Undermine Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Undermine Quotes from famous authors such as Ryan Holiday, Konnie Huq, Antony Blinken, Barry Schwartz, Guy Gavriel Kay. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The greats – they protect their sleep because it’s where the best work comes from. They say no to things. They turn in when they hit their limits. They don’t let the creep of sleep deprivation undermine their judgment.
Ryan Holiday
A serious economic downturn will undermine women’s rights on multiple levels. And it is the women who are already the most disadvantaged, that will be hit hardest of all.
Konnie Huq
Mr. Trump knows that banning travel to the United States from a half dozen Muslim-majority countries would do nothing to enhance our security – and everything to undermine it.
Antony Blinken
When you rely on incentives, you undermine virtues. Then when you discover that you actually need people who want to do the right thing, those people don’t exist because you’ve crushed anyone’s desire to do the right thing with all these incentives.
Barry Schwartz
Significant consequences can begin very inconsequentially. That’s one thing that fascinates me. The other thing that fascinates me is how accident can undermine something that’s unfolding, something that might have played out differently otherwise.
Guy Gavriel Kay
Everyone who is critical of Israeli policy is deluged by crazed messages intended to flood their email system or, more insidiously, passwords are accessed and messages sent out under their name! I’m sure it’s illegal. It’s also an effort to undermine free speech.
Noam Chomsky
Maybe it’s the spy novelist in me looking for a future plot, but I hope the U.S. and its allies are thinking how to operate ‘unconventionally’ in Iraq and Syria in ways that undermine the Islamic State.
David Ignatius
Fashion data was used to build AI models to help Steve Bannon build his insurgency and build the alt-right. We used weaponized algorithms. We used weaponized cultural narratives to undermine people and undermine the perception of reality. And fashion played a big part in that.
Christopher Wylie
We will not stand idly by while any entity – be it a foreign power or corporation – seeks to criminally or unfairly undermine our country’s place in the world.
Christopher A. Wray
Both casual, unthinking discrimination and deliberate, malicious homophobia erode self-confidence and undermine mental health. Both are far too common, not just in our schoolyards or online but in sporting clubs, in the outer and even in our national parliament.
Bill Shorten
Well we are hoping that the power of the community of free nations is such that our sovereignty our rights are not going to be challenged by anybody who’s going try to undermine the freedom, the openness of our societies and our security.
Douglas Feith
Christmas is taken very seriously in this household. I believe in Father Christmas, and there’s no way I’d do anything to undermine that belief.
Carol Ann Duffy
Those who willfully conceal assets overseas undermine the playing field for all taxpayers.
Loretta Lynch
The African Union has to act in order to put an end to armed conflicts that undermine the continent, to fight against the devastation caused by AIDS and other contagious diseases, to promote sustainable development of its member states.
Omar Bongo
The most important aspect of my signing with the WFL was not to demean or undermine the National Football League, but rather to make professional football a form of employment where management recognizes its workers as individuals capable of communicating on an intelligent level.
John Matuszak
People always think the coach is the strongest person at a club, the boss, but in truth, he’s the weakest link. We’re there, vulnerable, undermined by those who don’t play, by the media, by the fans. They all have the same objective: to undermine the manager.
Pep Guardiola
The effort to try to present the Social Security program as if it’s a major problem, that’s just a hidden way of trying to undermine and destroy it.
Noam Chomsky
Despite its enormous power and wealth, China’s ruling elite remains absolutely petrified that the free flow of information will undermine its political legitimacy, particularly among China’s younger generation.
Tom Lantos
And so in my warnings, I was pointing to a number of incidents around the communion that could undermine our growing sense of communion – of becoming a global communion. So that’s why I pointed to New Westminster in Canada, to incidents in the United States, and Sydney itself.
George Carey
To suggest that Quebecers willingly give up the chance to exercise fully their influence within the federal government would be to betray the historical role Quebec has always played in Confederation, and to undermine the legitimacy of their pride and ambitions.
Kim Campbell
I’m sure that they will continue to look for ways to try and undermine my support, but I have every confidence that in doing this job for South Dakota, I will continue to build on my support and be able to succeed once again in November.
Stephanie Herseth
The financial crisis should not become an excuse to raise taxes, which would only undermine the economic growth required to regain our strength.
George W. Bush
I do believe that our ability to jam the Trump brand is somewhat limited. I think we can chip away at it, but ultimately, the way to undermine the Trump brand is a better product in the political marketplace, if you’ll forgive the capitalist metaphor.
Naomi Klein
Whether I’m reading a national publication or one of my local Chicago newspapers, I don’t need to turn too many pages before I stumble upon another scandal. Not only do ethics violations deteriorate the public trust, but they also disrupt and undermine legitimate debate and policy.
Mike Quigley
By ignoring tomorrow, we undermine today.
Jamais Cascio
The idea that women compete or don’t like each other or undermine each other or sabotage each other, that’s a big miss. That is not true at all. At all. My women connect with each other instantly and help each other.
Patricia Riggen
Trade wars in which countries are then obliged to retaliate by raising their own tariffs against the initiator undermine growth and hurt consumers. Far from being expressions of strength they highlight the failure of the initiating country’s economic sector to compete in the global market place.
Dominic Grieve
The goal of the government is to guarantee the place of Greece in the eurozone against those who want to undermine it.
Yiannis Stournaras
When we fight to uphold the rule of law, it’s vital we uphold the rule of law as we fight. Otherwise we simply play into the hands of the terrorists and undermine our values and system of justice.
Ed Davey
I intend to be the president of all citizens of Macedonia, regardless of their ethnic or religious background, regardless of their political standing. I shall not allow ethnic hatred and intolerance to undermine Macedonia’s stability.
Boris Trajkovski
Who thought it would be a good idea to undermine art in the school curriculum? Who thought studying the history of our visual culture was a waste of time? Who thought that only private schools should have that privilege? Was it someone who said we don’t need experts?
Cornelia Parker
In my first year as governor, we solved some of the problems that had begun to undermine the Open Records Act. We gave the act teeth by providing criminal penalties for knowing violations.
Roy Barnes
There have been several occasions during the course of Fleetwood Mac over the years where we’ve had to undermine whatever the business axioms might be to sort of keep aspiring as an artist in the long term, and the ‘Tusk’ album was one of those times.
Lindsey Buckingham
Those who want to cut Social Security are prepared to take hostages, manufacture crises, and use scare tactics to undermine the retirement security of Americans.
Ted Deutch
I will fight with all my power against the divisions that undermine us and which are tearing us apart.
Emmanuel Macron
A right to privacy is at the very foundation of American freedoms. It’s a core value. It’s a mistake to undermine a core value because we don’t like the way a billionaire exercises it.
Jason Whitlock
I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.
Philip Pullman
As elected representatives, MLAs are accountable to the people and I will not allow anyone to undermine their importance.
Amarinder Singh
I agree that we must expand opportunities for retirement saving, but we must not undermine this worthy effort with a flawed privatization scheme that takes the ‘security’ out of Social Security.
Mary Landrieu
Part of progressing in acting is turning down work, and that’s hard; it’s very, very hard to do. And I think you have to do that so as not to undermine your own sense of value.
Robert Sheehan
I see people who talk about America, and then undermine it by not paying attention to its soul, to its poetry. I see polarization, reductionism and superficiality.
Azar Nafisi
Typically, when there are corporate habits that undermine individuals, it has emerged without any sort of central planning. Nobody sits down and says, ‘I’m going to create an evil habit for this corporation.’
Charles Duhigg
If allowed to run free of the social system, capitalism will attempt to corrupt and undermine democracy, which is after all not a natural state.
John Ralston Saul
No matter what a woman’s appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualize – as her personal problem – observations she makes about the beauty myth in society.
Naomi Wolf
The BDS movement attempts to undermine and destabilize Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East.
Lee Zeldin
If you’ve never lived outside London, and if you’ve always had a car, it’s difficult to understand how dire bus services undermine your standard of living: from being able to get to work, meet friends in the pub, get the weekly shop or take the kids on a day out.
Owen Jones
Some women are great, and you wouldn’t have been able to get to where you are without them, and others are doing what they can to undermine you.
Amy Heckerling
I have and will continue to oppose any legislation that would undermine the important consumer protections provided under Dodd-Frank.
Seth Moulton
Failure in Afghanistan would have profound consequences for our national security. It would undermine the NATO alliance structure that has been the bedrock of Britain’s defence for the last 60 years… I will not allow this to happen on my watch.
Bob Ainsworth
Liberty University will not lend its name or financial support to undermine marriage or to promote abortion.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Reproductive health decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor. Any efforts to undermine women’s reproductive rights must stop.
Jan Schakowsky
Our adversaries are trying to undermine our country on a persistent and regular basis, whether it’s election season or not.
Christopher A. Wray
India belongs to Indians of all kinds. Efforts to undermine this fact will only take our country backwards and destroy our hard-fought freedom. We must not let that happen.
Pinarayi Vijayan
To sustain your belief through situations that completely undermine it is quite something.
Ben Okri
There is no more effective way to radicalize American Muslim youth than for political leaders to make public displays of prejudice against all Muslims. Suspicion will undermine their sense of identification with America and alienate some from both the culture and from politics.
Miroslav Volf
The Trump administration has been quietly moving to systematically undermine health care putting lives at risk and offering no alternative solution.
Krystal Ball
Changing much-cherished bank secrecy laws is worth the effort. Corruption, tax evasion, and the capture of natural resource revenues undermine the rule of law, weaken the social fabric, erode citizens’ trust in institutions, fuel conflict and insecurity, and hamper job creation.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
There are those who profess to support law enforcement but who have attempted to undermine the efforts of hard-working officers who make difficult decisions.
Janet Reno
There are plenty of organisations making a real difference to the lives of gay people around the country that do need our help, so why undermine the wonder of ‘Strictly’ by politicising it?
Robert Rinder
Technologies tend to undermine community and encourage individualism.
Henry Mintzberg
I’ve been arrested a few times. The most high-profile instance was when protesting at the fracking site in Balcombe. It’s an industry which will undermine our chances of tackling climate change.
Caroline Lucas
I’m concerned about the insidious influence of the media’s bad messages that undermine the lessons parents try to instill in their sons and daughters.
John Ratzenberger
Let me be clear: Those who seek to undermine our democratic institutions, indiscriminately destroy our businesses and attack our law enforcement officers and fellow citizens are a threat to the homeland.
Chad Wolf
I have voted against only one of President Obama’s nominees: Michael Froman, a Citigroup alumnus who is currently storming the halls of Congress as U.S. Trade Representative pushing trade deals that threaten to undermine financial regulation, workers’ rights, and environmental protections.
Elizabeth Warren
Deception can cost billions. Think Enron, Madoff, the mortgage crisis. Or in the case of double agents and traitors, like Robert Hanssen or Aldrich Ames, lies can betray our country. They can compromise our security. They can undermine democracy. They can cause the deaths of those that defend us.
Pamela Meyer
The Arab Spring, with all of its failings and failures, exposed the lie that if we are to live, then we must live as slaves. It was an attempt to undermine not only the orthodoxy of dictatorship but also an international political orthodoxy where every activity must be approved by the profit logic of the ‘ledger.’
Hisham Matar
Judge Afiuni has suffered enough. She has been subject to acts of violence and humiliations to undermine her human dignity. I am convinced that she must be set free.
Noam Chomsky
I argue that experiments have no special ability to produce more credible knowledge than other methods, and that actual experiments are frequently subject to practical problems that undermine any claims to statistical or epistemic superiority.
Angus Deaton
It is still fashionable to believe that how you organize yourself religiously in this life may matter for eternity. Unless we can erode the prestige of that kind of thinking, we’re not going to be able to undermine these divisions in our world.
Sam Harris
An interesting thing about book groups, it seems to me, is that there is no correlation between a brilliant book and a brilliant discussion. The first seems sometimes even to undermine the second.
Stacy Schiff
Now Speaker Gingrich says interesting and insightful things. He can explain them well. On many occasions he also says outrageous things that come from nowhere and he has a tendency to say them at exactly the time when they most undermine the conservative agenda.
Jim Talent
Do you know how many companies have wanted me to do an energy drink for them because I named my book ‘Crush It!’? It might be fun one day, but right now I think it would undermine the personal brand I’ve built.
Gary Vaynerchuk
I promise to fight against any attempts to undermine Roe v. Wade in the Senate.
Sara Gideon
Many Communist government officials have a rigid, dictatorial power, but they live in constant suspicion and fear of anything that might undermine the power they have.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Mandated mail-in voting and other extreme changes to the 2020 election in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could further undermine public confidence in the American electoral system.
Tom Fitton
Restoring our shared humanity isn’t easy, not least because powerful interests – from media outlets to politicians – relentlessly seek to undermine it. But it is the only hope for a troubled world.
Owen Jones
Beginning in 1981, when government policies began to undermine the liberal consensus of the previous generation, wealth began to diverge. It is more unevenly distributed than ever before.
Heather Cox Richardson
We must level with the people and explain to them that Social Security will first face funding problems in 2042 that can be fixed now with changes that do not undermine and ultimately drain from the entire program.
Grace Napolitano
The devil’s main purpose is not to scare us, in a horror-movie way; when we’re scared of him, we’re alert to him, and that might undermine his plans. Instead, he wants to quietly, subtly lure us into stepping away from God.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
The fight against Ebola cannot undermine the fight against poverty.
Mo Ibrahim