being unkind or rude to somebody. That was just very important to my folks. And as it turns out, that was a legacy that he left me that money can’t buy, is how to be able to treat people.
Paula Deen
I would much rather be on the couch all the time. But it turns out, I’m also agreeable. I’ll agree to do a lot of things.
No one turns up at Turf Moor thinking we are a soft touch.
Danny Ings
Unless you have a sense of values that’s shared by people and turns them loose to do certain things on their own within those sets of values, the organization, whether a nation or corporation or citizen group, just doesn’t work very well.
Alan Cranston
The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going.
I was amazed by how much you have to think about as a director. As an actor, you don’t have to think about much at all, as it turns out. It’s very easy. And then when you step into the director’s role, there’s this whole universe of stuff that you have to pay attention to that’s amazing to me.
Misha Collins
I’ve done shows before where it’s supposed to be about the women, and then it quickly turns out it isn’t.
Sophie Rundle
Most people think the character I do onstage is the way I am offstage, but I’m just a regular guy who spends time with his family and who turns on the television and watches a lot of sports.
Don Rickles
I thought I was leaving elected office and politics in order to focus on schooling, but as you know, schooling turns out to be frankly even more political than politics.
Eva Moskowitz
Where do I get my information from? Well, I get it from the radio, and I get it from the newspaper, and then I get it from my conversations, and I get it from the paddocks around the bush. I get it; it turns up. You’d be most surprised how it turns up.
Michael Leunig
I think often times if a guitar riff is centered around the chorus or if it follows the chorus, then it often times turns into the actual hook.
Ryan Tedder
Boston’s such a unique city. I feel like 50 percent of its DNA turns over every semester.
Michael Bastian
I definitely don’t want to be one of those athletes who turns into a cheesy actress.
Gina Carano
I’ve always felt I struck out with Doris Day. Her son, Terry Melcher, was a producer I worked for at Columbia, and one day, he asked me to go to her house to play piano on a song she was doing. So I get there, and she has about 30 dogs running around the place – turns out she’s a dog rescuer.
Leon Russell
Only people who live outside cities realize the size of them. London turns out to be huge; there are great swaths, vast panoramas, a whole diaspora I’d never imagined. The place I live in tends to be manageably small, a few familiar journeys and destinations.
A. A. Gill
I figure if it’s turns out well the film will have its own momentum and will carry into the video release. So it’s hard to really picture the DVD version when I’m in production.
Jay Roach
I don’t use the voice of Bart when I’m making love to my husband, but Marge’s voice turns him on a little.
Nancy Cartwright
I heard on public radio recently, there’s a thing called Weed Dating. Singles get together in a garden and weed and then they take turns, they keep matching up with other people. Two people will weed down one row and switch over with two other people. It’s in Vermont. I don’t think I’d be very good at Weed Dating.
Roy Blount, Jr.
Vice Is like a fury to the vicious mind, And turns delight itself to punishment.
Ben Jonson
It turns out that in the federal government, there are a lot of innovators.
Todd Park
I’ve been amazed to learn all of the links between microbial health and our general health. This all started by trying to understand fermentation. The fermentation outside your body, and its relation to the fermentation inside your body. The key to health is fermentation, it turns out.
Michael Pollan
Music always turns into music. As soon as I play a key, push a key down, there’s no theory any more. When I go and I hear a sound on the keyboard, all theories go out the window.
Keith Jarrett
Everything government touches turns to crap.
Ringo Starr
It really annoys me when the light turns green, and you’re behind somebody, and they’re just sitting there looking at the light for about 15, 20 seconds.
Glenn Danzig
Tis this desire of bending all things to our own purposes which turns them into confusion and is the chief source of every error in our lives.
Sarah Fielding
It turns out, the bikers and the truckers and people in dive bars are the nicest people in the world.
Ashley McBryde
Sometimes I think everything I touch turns into a Page Six item.
Jay McInerney
Shipping has a great oversupply of vessels that came from over-ordering a few years back. We think 2014 may be when it turns around.
Wilbur Ross
To regret fully is to appreciate how high the stakes are in even the average human life; fully experienced, it turns our eyes, attentive and alert, to a future possibly lived better than our past.
David Whyte
My first novel, ‘Compromising Positions,’ was a whodunit. The protagonist was a Long Island Jewish housewife who turns private investigator. But she was Jewish the way I was: lighting Sabbath candles but envying her Protestant and Catholic friends’ December decorating options.
Susan Isaacs
Nearly every one of the genes that turns out to be a key player in cancer has a vital role in the normal physiology of an organism. The genes that enable our brains and blood cells to develop are implicated in cancer.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
Women’s lives get more interesting the older they get. For some reason, when you hit 35, it turns into a grey area filmically. There’s not much more until you start playing grannies. I’m not ready for that. I’m just naffed off that, between 35 and 50, there aren’t better things about.
Amanda Donohoe
I think what turned me off of Christianity as a kid, and what I think turns other people off, is the thought that you have to sacrifice being cool to believe in God.
Samuel Larsen
I’ve always related music to those moments when someone turns you loose on something and they haven’t told you how to do it.
Stone Gossard
As a heel, you get to make twists and turns that really sell that character so that you can get that genuine kind of heat from people that want to hate you.
Mickie James
Comedy is free therapy. And if it’s done well, the audience and the comic take turns being the doctor as well as the patient.
Maysoon Zayid
Congress, it turns out, is filled with Republicans and Democrats eager to act as enablers for the most repressive forces in Iran.
Stephen Kinzer
I think competition turns people into what they normally wouldn’t be.
Shane Dawson
I had the misfortune of getting what skateboarders call hippers. It’s when you fall on your hip again and again and again, just the same spot. It turns into like a blue purple bruise and it’s just torture because I had to keep on doing the same move, going around in the pool again.
Emile Hirsch
I suppose I try to look for those things where the world turns on you. It’s every automobile accident, every accident at a party, you’re having a good time until suddenly you’re not.
John Irving
Despite the sometimes sordid turns his life took, Michael Jackson always held my fascination, like he did for most of us.
Shawn Amos
People are what you make them. A scornful look turns into a complete fool a man of average intelligence. A contemptuous indifference turns into an enemy a woman who, well treated, might have been an angel.
Andre Maurois
I’m not a trained chef, so I end up making stuff up. It either turns out brilliant or an absolute disaster. I just go for it.
Eric Balfour
For sure, life takes many twists and turns, and one never knows what the future might hold.
Angel Di Maria
Diamonds are created through the pressures of earth and then have to go through a million dirty roads to get to the cutter who turns it into a beautiful massage. And that’s like human beings. They go through a lot to be who they are in front of you.
Jeremy Sisto
Turns out, Down syndrome is the most common genetic disorder, occurring once in every 800 births, and no one really knows why it happens. It just does.
John C. McGinley
The frothing Trump-haters’ extremism turns whatever criticism they have for the guy into mere parody.
Greg Gutfeld
I’m very driven by what I do. I am certainly very competitive. I like people who represent the best at what they do, and if that turns you into a perfectionist, then maybe I am.
Anna Wintour
Our live experiences, fixed in aphorisms, stiffen into cold epigrams. Our heart’s blood, as we write it, turns to mere dull ink.
F. H. Bradley
The internal machinery of life, the chemistry of the parts, is something beautiful. And it turns out that all life is interconnected with all other life.
Richard P. Feynman
I thought that you had to work, work, work and try to be the best musician you could, and that’s the only way you could make it. Then it turns out, halfway through the scene, they change the rules on you!
Steve Lukather
Life takes turns. There are forks in the road.
Ed Kowalczyk
I could truly have gone through life thinking that women were these venomous creatures. Turns out, they’re not.
Claire Danes
Paris Hilton, it turns out, is related to fellow celebrity jailbirds Zsa Zsa Gabor and G. Gordon Liddy.
Steven Pinker
I don’t know if love exists, not the kind that keeps. I think love’s an infatuation that turns into a habit, because you can’t keep that passion going. You get used to people, and that’s death for me – I like to be surprised.
If I have to apply five turns to the screw each day for the happiness of Argentina, I will do it.
Evita Peron
The word ‘code’ turns out to be a really important word for my book, ‘The Information.’ The genetic code is just one example. We talk now about coders, coding. Computer guys are coders. The stuff they write is code.
James Gleick
When my family got Internet installed at my house, me and my siblings went crazy and would take turns browsing. I’m homeschooled, too, so I would be on the computer every day. It was so exciting to finally get Internet at my house.
Rich Brian
Anyone who says you can’t do anything with short hair is wrong! Every day, my style turns into something new, and there are so many different ways you can wear it.
Evan Rachel Wood
Life has many turns.
Diego Costa
Every time I imagine a garden in an architectural setting, it turns into a magical place. I think of gardens I have seen, that I believe I have seen, that I long to see, surrounded by simple walls, columns, arcades or the facades of buildings – sheltered places of great intimacy where I want to stay for a long time.
Peter Zumthor
The music’s job is to get the audience so involved that they forget how the movie turns out.
James Horner
The problem with all-or-nothing thinking is that it stops people even taking the first steps. The thought of never having pepperoni pizza again somehow turns into an excuse to keep ordering it every week.
Michael Greger
Even for practical purposes theory generally turns out the most important thing in the end.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Some of you, unfortunately, will never marry in this life. That turns out to be the case sometimes. If that happens, do not spend your life grieving over it. The world still needs your talents. It needs your contribution.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Music turns the world upside down.
Michael Portillo
I have a particular interest in corporations that give themselves a cultural aura and are in other areas suspect. Philip Morris presents itself in New York as the lover of culture while it turns out that if you look behind the scenes, it is also a prime funder of Jesse Helms, someone who is very hostile to the arts.
Hans Haacke
Things don’t turn up in this world until somebody turns them up.
James A. Garfield
For a gymnast to be successful, she needs to strike a balance of everything within herself. She needs to be graceful, flexible, perform all elements, turns, maintain co-ordination – she has to have all of that. If, for example, she only has co-ordination and nothing else, she will not succeed.
Yana Kudryavtseva
My father got a trade union scholarship to Oxford; he lived and breathed politics; he was always watching current-affairs programmes. But I have a five-year-old child’s attitude towards the news. Mainly, that it absolutely turns me off.
Jez Butterworth
It turns out, if you go 1,000 feet down in the ocean, it’s really dark, and the animals are really strange, but if you put on some Pink Floyd, it’s fantastic.
Paul Allen
We used to think that the enterprise was the hardest customer to satisfy, but we were wrong. It turns out, consumers are harder than the enterprise because the consumer will not give you a second chance.
Eric Schmidt
My best hope is that Libya turns into a peaceful, sensible country that has all the things my father and lots of others have been calling for: independence of the courts and press, a protected and democratic constitution, with different parties involved in a healthy and open debate.
Hisham Matar
Being a magician taught me how powerful the element of surprise can be. In each book, I’ve tried to work that in – an unexpected twist in a story that reveals an insight, a counter intuitive study that turns your beliefs upside-down.
Adam Grant
I have played in matches where individuals have frozen and gone into their shells: they don’t want the ball, they don’t communicate, and they don’t do their jobs. Fear turns them to stone.
Alex Scott
The things I see now on TV and in movies are so outlandish. Kids doing rude things with pies! And the language that they use! It’s being outrageous for the sake of being outrageous. I can’t watch it. It turns me off.
Sid Caesar
I never thought I had a career. I think Meryl Streep has a career. I have jobs that I am lucky to get… I’m one of those actresses who never turns down a part, no matter how small. I don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing. I take everything.
Liz Torres
I figured my wife was about to start law school. If that whole baseball pitching thing didn’t work out, I had something to fall back on. I figure I’d put a ring on her finger. Turns out she was the smart one. Turns out she was the gold digger, not me.
Tim Hudson
If you live long enough, you’ll see that every victory turns into a defeat.
Simone de Beauvoir
The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.
Douglas Adams
I just want my films to work. The hit or flop verdict really affects me. I seriously analyse what went wrong if a film turns out to be a dud!
Samantha Akkineni
My Roomba’s name is Roswell. There is the moment when you are sitting on the couch and Roomba turns itself on and goes out and starts working. You really appreciate it because it works hard for you, and it deserves some kind of recognition.
Colin Angle
There is absolutely no doubt that Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF have lost the popular support of the people of Zimbabwe. And the more they become intransigent, the more they become vicious and try to repress people, the more it turns people against them, and the less chance they have of ever holding onto power.
Roy Bennett
A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.
Gene Roddenberry
Carbon dioxide is unusual because it doesn’t go through the usual three phases of matter, from solid to liquid to gas, but it goes straight from solid to gas. The volume of the gas is much greater than the volume of the solid. When a solid turns into a gas, we say it sublimes. The process is sublimation.
Robert Winston
It turns out that no undergrad class prepares you to start a startup – you learn most of it as you do it.
Kevin Systrom
We never had a huge squad and we never had a great deal of choice. But in many ways that helps because you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got. You don’t have too many problems about picking the team you just hope that everyone turns up on the day.
Jack Charlton
I write about whatever turns up. Every single day, I’m sitting down for three to five hours in the evenings wrestling away and producing far too much verse.
Felix Dennis
There is a calculus, it turns out, for mastering our subconscious urges. For companies like Target, the exhaustive rendering of our conscious and unconscious patterns into data sets and algorithms has revolutionized what they know about us and, therefore, how precisely they can sell.
Charles Duhigg
While sleep is clearly vital to emotional well-being, what is it, exactly, about sleep that is so necessary? As it turns out, mood disorders are strongly linked to abnormal patterns of dreaming.
Andrew Weil
It is an Englishman who turns out to be the real villain of ‘The Moonstone.’ By contrast, the three Indian priests who dedicate their lives to returning the jewel to its proper home in the temple, though they have nothing personal to gain by doing so, are positively heroic.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
It turns out all molecular and biological systems have speeds of the atoms move inside them; the fastest possible speeds are determined by their molecular vibrations, and this speed is about a kilometre per second.
Ahmed Zewail
Basically, I’d finished doing gymnastics when I was 15, 16, but I’d stayed training because I’d just sort of loved it, and I’d met a man by the name of Peter Bell – no relation – who it turns out was a stuntman in New Zealand.
Zoe Bell
John Wayne treated me fine, but that macho stuff turns me off. It’s not real.
Tab Hunter
Power never turns power down, ever, unless institutionally demanded.
Richard Dreyfuss
When I’m recording my album, I want to be acting, or when I’m on set, I want to be making music. I guess we’ll see how it turns out and which one overpowers the other… but I couldn’t really see my life without them, both of them.
Sabrina Carpenter
I think that’s the fascinating thing about the ’70s is that it turns out it was quite a dark decade. But, like, who knew?
Boy George
The most famous line in gastronomic history, ‘Let them eat cake’, turns out to have been an eighteenth-century cliche. According to Antonia Fraser, the French accused every foreign queen of saying it, beginning in 1670 with the wife of Louis XIV, Marie Theresa.
Amanda Foreman
I do not want to be the angel of any home: I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality. After that is secured, then men and women can take turns being angels.
Agnes Macphail
It turns out that the rich are much better placed to feed at the public trough. The poor get crumbs.
Steve Hanke
Eventually the bad stuff I’m writing turns into better stuff. Other times, I’ve just walked away from what I was working on, and figured I’d have a better perspective when I came back to it.
Margaret Haddix
You can never properly predict the future as it really turns out. So you are doing something a little different when you write science fiction. You are trying to take a different perspective on now.
Kim Stanley Robinson
Great indebtedness does not make men grateful, but vengeful; and if a little charity is not forgotten, it turns into a gnawing worm.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I’ve never made a film that I didn’t believe in, you know? However the picture turns out, I’ve always given everything to it. That’s kind of how I approach life. I can’t help it. There’s no part-way with me on anything in any area of my life.
Tom Cruise
There are lots of parts of filmmaking that I don’t like. At the end of the day, especially on features, the film turns into a commodity. You have to play this entirely new game I’m very uncomfortable with.
Taika Waititi
As the economy turns, one of the most significant impediments to economic growth is going to be labor availability.
Thom Tillis
I have a couple of friends who have gone pro in sports, and if you are off by an inch, it’s an entire mindgame for the next week. That’s how it works: like, your whole world is based around an inch. Being an actor, your whole world turns on an inch, too.
Johnny Simmons
I did the X-Men, and I plotted the stories, and Roy Thomas dialogued them. And that first set of comic books that I did are the plot that the first X-Men movie was taken from, where Magneto invents a machine that turns regular humans into mutants. That’s my idea.
Neal Adams
I was a huge comic book fan. It’s weird because the era of ‘Marvel’ I was into turns out to be very important in the long run, but it’s not the one that anybody romanticizes.
John Darnielle
There’s nothing wrong with having a collection, but it becomes a problem when it overwhelms your space. When you’re not displaying it properly, you’re not enjoying it and it turns into clutter.
Niecy Nash
I checked to see if there’d been a really good book published in the last few decades. Then I started with what Cleopatra would have read, asking myself, ‘What can we know about her education?’ It turns out to be a very great deal, and bizarrely, no one had written about that before.
Stacy Schiff
What if God exists except it turns out he doesn’t really like people very much?
Douglas Coupland
When it turns out that you were supposed to be disclosing all these foreign government donations to the Clinton Global Initiative while you were Secretary of State, and you didn’t, and now the Clinton Global Initiative is having to restate their 990s, that doesn’t sound very trustworthy to me.
Carly Fiorina
Tastes and behavior are important in economics. Nobody denies that. But the question is: How much of behavior is irrational, and how much of the irrational behavior really affects prices? It turns out that’s very difficult to answer.
Eugene Fama
Foresight turns out to be a critical adaptive strategy for times of great stress.
Jamais Cascio
Being on a comedy tour is like traveling with family, everyone is all having a great time… then all of a sudden it turns sour. One thing gets said out of turn, and everyone is on everyone’s last nerve. After an hour of silence, we all start laughing about it.
Steve Harvey
I love how me deciding to not continue doing ‘LA Ink’ turns into being ‘cancelled.’
Kat Von D
The world, more suffering than sinning, turns toward Pope Francis as in a conversation people turn to the person who is making sense of things.
Eugene Kennedy
It’s amazing how unwilling most people are to admit they don’t know the answer to a question or a problem and instead charge forward on a ‘gut instinct’ that turns out to be crap.
Stephen J. Dubner
I believe how a character eventually turns out is completely attributable to an actor. Even with a meaty role, if I am enacting it as an accessory, I will look like an accessory.
Mawra Hocane
The programme has ended, something has finished, and he has a sense of something having finished its course, and then all of a sudden he turns away and this other thing has just finished its course, this other person.
Atom Egoyan
People are interested not just in Sulu, but George Takei – and he’s gay. Life is full of twist and turns.
George Takei
There’s a strange sense of accomplishment in making an independent film. Everything’s against you; there’s no time, and even less money – you bring a bottle of glue, chip in twenty bucks, and hope you all make it through the day. If you manage to finish it and it actually turns out to be pretty good, it’s thrilling.
Eric Stoltz
I’m particularly fond of the Mulholland Fountain, at Riverside Drive and Los Feliz Boulevard, when it turns colors at night.
Janet Fitch
All improv turns into anger. All comedy improv basically turns into anger, because that’s all people know how to do when they’re improvising. If you notice shows that are improvising are generally people yelling at each other.
Albert Brooks
I always loved hitting a low fade to a back-right pin with the wind howling from the right. Not many guys could get it close in that situation, because they kept it low by just putting the ball back in their stance. You see, playing the ball back turns you into a one-trick pony – you can only hit hooks.
Lee Trevino
The basic story for the opener is that word came through the bar that someone got knifed and killed up on the Moon Walk. It turns out to be one of the quarter regulars that everybody knows, including Maestro and Bone.
Robert Asprin
I can feel very brave through all the action scenes in front of the people who are on the set, but when a girl comes close to me my face turns red because I’m so shy.
Jet Li
Before the reader turns his back upon the Grand Basin once for all, I should like to put a name upon the glacier it contains – since it is the fashion to name glaciers.
Hudson Stuck
Comedy is inherently subversive because it turns the normal reality on its head. The art form is all about these questions and contradictions. In comedy, we’re dealing with language that we all understand, but words can have a dozen other things around them that alter or affect meaning.
Paul Provenza
Your work is to keep cranking the flywheel that turns the gears that spin the belt in the engine of belief that keeps you and your desk in midair.
Annie Dillard
The more Trump emphasises America First, the more it turns into America Alone.
Ivo Daalder
It turns out that a husband who does the laundry, it’s very romantic when you’re older. And it’s hard to believe when you’re younger. But it’s absolutely true.
Sheryl Sandberg
Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion today over what is sexy and what is vulgar. It’s horrifying. They say, ‘Oh, that girl is so sexy,’ and she turns around and the dress is four sizes too small. Or she’s wearing so much stuff, you wonder how long it took her to get ready.
Carolina Herrera
Not so much the sound but as a person, I would say Katy Perry inspires me because you can always see that she’s being true to herself. She focuses on her music and even turns down big producers. Her whole career and music is about her being herself. I want to be more like that.
Grace VanderWaal
It was very amusing to do ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’ scenes with Bruce Willis, who spends months rewriting his dialogue and then turns up and doesn’t say it. Part of the time, he doesn’t say anything, but mumbles and mutters.
Jonathan Pryce
The use of large-scale military force in volatile regions of underdeveloped countries is difficult to do right, has major unintended consequences and rarely turns out to be quick, effective, controlled and short lived.
Dennis C. Blair
It turns out that all of the things I was looking for in a governor, Trump has even more. He has been vetted by the media; he has been attacked by the media his entire life and is perfectly comfortable in front of a gaggle of microphones.
Ann Coulter
People say their weight is genetic. But it turns out that people who are overweight don’t just have overweight kids. They also have overweight pets. That’s not genetic.
Mehmet Oz
At the age of about eight years, if he is a boy, she turns him over to his father for more Spartan training.
Charles Eastman
Galileos still exist in science. Sometimes a lone proponent of a new idea turns out to be right.
Kyle Hill
Tyrone, I think they’re taking to festivals. I don’t know which festivals it will be at. It’s like a buddy picture. It’s a couple of guys driving across the country and they get to a small town and they hit a guy. The guy turns out to be a drug smuggler.
Ethan Suplee
It turns out that it’s easier to do politics in a movie. People really don’t want it in their TV.
Doug Liman
Human nature is you work shoulder to shoulder in a real emotional kind of setting, and there are jealousies that come up. There’s resentment, and resentment turns to just outright bad things.
Dickey Betts
Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to fury.
Francis Quarles
Everything that Bush touches turns to manure in public policy.
Alec Baldwin
The concept of fair value accounting is correct and useful, but the application during periods of crisis is problematic. It’s another one of those unintended consequences of making a rule that’s supposed to be good that turns out the other way.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
We originally started AdNectar to serve brand advertisers, but we’ve now found that our publishers are greatly benefiting from integrating our system. In addition to a new revenue source and the data our API provides, it turns out users actually prefer branded over generic virtual items.
Nir Eyal
In other words, I’d say the whole story of Bob Dylan is one man’s search for God. The turns and the steps he takes to find God are his business. I think he went to a study group at the Vineyard, and it created a lot of excitement.
T Bone Burnett
I get nervous all the time. Both on and off stage. You just hope it turns into adrenaline.
Paolo Nutini
It turns out that many of the Trump voters who had said they wanted to burn it all down meant it, and they are taking to the task with great relish.
Charlie Sykes
Being funny, it turns out, is like being a bank. It’s a confidence trick. As long as everyone believes in you, you are fine.
Evan Davis
When freedom does not have a purpose, when it does not wish to know anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women, when it does not listen to the voice of conscience, it turns against humanity and society.
Pope John Paul II
I’m just going out there to do my role, the same role – defense first – and then see how the ball turns out on the offensive end.
Kawhi Leonard
It turns out, from what I hear, that roasted fruit bats are delicious.
Richard Preston
As it turns out, as an adult I can have a very unpleasant, fierce and unforgiving temper at times. But I don’t think I had that when I was a kid.
Will Oldham
I think that to make something alive, instead of on a page, is an honorable task. And it turns me on.
Mike Nichols
I love those books and movies where someone turns because they’re blackmailed or they’re passed over for promotion.
Nathan Englander
Anyone who wants to promote a car or a football tournament turns to opera. There’s a much greater public connection than the image of plush corporate boxes would suggest.
Rory Bremner
For me, Iran was paradise, and I believe it’s a paradise still, but only if you don’t have political problems. If you have a political problem, paradise turns into hell.
Golshifteh Farahani
That daydreaming mode turns out to be restorative. It’s like hitting the reset button in your brain. And you don’t get in that daydreaming mode typically by texting and Facebooking. You get in it by disengaging.
Daniel Levitin
‘Noah’ doesn’t merely get the story wrong; like all Biblical adaptations, it’s bound to do that (although some aspects of the film are out and out ridiculous). It gets the morality of the story wrong, and in the process turns God into Gaia and morality into radical deep green environmentalism.
Ben Shapiro
Turns out typecasting is a real thing.
Bill Hader
When I was a teen, I thought I would have to choose between my writing or my music or my art, but it turns out it’s a difficult juggling game but I can do all of them.
Maggie Stiefvater
It turns out Cuba has this incredible healthcare system for a very poor country.
Michael Moore
Jewish history turns out not to be an either/or story – as in, either pure Judaism detached from its surroundings or else assimilation – but rather, for the vast majority, the adventure of living in between.
Simon Schama
In the beginning of Roomba, we all took turns answering the support line. Once, a woman called and explained that her robot had a defective motor. I said, ‘Send it back. We’ll send you a new one.’ She said, ‘No – I’m not sending you Rosie.’
Colin Angle
I am interested in getting people to use the healthcare system at the right time, getting them to see the doctor early enough, before a small health problem turns serious.
Donna Shalala
It turns out that there’s a huge community of African-American musicians whose main influence is Throbbing Gristle.
Genesis P-Orridge
Nothing I force myself to write about ever turns out well, and so I’ve learned to wait for the voice, the incident, the image that reverberates.
Louise Erdrich
It’s very hard to find true friends when your life is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns. But, I’m glad that amidst all the ramblings in my life I have managed to win some great friends.
Harbhajan Singh
When I started Go Daddy, I tried many things – like building networks and selling education – and none of it panned out. I lost millions of dollars the first couple of years. I made a lot of wrong turns, but that’s the process of being successful in business.
Bob Parsons
We try to show that violence has a consequence – when you create violence, it turns against you.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I like to compare the holiday season with the way a child listens to a favorite story. The pleasure is in the familiar way the story begins, the anticipation of familiar turns it takes, the familiar moments of suspense, and the familiar climax and ending.
Fred Rogers
‘Shall We Dance?’ takes a small, exquisite Japanese movie and turns it into a big, stupid American movie. Still, it must be said that as glossy and overproduced as the thing is, it’s a good big, stupid American movie.
Stephen Hunter
It turns out I share a birthday with Jose Mourinho. He is exactly 10 years older than me.
Brendan Rodgers
Yeah, it turns out that guys don’t like deals on laser hair removal or pole dancing lessons.
Andrew Mason
Sometimes the wheel turns slowly, but it turns.
Lorne Michaels
It turns out that in order to think well, knowledge helps.
Alexandra Petri
It turns out that I’ve become a pretty good werewolf actor. I’m going to have to try to get myself into a different position, at some point in the future, but I’ll take werewolf. Werewolf is pretty damn fun to play.
Kris Holden-Ried
Democracy is a revelation, but it’s complicated. There are elections to hold, politics to create, rights to assert, grievances to settle and institutions to build. To many, it’s exhilarating. For others, it can be disappointing when it turns out that democracy doesn’t immediately make life better.
Atifete Jahjaga
I love roles that don’t really have a template or a paradigm and force me to create using my own imagination… that really, really turns me on.
J. August Richards
I think it’s brain chemistry. I’m a positive, cheerful person, and I think it is absolutely the luck of the draw. I think the life I have had has come largely from the chemicals in my head. I see my life as good, and I think, a lot of times, if you see your life as good, then that’s how it turns out.
Ann Patchett
I don’t go to any of the big Academy parties while the show is on because, invariably, it turns to people watching me watch the host, and it’s not comfortable. I watch at home and hope the show gets to be really good.
Billy Crystal
It turns out we are all quite easily swayed if someone knows what they are doing – which is a great thing and a dangerous thing.
Anthony McCarten
The market turns out to be just one special case of collective decision-making.
Geoff Mulgan
The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes – or it prospers; and anon, Like Snow upon the Desert’s dusty Face, Lighting a little hour or two – is gone.
Omar Khayyam
I have to say that every white-collar criminal defense lawyer knows when the chief financial officer turns state’s evidence, everyone in the executive suite is in a lot of trouble because the chief financial officer knows exactly where the money is coming and going.
Richard Painter
My goal as an actor was just to be somebody very human. I’m not really interested in playing a character who is particularly cool and everything he does looks great and turns out great.
Michael Imperioli
If you’re on a freeway and want to know if you’re being followed, what you do is enormously vary your speed. You accelerate to 100 and slow down to 30 and then accelerate again. In a city, you make a lot of turns against the stream of traffic. You go around a roundabout twice.
Salman Rushdie
I’m using the afterlife as a backdrop against which to explore the joys and complexities of being human – it turns out that it’s a great lens with which to understand what matters to us.
David Eagleman
All of our songs take these really big creative turns and twists throughout the process, so sometimes songs will start out as a melody or some musical chord progressions.
Chester Bennington
They got into fact checking at the ‘Paris Review,’ and it was mortifying. There was a wrangle about Hemingway’s lost stories that nearly killed me. It turns out he didn’t lose those stories. They weren’t stolen from the platform.
Padgett Powell
It turns out, all the studies show you invest a little time in another person’s life, often a younger person, and all of us have that capacity to do it, just an hour a week, an hour every couple of weeks, and you can make a tremendous difference in a kid’s life over their lifetime.
John Prendergast
When businesses go through hard times, through down markets, what do they do is they challenge every basic assumption of how they operate. They innovate. They create disruption for a while that leads them to even greater heights when the economy turns around.
Jeb Bush
Success turns a lot of people off. I have a pretty solid sense of joy and respect that irritates people, and can irritate me, too.
Dave Matthews
Film directing is really undermined if you attempt to do it by committee because there has to be a single vision as to how to tell a story. It’s like if you were at a campfire, and everyone is taking turns to give one sentence in telling a horror story. It would be a mess – it’s not going to make sense.
Duncan Jones
When people evaluate their life, they compare themselves to a standard of what a successful life is, and it turns out that standard tends to be universal: People in Togo and Denmark have the same idea of what a good life is, and a lot of that has to do with money and material prosperity.
Daniel Kahneman
Fires can’t be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men. Enthusiasm in our daily work lightens effort and turns even labor into pleasant tasks.
James Baldwin
Tom Hanks, who starred in ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ turns out to be related to a number of the historic characters that feature in ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ including William the Conqueror and Shakespeare.
Steven Pinker
I’m visually stimulated, so I watch TV, movies, even Pinterest. A song could come from something as simple as being words splashed across a billboard or changing everyday turns of phrases.
Bonnie McKee
A film maker’s energy and creativity don’t have to end when he turns over his film.
Michael Cimino
I find that a lot of the good acting comes out when you’re physically being pushed: your brain turns off and just deals with the situation at hand. You get to a point where you’re exhausted at the end of the day, but I quite like that.
Emilia Clarke
I don’t reject caution, but you also have to be careful about caution because there’s a stage when it turns into paralysis.
Yair Lapid
We have to stay away from the personal attacks. I think it turns off a lot of Canadians.
Andrew Scheer
Painful events leave scars, true, but it turns out they’re largely erasable. Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroanatomist who had a stroke that obliterated her memory, described the event as losing ’37 years of emotional baggage.’
Martha Beck
I just live and let live and live my life pretty much according to the Golden Rule. And it turns out well for me.
Dean Cain
It turns out that with Twitter data alone, we can go quite some way into figuring out someone’s personality.
Anthony Goldbloom
I certainly wouldn’t mind if ‘Jurassic Park’ turns out to be commercially successful, and somebody says, ‘Hey, you were in a box-office hit, and if you want to do another movie, we’ll give you five million dollars to make it.’
Laura Dern
I appreciate how central religion is in the lives other people, but it has never resonated with me. I imagine this is how lots of people feel about things I love, like rap music or, it turns out, sports.
Josh Gondelman
Almost as soon as I came out as trans, there was a spike in online harassment more vicious than anything I’d experienced before. It turns out there are many people who spend a good portion of their spare time making life as miserable as possible for trans people.
You can’t control people. You must understand them. You have to know where they’re coming from, their beliefs and values, what turns them off, what they’re against.
Hayden Fry
Everything is Song. Everything is Silence. Since it all turns out to be illusion, perfectly being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, you are free to die laughing.
James Broughton
I have these beautiful children and this extraordinary family, and to think in any way shape or form that that’s wrong or that there’s shame in that or that there’s something to hide actually turns my stomach.
Sean Maher
I guess my favourite Disney film was ‘Snow White,’ which has a really dark moment when the evil queen turns into a witch and makes the poison apple. It was terrifying in the same way ‘Maleficent’ is.
Stella McCartney
If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.
Alfred Nobel
I was a stage actor for 20 years or so; I was leading men in classical things. ‘Shakespeare,’ you know. And now, I never play leading men. I’m that kamikaze comic that comes from the left, turns the table over, and leaves, or the hyper-intelligent yuppie scumbag if it’s a drama.
John Michael Higgins
My mom makes something called green pie, which I thought was a delicacy that many people only had at Thanksgiving, but it turns out it was just Jell-O with whipped cream on it. And it’s delicious.
Bobby Moynihan
As you know, I was a solo singer, something I just got very much used to. Turns out I’m quite enjoying being in a band!
Gareth Gates
Evolutionary naturalism takes the inherent limitations of science and turns them into a devastating philosophical weapon: because science is our only real way of knowing anything, what science cannot know cannot be real.
Phillip E. Johnson
Anger may repast with thee for an hour, but not repose for a night; the continuance of anger is hatred, the continuance of hatred turns malice.
Francis Quarles
If anger proceeds from a great cause, it turns to fury; if from a small cause, it is peevishness; and so is always either terrible or ridiculous.
Jeremy Taylor
It’s perfectly obvious that there is some genetic factor that distinguishes humans from other animals and that it is language-specific. The theory of that genetic component, whatever it turns out to be, is what is called universal grammar.
Noam Chomsky
It turns out that my memory is just not that great, so for specific scenes with people doing stuff, sometimes I’d have the details all wrong or I couldn’t remember what happened exactly, so I just let that be.
Rick Moody
When I decide to write a story, I don’t think too much about what I want it to be, I just let things come naturally and this is how it turns out. It’s just how my subconscious works.
Asghar Farhadi
Small miseries, like small debts, hit us in so many places, and meet us at so many turns and corners, that what they want in weight, they make up in number, and render it less hazardous to stand the fire of one cannon ball, than a volley composed of such a shower of bullets.
Rudyard Kipling
As for doing more dramatic work over comedy, I do whatever turns me on at the moment.
Sandra Bullock
When I get in that cage and fight, that’s not me. It’s somebody else. It’s like a light switch that turns on.
Tito Ortiz
Everything Republicans once claimed to advocate – entitlement reform, free trade, standing up to dictators, encouraging the march of freedom around the world – turns out to be negotiable and reversible, depending on Donald Trump’s whims and the furies of his base.
Bret Stephens
The artist is seen like a producer of commodities, like a factory that turns our refrigerators.
Sol LeWitt
While ‘Visitation Street’ has the markings of a traditional whodunnit mystery – starting with a missing girl, intrigue and many suspicious characters – Pochoda shows her hand early on by fingering a culprit. The book turns, then, into a ‘whydunnit.’
Claire Cameron
Harvard takes perfectly good plums as students, and turns them into prunes.
Frank Lloyd Wright
I hope that there’s a little black boy somewhere in Montana that never thought that he would see a reflection of himself, and he turns on the television, like, ‘Oh my God, thank you.’
Brian Tyree Henry
If it turns out that global warming and ocean acidification are consequences of capitalism’s carbon-based energy system, the entire world could end up dead from the external costs of capitalism.
Paul Craig Roberts
Some of the ‘worst’ red carpet looks of all time, it turns out, were really just ahead of their time.
Brad Goreski
I was convinced that the trading frequency measured a fundamental heartbeat of financial markets. Clearly it reflected the flow of information. It turns out also to be closely related to measures of liquidity.
Robert F. Engle
I’ve been on jobs where there’s that one actor who is just a miserable, miserable no-good, dirty bastard, and it just turns the whole process sour.
Joe Pantoliano
I’d love to be the first one to say this, but it automatically turns into – we all have those responsibilities that we ignore because we don’t feel like they’re ours.
Rosario Dawson
Creating legislation is a tough process. But watering down legislation? Strangling it with lawsuits and comment letters and blue-ribbon committees? Not so tough, it turns out.
Matt Taibbi
We’ve come into the world of ‘1984,’ but it turns out to be ‘1984’-Lite.
P. J. O’Rourke
It turns out that if you optimize the performance of a car and of an airplane, they are very far away in terms of mechanical features. So you can make a flying car. But they are not very good planes, and they are not very good cars.
Gregory Benford
I assume everything I do in life is gonna be a failure, and then if it turns up roses, then I’m psyched.
Jonah Hill
Obama learned from Ronald Reagan that it helps to strike an optimistic tone. But genuine optimism deriving from American exceptionalism, it turns out, does not come naturally to him.
John Podhoretz
I think the big lesson I’ve learned is that it’s very hard to write satire in America because almost immediately, whatever you’ve thought of turns out to come true, or sometimes it already was true.
Jennifer Egan
It turns out the most powerful way we can turn the tide on chronic disease is something we have been doing for millennia: That is walking.
Vivek Murthy
We know what molecules are needed to sense light – what turns that signal that detects light into an electrical signal. We know how smells are detected. But we have a vast number of senses for which we know what the signal is, but we don’t know what the receiver is.
Martin Chalfie
The Internet will win because it is relentless. Like a cannibal, it even turns on it own. Though early portals like Prodigy and AOL once benefited from their first-mover status, competitors surpassed them as technology and consumer preferences changed.
John Sununu
We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.
C. S. Lewis
But whatever the ramifications, whatever turns the path takes, the beginning is always there, in a particular moment, a particular point of access.
Barry Unsworth
Middle English is an exciting field – almost uncharted, I begin to think, because as soon as one turns detailed personal attention on to any little corner of it, the received notions and ideas seem to crumple up and fall to pieces – as far as language goes, at any rate.
J. R. R. Tolkien
Everyone who turns up on ‘X Factor’ does it because a door has been closed to them at some time in their lives, and this is the only shot they have got.
Simon Cowell
We often hear people talk about the concept of ‘uberization,’ where a new technology completely turns an industry on its head and forces us to rethink the way things have always been done. No industry will remain untouched by these forces.
Klaus Schwab
It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.
Erma Bombeck
The biggest thing I’ve learned is just to not doubt myself as much as I do. Having self-doubt is definitely necessary, but it’s about not letting it get in the way. When it turns into fear, you run into problems.
Rick Hoffman
I’m very excited by biomass and biofuels. We have a company, KiOR, that turns biomass – for instance, wood chips – into gasoline. The potential value of this company is huge. It could compete with regular crude oil without subsidies.
Vinod Khosla
Eventually I did that, but it took a lot of twists and turns, and there were a year or two there where I was living with no money at all – no home, no car, no nothing. I was living in somebody’s garage in Los Angeles at that point – for a year.
Renny Harlin
Is it now a crime for someone falsely accused to be upset about it? Mueller presumes guilt and then refuses to ‘exonerate’ President Trump. This turns our legal system upside down and shows the rule of law is no bar to smearing President Trump.
Tom Fitton
Money is the fuel that makes political victory possible. Sadly, folks, in many cases it’s more important than ideas. And this is what turns off so many people to politics.
Rush Limbaugh
I would want to believe that every film I do turns out to be the turning point of my career.
Vicky Kaushal
Shopping turns me off.
Tea Leoni
I’m not a follower of this or that religious leader. More wars are started because of religious leaders, and people are following and they don’t know why… That is religiosity. That is what turns people into robots.
Ashton Kutcher
When you do a good comedy show, you have to understand that if you don’t have drama or sad moments, then the comedy turns into a clowning kind of situation.
Jaime Camil
When something hasn’t been around much for a while, and one example of it turns up and catches people’s eyes, they go looking for more like it – until they get tired of it again.
Stanley Schmidt
It turns out that there is nothing so ‘ex’ as an ex-politician, especially a defeated one. Your phone goes dead.
Michael Ignatieff
There’s no expectations at all. Every single person that turns up to a show, you really appreciate them. Every single radio interview you do – everything.
Freya Ridings
I don’t think Fox News or Rush Limbaugh need Clinton it turns out. I think there’s a hunger out there for – whether it’s on the left or right – a more lively and provocative type of political journalism. I think Salon and Fox on the other side have both benefited from that.
David Talbot
She stops, pauses, turns to the left to glance at some possible threat or irregularity, and then continues to the north. This motion, so intensely human, transcends time.
Mary Leakey
The reason why a filmmaker will invest in a male actor is because he will be able to sustain footfalls in the theatre till he turns 50.
Nushrat Bharucha
It’s – I can’t imagine a world – the idea that every day Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefs, Donald Trump stops what he’s doing and turns on the TV and watches it while eating a Taco Bell or whatever he eats. And then she has to go into his office afterwards and get critiqued on it.
Daniel Pfeiffer
I have always been a big fan of MAC! I like how the brand turns makeup into a form of self-expression which always gives me great confidence on stage.
What turns me on is to walk into a sold-out venue. The audiences are so much the same as they were in the ’60s. It’s just an amazing thing. I can’t explain it, but I hope it never stops.
Chubby Checker
If you’re not getting it perfect, life is still going to go around. The world still turns. It’s going to be OK. Tomorrow is a new day.
Katy Mixon
I know what it’s like to have a dream. I know what it’s like to roll the dice and say, ‘I’m going to go after this thing,’ and nothing turns my stomach quicker than acting teachers or acting schools that look at a bunch of dreamers and say, ‘We can help,’ when they know full well that they can’t.
Jim Parrack
Okra is the closest thing to nylon I’ve ever eaten. It’s like they bred cotton with a green bean. Okra, tastes like snot. The more you cook it, the more it turns into string.
Robin Williams
You have to be really willing to embrace life and life’s turns, and play that for your audience, because there is value in every moment of that journey.
Lesley Ann Warren
I know from my constituency what is going on. Doctors that are told, begged, by mothers, ‘Please don’t write down that my child as asthma. Please lie and say it’s bronchitis, because if you write down asthma, when my child turns 18 or 20 and has to get his or her own insurance, it will be a pre-existing condition.’
Barbara Boxer
Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a feeble government.
Edmund Burke
I’m a hugger of both men and women. As it turns out that those are taken in an offensive manner, I need to have a greater sense of awareness of what I am doing, and we will correct that, and I am taking those steps.
Bob Filner
When I see a fan coming over, I can’t help but make an assumption about what they want to talk about. A middle-aged American woman will head over, and I think, ‘Game of Thrones.’ Turns out it’s ‘The Tudors’ or ‘Elementary’ or ‘The Hunger Games.’ It’s always a surprise.
Natalie Dormer
Stanley Kramer? Spencer Tracy? No one turns down being in a movie with them.
Phil Silvers
I got a bike – a fixed-gear with bright blue wheels, custom-made to my specifications. I am a San Francisco techno-hipster, so this selection was a bit of a self-caricature. But sometimes the predictable thing turns out to be the best thing, too, and you can’t let that stop you.
Robin Sloan
I got an agent when I needed one, when I had a contract negotiation for the first time. I was doing the Second City E.T.C., and I got invited to audition for the last season, it turns out, of ‘In Living Color.’
Scott Adsit
The blues is a mighty long road. Or it could be a river, one that twists and turns and flows into a sea of limitless musical potential.
Billy Gibbons
Rage can be so common it turns ambient.
Jenny Zhang
I’ve discovered I love the vast landscape a series offers. I tend to write long anyway, so, it turns out, series gives me the perfect vehicle for writing ‘large’ stories.
Mary E. Pearson
One of my rules is never explain. A writer is a lot like a magician, if you explain how the trick works then a lot of the magic turns mundane.
Laurell K. Hamilton
What people have thought of me, of the turns that I’ve taken, has never really played into my decisions.
Holly Hunter
Being interested in other fields and meeting experts outside entertainment – whether it’s a two-hour conversation with John Nash that turns into ‘A Beautiful Mind’ or talking to people in architecture or fashion, CIA directors or Nobel laureates – has given me a better sense of which ideas feel authentic and new.
Brian Grazer
Oftentimes, what seems to be a street lunatic charging at me spouting gibberish turns out to be a devoted ‘Simpsons’ fan quoting their favorite line.
Matt Groening
Most fighters, when they’re finished, boxing turns its back on them.
Gerry Cooney
Life is full of confusion. Confusion of love, passion, and romance. Confusion of family and friends. Confusion with life itself. What path we take, what turns we make. How we roll our dice.
Matthew Underwood
Worry – a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray.
Benjamin Disraeli
I really appreciate the people of Man City, and it turns out they appreciate me.
Joe Hart
The cooperation of NASCAR – or any other system, it turns out – persists only when everyone believes he has the opportunity to win.
Charles Duhigg
I think Donald Trump believes in putting a wall around America and hoping everything turns out OK.
Chris Murphy
To me, it’s OK to have differences. But we don’t have to be mad about it. You know? And I think that’s where sometimes we get so passionate that we – you know, it turns into anger.
Joel Osteen
People don’t say, ‘I just had a kid and I hope it turns out to be a factory worker.’
Rodney Brooks
Religiosity turns out to be the best indicator of civic involvement: it’s more accurate than education, age, income, gender or race.
Jonathan Sacks
The best way to heal a broken heart, it turns out, is to find a way to move past the hurt.
Mary Kay Andrews
Another random thing I do is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. And you may be familiar with the movie ‘Contact,’ which sort of popularized that. It turns out there are real people who go out and search for extraterrestrials in a very scientific way.
Nathan Myhrvold
If it turns out that there are emotions and values that are more numerous and more vibrant than indifference and hatred, things are going to be okay. That depends on us.
Timothy D. Snyder
All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right about face which turns us from failure to success.
Dorothea Brande
No one turns down a film with Woody; it’s something everyone wants in their career as an important moment. He’s such a comedic genius, without question, so I was thrilled.
Mark Rydell
He has the common feeling of his profession. He enjoys a statement twice as much if it appears in fine print, and anything that turns up in a footnote… takes on the character of divine revelation.
Margaret Halsey
I write in freehand equivalents because measuring, to me, takes away from the creative process of cooking. Two turns of the pan with EVOO is about two tablespoons.
Rachael Ray
Nowadays three witty turns of phrase and a lie make a writer.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
A man who as a physical being is always turned toward the outside, thinking that his happiness lies outside him, finally turns inward and discovers that the source is within him.
Soren Kierkegaard
I don’t think anyone ever turns down their national team opportunity, but I think it has to be at the right time.
David Moyes
The European Union arose on an economic foundation, and it turns out that even this is not a solid base. Cultural identity has been neglected.
Gunter Grass
There is a certain moment in the film when the son is in the nursing home and he goes to the television and turns it off because he sees himself in the image.
Atom Egoyan