Upbringing Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Upbringing Quotes from famous authors such as Alexandra Bracken, Michael Eklund, Tove Lo, David Rockefeller, Luke Ford. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

One of the things I noticed while I lived in New York City was how different the kids and teens were that grew up there versus, you know, my suburban upbringing. They have this innate resilience and toughness to them, and they’re incredibly self-sufficient, usually from a pretty young age.
Alexandra Bracken
I do like playing the darker side of life but as much as the lighter side as well. They all resonate out of the same place, which is that everyone has a story to tell. Depending on their upbringing and their history, it determines who they are as an adult. My job is to take the role from there.
Michael Eklund
I’ve always liked music that has a darker vein to it. I come from such a safe upbringing – very stable, classic family, everything’s nice and good – I was always looking for something different.
Tove Lo
The Christian ethic played an essential part in my upbringing.
David Rockefeller
I learned from my Adventist upbringing that the biggest sins were sexual.
Luke Ford
My upbringing in Rampur has contributed a lot to what I am today.
Raza Murad
I definitely take time to smell the flowers because I feel like my upbringing was quite a bit different than most guys on Tour.
Tony Finau
A Western upbringing tends to stress questioning authority, which is always asking why, why, why.
Amy Chua
We used to say poor people had lousy genes. Then we decided that wasn’t OK, but we transferred the prejudice to upbringing. We said, ‘You were neglected as a child, so you’ll never make it.’ That’s just as pernicious.
Malcolm Gladwell
Your belief system tends to be a function of how you were raised. Being raised in the Midwest and in a relatively conservative household, my views were shaped by my upbringing, by my Christian faith.
Aaron Schock
What good is my parents’ wealth and education and upbringing if I’m not contributing to the world?
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
We had a brilliant upbringing, and we never wanted for anything, even though we went through highs and lows of finances.
Tony Scott
My upbringing and my daily day-to-day struggles and emotions make up most of my music.
Denzel Curry
My father rebelled ferociously against his conservative upbringing where his father physically abused him.
Anthony Kiedis
Teachers shape so much of what a kid’s upbringing can be.
Curtis Granderson
I was fortunate enough to have an upbringing that made me more accepting of who I am.
Peter Dinklage
Obviously I was well aware that I had what people consider a privileged upbringing. My mom was never a bake-cookies sort of mom. I really had no reins whatsoever.
Anderson Cooper
Because of my Calvinistic upbringing, I was trained to think that what you do has to have a purpose.
Anselm Kiefer
You know, so I was a weird eccentric kid but I did believe in the power of the word and of the word being made flesh I suppose, which again I suppose came from my temperament as well as my upbringing.
Thomas Keneally
My biggest influence is rap. It spoke to me, probably because of my upbringing in Christiania. You listen to ‘The Chronic’ and you can hear that anger and frustration.
Lukas Forchhammer
We were constantly moving to different countries and adjusting to new things. It was such a free feeling. I’m glad I didn’t have a traditional upbringing.
River Phoenix
I play guitar, the ukulele and the piano. I grew up on a mountain in Tennessee, and we had ‘The Mountain Opry,’ where anyone could just get up on stage to perform. It was just about the soul and heart of music. My upbringing was less about being great and more about just doing what you love. It was always for joy.
Rachel Boston
I spent my whole upbringing in sporting camps. I didn’t do cotillion.
Charlotte Flair
It’s not how you start, even with a rough upbringing. It’s what you make of it after.
Mike Evans
I, forever a product of my Scottish Calvinist upbringing, never knew how to react when someone smilingly took both my hands and told me ‘Jesus loves you, and we love you.’ I’d just grin rigidly, and urgently will it to stop.
Neil Macdonald
Everyone’s personal style evolves based on upbringing, exposure, influences, personality, etc. Style is subjective.
Where I stand comes from my upbringing and my faith: I’m 100 percent pro-life and I believe in traditional marriage.
Mike Braun
I’ve been accused of my publicist of being too confessional… it’s probably my Celtic upbringing.
Pierce Brosnan
I am a family person. I thank my parents for their upbringing.
Raashi Khanna
Coming to Hollywood at 19 and living in a single apartment with one other guy on Venice Beach was a massive contrast to my upbringing.
David A. R. White
Schiaparelli was almost like a pop artist. Even the first sweater had a naive visual impact. You immediately get it, and you love it or you hate it. There’s nothing in between. But she had a proper upbringing, so she also understood about quality and luxury.
Marco Zanini
My mom comes from a really out-there upbringing, so for her, the way she raised me is pretty disciplined. I was home-schooled but more really unschooled, really.
Ellar Coltrane
My grandmother and my upbringing filled me with the spirit of the church and the spirit of the faith brought by Africans to the new land during slavery.
Jewell Parker Rhodes
I had a very normal, very typical American childhood. My father worked for the government at the Pentagon and my mother was an educator, so we had a very average upbringing, but that’s helped me in my writing because I’m writing about ordinary things.
Jeff Kinney
I had to train myself to like spicy foods as I got older because they weren’t a part of my upbringing at all.
Lisa Hanawalt
I’ve had a fairy tale life. I had a perfect family, a beautiful childhood, an incredible upbringing. I lived a lot of life but a lot of good life.
John Stamos
I read contrived memoirs by presidential candidates. For every ‘Dreams From My Father’ – Barack Obama’s honest, literary portrayal of his biracial upbringing – there were a dozen cautious, formulaic vanity projects by politicians.
Amy Chozick
I was very aware of performers who have a persona, whether it’s Siouxsie Sioux or Patti Smith or Lydia Lunch, and I’m just this middle-class girl coming from a more conventional upbringing, this California person. But in a way I felt like it’s important to represent the normal.
Kim Gordon
I grew up incredibly poor and went to school and had a very average upbringing.
Mila Kunis
We moved around a lot when I was growing up. I was always the new kid in class, but I was good at making friends. With an upbringing like that, I was either going to become an actor or a politician. Thank God I became an actor! I’m not cut out for politics.
John Lithgow
Hitch was interested in what I had to offer, like one of my background ideas for Norman’s upbringing.
Joseph Stefano
It was a fairly normal happy upbringing. Not a lot of money, but a lot of love.
Sonny Bill Williams
It was a rural upbringing by the seaside. A real quiet place surrounded by fields. I had to travel into town for school and stuff like that.
There was a stage when I was a little embarrassed about my Asian upbringing.
Henry Golding
My mother was a Muslim and dad a Hindu. I got the best upbringing that anyone could. Never did I see any angst in my family owing to that: each practiced their own religion. My existence is the harmony that these two communities can achieve if they try.
Mahesh Bhatt
I had such a pure upbringing – my childhood was a really happy time.
Tye Sheridan
While I loved aspects of the law, my upbringing had shown me that in politics, you could make policy decisions that actually changed people’s lives – so I made my decision, and ran for my father’s old seat.
Annastacia Palaszczuk
I worry about my children, actually. I’m trying to give them a decent upbringing but I sometimes worry that that means they’re going to be kind of mediocre adults. Like maybe I should throw them out for a bit and give them some adversity.
Romesh Ranganathan
I had a totally different upbringing, totally different background, raised in Germany, small town, now I am in London taking care of 180 kids who think they are the one percent who can make it in professional football.
Per Mertesacker
My mom’s a translator, my dad’s a woodworker; that’s the world I grew up in, that’s the world I’m most comfortable in. The whole idea of Hollywood or any of that other stuff that unfortunately goes along with film, that wasn’t part of my upbringing, thankfully.
Tatiana Maslany
Marriage is an indissoluble state of life wherein a man and a woman agree to give each other power over their bodies for the begetting, birth, and upbringing of offspring.
Vincent McNabb
I guess I was very fortunate; I had a very very, lets put it this way, I had very wonderful upbringing and a childhood where my parents, of course, exposed us to many cultural aspects, not only of India but other parts of the world.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
I definitely don’t see myself as much of a singer, because my upbringing is really based around the guitar, learning chord progressions and that sort of thing. So the singing aspect of what I do has been a secondary adventure.
M. Ward
One thing I love about America is that I’m not boxed in by my upbringing here. England is still so class-based that there are certain roles that I just won’t go for. I’m a middle-class boy and I won’t go for the scruffy working-class role, which is frustrating, and here I can play anything.
Tom Payne
I had quite a turbulent upbringing. It was middle class, and everything was quite comfortable, but everyone was mental.
Lily Allen
I felt that, in some ways, my novels lacked heart because of the distance between me and the subject matter. But no one wants to read a book based on good health, a happy upbringing, a long marriage.
Jim Crace
I had a complicated upbringing, so I had to rely on myself and figure out what that meant and rely on my good friends. I had to have a strong sense of self to get through.
Jaz Sinclair
It’s important to show children love, affection and balance and invest time in their moral upbringing.
John Caudwell
I had a really lovely upbringing. I did a lot of skateboarding down country lanes.
Ellie Bamber
I think, as musicians, our music should be who we are. Sometimes it’s not – it’s someone else’s. All heartfelt music and all honest music, it’s who we are. Of course, our upbringing has everything to do with it.
I look for someone whose upbringing was somewhat similar to mine because they can understand me – love for the family and everything else. You see someone’s relationship with their parents, and you realize what that person’s going to be like as a parent.
Maksim Chmerkovskiy
When I started soul-searching, I tapped into the old me and what I grew up around. I learned a lot about myself, and it really made me appreciate my upbringing.
The harshness of my upbringing did not affect me in the negative. But it has affected many people in the negative.
Chris Eubank Sr.
My upbringing saved me.
Neena Gupta
What it depends on is someone’s upbringing and the traditions and that is how you decide if you are Jewish or not.
Andrzej Duda
Violence was very much a part of my mother’s upbringing – a little less so with my father’s, but my father was an angry man when he was young. He was angry and frustrated and had no idea how to channel anger.
Rodney Crowell
I became alienated from this religious upbringing, and started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me, and perhaps I thought this was my god: the goal of making money.
Cat Stevens
India is decidedly not anything that was part of my upbringing or part of my experience or part of my preparation. I really fell into it the way one should fall into it, you know – through love.
Clark Blaise
My dad had a flock of sheep, which he used to milk, and then my mum used to make cheese and yogurt out of the sheep’s milk and sell it. It was kind of an unusual upbringing, really.
Joanne Froggatt
My mom and dad met at U. Conn., and their lives couldn’t have been more different in terms of their upbringing.
Cheo Hodari Coker
People presume that just because I am Shahid Kapoor’s brother, I must have studied in an international school, gone out on foreign vacations, and had a certain kind of upbringing. But the truth is quite different, and I am very proud of where I come from.
Ishaan Khatter
I didn’t grow up in a regular upbringing. I ended up at my grandmother’s house past a certain age, so I took care of things myself. I moved out of home when I was 16.
Sky Ferreira
In the summer of 2009, in the wake of a crisis in her life, my mother moved from San Diego to San Francisco to live with my 16-year-old daughter and me. My mother was 77. I was 51. Despite a chorus of skepticism from friends – who knew about my upbringing – I was determined to do what I could to help my mother.
Katie Hafner
I am an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. Somewhere early on when I couldn’t get something I wanted through the system, I threw up my hands and tried to figure a way to get it done myself. A lot of it came from my upbringing. My dad was an entrepreneur.
Mike Binder
Throughout his upbringing and time as a public servant, Xavier Becerra has shown his passion for people and his commitment to improving the lives of those he serves.
Alex Padilla
The acting training in school was great, but it was mostly fun being young and in New York. Because my upbringing was so transient, New York ended up being my home. I’ve been living in New York longer than I have anywhere else in my life.
Pedro Pascal
The WWE has a great school in Orlando and most of the trainers are of my upbringing.
Ricky Steamboat
I wanted to prove I wasn’t that person everyone wanted to stereotype me. You can slag me off, I talk about my upbringing now and try and do it in a way that inspires others, but I never felt good about it.
Angela Rayner
I had always been a jazz fan – Django Reinhardt, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, the early George Benson. And I come from the Hank Marvin melodic upbringing. So blues, I loved, but I also liked jazz. Therefore, my style was more lyrical.
Peter Frampton
I had a good upbringing, we didn’t have any money, but there was a lot of love in my family.
Danny Dyer
There’s racism everywhere in the world; it’s not just Sweden, it’s everywhere, but other than that I had a pretty okay upbringing.
Snoh Aalegra
Siddhant has received a perfect upbringing from his mother and it’s up to me now to continue on the same track. But I must say that it’s definitely not possible for a father to play the role of a dad and mom simultaneously.
Rahul Dev
I’m a video game enthusiast. I love video games! They were a huge part of my upbringing in their early form, when I was all about ‘Dig Dug’ and ‘River Raid.’ As they evolved, so did my music-making, and we just kind of grew up together like cool friends.
I had a very good upbringing, which I’m eternally grateful for.
Craig Bellamy
My upbringing in Canada made me the person I am. I will always be proud to be a Canadian.
Jim Carrey
A lot of people ask me, if I aspire to do films in Hollywood. If I get a chance, I would love to. But I feel that I owe it to my upbringing and the cinema I grew up on, to achieve something first in our film industry, and then venture out.
Saqib Saleem
It’s interesting because my Mixed Martial Arts upbringing is less Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is the traditional thing that people study.
Shayna Baszler
My Methodist upbringing was very formative in my politics. I was born in 1969, and there was all this ecumenical ‘we’re in this together’ sensitivity that was part of the United Methodist Church in the 1970s.
Joel Burns
I was born in Singapore, and I lived there until I was 12. I had a very fortunate upbringing.
Kevin Kwan
I come from a musical family, and Carnatic music made up so much of my childhood, my upbringing, and my musical transition.
Sid Sriram
I don’t really know that I’m aware of a lot of the inspiration and influence that I’m under, because I didn’t have an extensive musically educational upbringing.
Sam Hunt
Like I always said, Hrithik and I are parents first and have to be in-sync regarding our priorities as parents in order to make sure our boys get the best upbringing. They are and always will be our main priority.
Sussanne Khan
The Atlanta Braves are really all that our children know about this crazy baseball life, and we are so thankful for this upbringing for them.
Tim Hudson
I had quite a chaotic home life, it wasn’t stable, my diet wasn’t great. I was never an overweight child, but I had behavioural issues. I think that was linked to my upbringing and not having a great start with my nutrition.
Joe Wicks
Confidence was the backbone of my upbringing. I was an only child, so I was spoilt, loved, and given an enormous amount of confidence by my parents.
Miriam Margolyes
Your average teenager can’t relate to a girl who casts magic spells. But she does understand someone who is torn about her upbringing and the situation in her life.
Dove Cameron
I had a normal upbringing, studied in Chaitanya Vidyalaya till class VIII, went to Australia for two years, returned and did my Inter at Oakridge. I wasn’t inclined towards academics. I barely scraped through.
Akhil Akkineni
I’ve always had a little bit of darkness, and I’ve always been someone who was grieving. I had kind of had a tumultuous upbringing living in an abusive home, so for me, writing has always been a point of catharsis.
Mary Lambert
I had a very humble upbringing, earned everything I got, and learned how challenging it is in the pro wrestling business.
Jim Ross
My true inspiration is to give everything to my kids that I never had. I had a really rough upbringing, and I want to break that chain. I’ve broken the chain, and I want to give my kids happiness every single day. When they wake up and hop on me and say; ‘Dad I love you,’ that is what means the most to me.
Tito Ortiz
Love and freedom are vital to the creation and upbringing of a child.
Sylvia Pankhurst
My upbringing was middle-class but my parents’ families were both working-class so I had this odd combination of working-class background but in a privileged position.
Denise Mina
I went to an all-girls pre school where everyone went off to Harvard or Yale, and I had zero interest in doing so. I think they thought I was on drugs. There was a neighboring all-boys school, so we’d get together and do dumb things. It was your typical Catholic-American upbringing.
Katherine Moennig
My upbringing was so middle-class and repressed. It wasn’t until I was placed in Lunghua that I met anyone from any other social strata. When I did, I found them colossally vital.
J. G. Ballard
Life was a struggle financially when I was growing up in Manchester and my father continued the strict upbringing he himself had had, even after our very warm and demonstrative mother died.
Arlene Phillips
I get emotionally spent answering questions about my dead father and my criminal friends and my upbringing in a hippie environment in a marginalized community.
Lukas Forchhammer
My upbringing is such that I feel my husband is superior to me and his mother even more superior.
Sonia Gandhi
Where I come from, the family, upbringing, whatever I have seen in life, I know for sure that nothing is permanent.
Pratik Gandhi
My interest in art must have started with my Catholic upbringing. Art was everywhere: churches with its paintings, sculptures, stained glass, textiles, and fine metalwork.
Cheech Marin
My activism did not spring from my being gay, or, for that matter, from my being black. Rather, it is rooted fundamentally in my Quaker upbringing and the values that were instilled in me by my grandparents who reared me.
Bayard Rustin
My father was the nurturing one, the one who always made sure my sister and I ate properly and that our hair was brushed… He really took care of the logistics of our upbringing.
Kenza Fourati
I am very much the daughter of immigrants. It’s both a point of pride and an essential part of characterizing my upbringing. We spoke Spanish in our house. We listened to Spanish music. All of the TV channels we watched were in Spanish. We ate mostly Italian and Argentinian food.
Diana Taurasi
At the heart of ‘The Famished Road’ is a philosophical conundrum – for me, an essential one: what is reality? Everybody’s reality is subjective; it’s conditioned by upbringing, ideas, temperament, religion, what’s happened to you.
Ben Okri
In the run-up to the 1992 Democratic convention, Clinton’s campaign realized that voters thought the young governor had a privileged upbringing. They didn’t buy his alleged concern for the middle class.
Dee Dee Myers
Where I came from, my upbringing, the ups and downs it took to get my career started, when I made it, I played every game like it was my last game.
Matt Barnes
If a girl is not covered from head to toe, it does not mean she is inviting you to ogle at her. If we are interpreting it that way, it is not the girl, but our upbringing that is to be blamed. It is the thought process that needs to be changed.
Sonakshi Sinha
My parents are very democratic and liberal people who made the mistake of being democratic and liberal in the upbringing of their children! And in my case, they are still paying for it! Paying in the literal sense as well.
Swara Bhaskar
I had a normal upbringing and went to public school. If I ever, even for a second, started getting a big head, I was brought back to reality pretty quickly. I was working full time and still had to fight for a cell phone.
Mila Kunis
Growing up as a kid, I played for Wallsend Boys Club, a famous boys club. I had such a good childhood and upbringing there.
Michael Carrick
Knowledge has outstripped character development, and the young today are given an education rather than an upbringing.
Ilya Ehrenburg
With my Roman Catholic upbringing, I have a set of principles that serve me well in good times and bad.
Steve Garvey
My upbringing was absolutely not the archetypal writer’s upbringing. Even, arguably, the opposite.
Graham Swift
There’s a particular quality that those of us who live on the border share; we can switch from being Mexican to being American in an instant just by scanning our surroundings. Not everybody has this superpower; it takes a very specific kind of upbringing to instill a deep pride in two very different cultures.
Marcela Valladolid
I’m a country boy, and we’re the product of our upbringing. As a boy, I was told that men don’t cry.
Andrea Bocelli
Cornwall has lots of folk and Celtic music and has that kind of surfer vibe as well. That was my kind of upbringing.
Sam Palladio
My upbringing was very straightforward suburban working class upbringing.
Billy Bragg
I would love to write the story of my upbringing in Ireland.
Fiona Shaw
For me socialism has never been an intellectual pursuit. It comes from my upbringing and experience.
Jess Phillips
My upbringing did not create a healthy affection for confrontation. I’d love it if everyone always got along, and nothing ever got tense.
Trisha Yearwood
I had a comfortable, middle-class upbringing and went to boarding school when I was five.
Esme Young
I guess I had what you could call an unconventional upbringing.
Joaquin Phoenix
The only thing I have retained from my upbringing – I did not retain the religious element – is the idea that you do not do things for money.
John Sulston
My mum was too busy raising four of us to encourage my hopes. But I’m glad I had the upbringing I did. It made me a worrier and a thoughtful, curious person.
Ellie Goulding
New York reminds me a little bit of Canada and my upbringing. Los Angeles is like living in a vacation, and you have to pinch yourself every once and a while.
Malin Akerman
As a result of my upbringing, I was interested in reconnecting with my family and making them proud. Therefore, this emotional connection meant that representing England became a personal obsession.
Karen Bardsley
Not disown my past or upbringing, but I’d admired American actors, really American movie star – particularly the rebel heroes of the ’50s.
Maxwell Caulfield
A lot of my upbringing was about denying or fretting or evading.
Jhumpa Lahiri
Memories of my Southern upbringing in Richmond, Virginia, always include the smell of good southern food: fried chicken, cheese grits, Smithfield ham, and buttermilk biscuits.
Tinsley Mortimer
Even at an early age, I rebelled against my strict upbringing. When I was 9, I built myself a ‘make-out fort’ in our backyard from wood, filled it with candy, and invited my blond, blue-eyed neighbor over to kiss.
Azita Ghanizada
On the one hand, I’ve had such a normal upbringing with my mum, who has kept me grounded, but on the other, the wild experiences through my dad.
Julian Lennon
I had a very traditional upbringing. Family has always been really important to me.
Gigi Gorgeous
I had that upbringing. Of watching ‘Bonanza,’ watching ‘Hee Haw,’ which both black and white would watch. I rode horses. I did gun spinning as a kid. I do these things.
Jamie Foxx
I feel a responsibility to myself, and not so much for the world at large. Because of my Calvinistic upbringing, I was trained to think that what you do has to have a purpose.
Anton Corbijn
I would still describe China as a vast, invigorating puzzle that will never make sense to my western upbringing.
Abigail Washburn
Ours was a very progressive Protestant family, but my parents were God-loving rather than God-fearing. We went to church, and I still go with my mum and dad when I return home – it’s a family thing. I played flute in my dad’s marching band, but I had an integrated upbringing. We had a lot of Catholic friends.
James Nesbitt
My grandfather was a wealthy and respected merchant in Montclair, New Jersey, where I was born. But his estate was wiped out in the Great Depression, and as a result, I had what I consider the ideal upbringing: We were a proud family, good citizens, and we didn’t have a sou.
John C. Bogle
My granny was very concerned that we weren’t baptised – Mum had been desperate to escape her own Catholic upbringing. But Granny thought we were blighted. Whenever we turned up at her house, she would flick holy water – from the font she kept by the door – over us, in the hope that it would save us from damnation.
Natascha McElhone
I was sucked into this vortex of a very conservative upbringing.
Kevin Costner
Brass bands are part of my upbringing. Brass band records were among the first records I listened to.
Johann Johannsson
I had a lot of teachers. When I think about my upbringing I feel like the most fortunate person. It was a marvellous era for drummers.
Bill Ward
I had a very easy middle class upbringing and never had to worry about anything. But my parents came from nothing and from broken homes, and their stories were always very interesting.
Kevin Morby
My neighborhood was normal. I had a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone. Typical American upbringing. Sometimes we got into trouble, but everyone watched after each other, so if my parents didn’t see me making trouble, another family would tell them.
Deontay Wilder
You can’t separate me from my upbringing as a child overcoming learning disabilities and having to make my way through that.
Dannel Malloy
I have learned so many things from my mother about the right upbringing, the right values, value for money, value for elders, for family members. I think these things only a parent can teach you.
Karisma Kapoor
In some ways, I had a traditional ‘old South’ upbringing, meaning that I spent some time in a military school, and acquired an inoculum of the military ethic that is still with me today: honor, duty, loyalty.
E. O. Wilson
I grew up in a very small country town in Victoria. I had a very normal, low-key kind of upbringing. I went to school, I hung out with my friends, I fought with my younger sisters. It was all very normal.
Stella Young
I did have quite a different upbringing to a lot of my peers. We all have a sort of code that we get, especially as Beatles kids. It’s an unspoken sort of word of understanding. But I’m comfortable around a lot of different types of people.
Stella McCartney
It was a very big principle in my upbringing that you should respect everybody’s work. The street sweeper. Everybody. You should never look down on anybody for their work.
Barbara Ehrenreich
I don’t have family in this business. I had two parents that loved me, that worked 24-7, and this is what instilled hard work in me. So you hear the stories about my upbringing, my religion.
Karen Civil
My parents couldn’t be looser. It was the ultimate laissez faire upbringing.
Charlie Trotter
Maybe it’s due to my west coast liberal upbringing, but, the idea of parallel universes doesn’t strike me as being too far out there.
Joshua Jackson
My upbringing was faith-based, but we believed you should love all others as you want to be loved, because everyone should be treated equally. That’s helped me have an understanding of people on different journeys and in different walks of life. At the end of the day, we’re all the same, because we all want to be loved.
Nick Jonas
We had a very normal, sort of ghetto, urban upbringing. My father was a bus driver and my mother was a seamstress and a substitute schoolteacher, off and on. So, that all adds up to no money.
Wood Harris
A good upbringing means not that you won’t spill sauce on the tablecloth, but that you won’t notice it when someone else does.
Anton Chekhov
My mother has done a great job with her kids. The daily struggle of raising three daughters with a very limited income yet seeing to it that they get a good upbringing, giving her daughters wings even after not being so educated – that person is my hero.
Sonali Bendre
People are shaped in myriad ways by their upbringing and family. We also have agency in our lives, the people we become, and the lives we lead.
Chesa Boudin
Apart from having heart surgery as a baby, I had a pretty normal upbringing. I attended mainstream school and did gymnastics and dancing.
Madeline Stuart
Your boyhood club, the one you’ve supported, the one result that you look for more than anybody else because of my upbringing, has always been Newcastle so to go and manage it is arguably the pinnacle but it’s a really difficult job, I have to tell you.
Steve Bruce
The Simpsons has shaped my psychology to a degree one would usually attribute to a parent, or a particularly devout upbringing. I am a zealot.
Ash Sarkar
I think it’s safe to say that ‘manliness’ was a common theme in my upbringing. It was an assumed status, but – and here’s the important bit – it was the Rudyard Kipling kind. The emphasis was on gentlemanly conduct, sportsmanship, fairness and stoicism.
Ian Watson
I was lucky because my upbringing was so eccentric. It has helped me cope with unreal situations.
Sophie Dahl
I had a very tough upbringing. We all had to do something called ‘manual labour.’ Mostly it meant getting up at 5 A.M. and cutting grass endlessly.
Kemi Badenoch
The ethical code of my upbringing was be good to people and try not to hurt them. You don’t need a god to tell you that.
Stellan Skarsgard
I spent three years at RMIT doing a bachelor of arts and media studies. It was a hugely formative experience. As someone who had a private Catholic school upbringing, the world suddenly became a much bigger and better place for me.
Sonya Hartnett
D Major is not a one-genre band. I think we have always managed to captivate the audience with our performance. We are three Indian girls with international upbringing and a little foreign flavor.
Shibani Dandekar
My upbringing gave me a lot of backbone and prepared me well for showbiz. It could throw anything at me and I could take it.
Lenny Henry
I always knew that my identity wasn’t in football. It wasn’t in baseball. I knew it’s always been in Christ and just my upbringing has always led me to have a tremendous faith that God was going to see me through and he would not give me too much that I couldn’t bear.
Jameis Winston
I had a rough upbringing. Group homes. Foster homes.
Frank Shamrock
I don’t want to make light of the importance of my musical upbringing, as you cannot avoid being influenced by the area you grow up, but I will say that Reykjavik’s geography is very different from, say, New York, Paris, or Copenhagen. There’s big skies. The buildings are low. The landscape is spread out.
Johann Johannsson
My father was a country music singer and a motion picture actor, Tex Ritter, and I sort of had a normal upbringing, except dad would come down in full regalia with the boots and the guns and the hats, and the horse would eat with us. But other than that, it was pretty normal.
John Ritter
I believe that we all have the potential to love any human being, and that genetics, upbringing, choice, social conditioning and environment play a major part in which way we sway.
Kathy Najimy
I can’t change myself for others as my upbringing has taught me to be nice and cordial with people around me.
Rituparna Sengupta
I see my upbringing as a great success story. By disciplining me, my parents inculcated self-discipline. And by restricting my choices as a child, they gave me so many choices in my life as an adult. Because of what they did then, I get to do the work I love now.
Amy Chua
Sometimes my biography is interpreted as the upbringing of a French aristocrat. It was very, very different. We were a family of mercantile, immigrant Jews.
Alain de Botton
My upbringing in Birmingham gave me a sense of reality. I could not pick another city I would rather have grown up in. Growing up around really good, solid, godly people, it helped me to find those kind of great people in L.A., too, which can be hard for some people.
Jordan Fisher
I don’t deny that I had a very privileged upbringing, but my parents and that town maintained a sense of normalcy that I think many people find hard to achieve, and I am so grateful for that.
Dylan Penn
Don’t let your upbringing, your surroundings, whatever situation you are living in, don’t let those stop you from being the greatest you that you can be.
I really did have a very egalitarian upbringing.
Michael Moorcock
My family was very conservative, and I had a traditional upbringing. I was not brought up to be a sex symbol, nor is it in my nature to be one. The fact that I became one is probably the loveliest, most glamorous and fortunate misunderstanding.
Raquel Welch
The country experience was more of a departure. When you consider my education and my upbringing, you can see that was more of country rock outgrowth of my popular music aspirations.
Tom Wopat
Although I was raised Jewish, my upbringing didn’t include any formal religious education or training.
Melissa Gilbert
My upbringing has always been quite equal in terms of cultural influences. But it’s unlikely that anything could prepare you for a job that involves belting out Proclaimers songs on camera, in Edinburgh and in public.
Antonia Thomas
I always felt that Jay Z, if he had a different upbringing, could be on Wall Street or in politics. If you really listen to Jay Z talk, he’s kind of the smartest guy in the room.
Mahershala Ali
My upbringing wasn’t overly comfortable.
Gareth Barry
My upbringing was completely liberal from the start. In fact, I didn’t even have a Muslim identity.
Maajid Nawaz
Historically, I come from Jewish history. I had the classic upbringing in the Yeshiva, learning, learning, and more learning.
Elie Wiesel
I grew up idolising Madhuri Dixit, though I wasn’t a Hindi film buff. I had an academic upbringing, and movies were a rarity. I looked up to Madhuri because I loved dancing, and she’s a fantastic dancer.
Amisha Patel
I definitely had a very religious upbringing. My father was just instilling good morals into us at a very young age, and it wasn’t super-strict, but it was a loving, warm household.
Aaron Paul
My mother had a Spanish upbringing. She was an excellent cook. Everything was home-made. We didn’t eat food with smiley faces on it. My Mum passed away in 1994. I miss her. I miss her cooking. It would be nice to have a meal with her again.
Jo Frost
Ultimately, it’s one’s upbringing, consciousness and circumstances that decide the path you’ll choose.
Vikram Bhatt
I have a thing for clean lines and beautiful form that I attribute to my four years in Tokyo and Kyoto. I also appreciate traditional architecture and a warm palette that I think my Midwest upbringing has something to do with.
Scott Foley
I’m a free spirit and that definitely comes from my upbringing, so it’s definitely shaped me as an artist.
Neon Hitch
I have fond memories of all things Henson. I grew up on the stuff. My mom’s a massive fan and made sure it was a part of my upbringing.
Kate Leth
I have nothing to say about my childhood. It was a perfectly pleasant upbringing – it’s not like it was unhappy or anything.
Graham Norton
In terms of cultural upbringing, I’d be at the temple at the weekend – I’m a Hindu – but I’d also be at the Saints game as well on a Saturday – you do everything, you do both.
Rishi Sunak
If I wasn’t acting, I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day. I would make a living doing that; it’s, like, an idealistic scenario for me. It’s very contrary to my upbringing, but maybe that’s the appeal to it.
Matthew Daddario
Princess Anne is like her father. From her, you’ll never hear a complaint of any kind about her upbringing.
Gyles Brandreth
It always helps to have a bit of prayer in your back pocket. At the end of the day, you have to have something, and for me, that is God, Jesus, my Catholic upbringing, my faith.
Pierce Brosnan
For me, the beauty of a person is a matter of the whole package. You have to look at the whole thing, not just a matter of outward appearance or whatever. It has to do with one’s character, personality, upbringing and so on.
Gong Li
Karan Thapar is an endangered species. They don’t make them like him anymore. True, thousands have gone to the Doon Valley School after him, as indeed to Oxford and Cambridge universities. But Karan Thapar is more than the sum of his upbringing. He’s a gentleman journalist.
Sanjaya Baru
I was privileged in terms of where I grew up, and I come from a very loving, supportive household. But when I began to go off the rails at boarding school, my behaviour wasn’t a result of an upbringing but more something that was going on within me.
Adwoa Aboah
That was my upbringing: you treat people with respect.
Joe Root
My upbringing was very un-Hollywood… I was born in New York and grew up on a ranch. I was never really smitten by the business in those days, never a fan type – just a basic kid watching TV.
Stephanie Zimbalist
I grew up with this crazy upbringing of living many places and always being the new kid in town, not like a service brat where you’re always going to school with other new kids in town. I was constantly arriving in small towns and going to school with kids who’d been together since they were in kindergarten.
John Lithgow
My great-grandfather was prime minister of Canada, and I had a very Edwardian upbringing. It was a beautiful, romantic way of growing up, until the family lost its money. And I decided to be bad and rough and find the streets rather than the gates.
Christopher Plummer
If you can make yourself symmetrical, you’re sending out a sign that you’ve got good genes, you’ve got a good upbringing and therefore you’ll make a good mate.
Marcus du Sautoy
I had a very strict upbringing with my dad and was very close to my mum, who was extremely loving.
Tori Amos
I think my feet were on the ground, and I had good family around me. It comes down to who you are and your upbringing.
Ronan Keating
I can’t deny that I’ve had a privileged upbringing. I’ve been really fortunate regarding how I entered this world, not just financially, but in that I have really great parents who show me a lot of love.
Catherine Reitman
Because of my upbringing, I believe in things like limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal accountability. I believe in the wisdom of our founders and the sanctity of our Constitution.
John Thune
Spending time in Soweto, and looking at the issues, and experiencing the poverty first-hand, had an enormous impact. I was brought up in a council house in South East London – I didn’t have a privileged or wealthy upbringing – but looking at the scale of the problems there just left me dumbfounded.
Gregg Wallace
The interesting thing is I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and I had a very, very strict upbringing.
Danielle Colby
When I was younger, I used to think that my unconventional upbringing was a weakness, but over the past few years, I’ve learnt to see it as one of my greatest strengths.
Susan Fowler
At the end of the day, I come from a culture and an upbringing where you create your own path. There is no seat at the table for you? You create your own opportunity.
BeBe Zahara Benet
I had a somewhat religious upbringing. Not strict, but it was there, and I’m kind of thankful for that. If you grow up just watching MTV, that’s its own form of religion, and it’s not even based on happiness or communal responsibility. I mean, try to construct a worldview out of that.
Win Butler
I did improv for about 10 years professionally, and before that, I had done it in high school as part of an improv team. It was definitely a big part of my upbringing.
Tatiana Maslany
You have to realise that I am the third out of six children, and I am raised with very strong core values and a very strong upbringing. I always put myself in other people’s shoes.
Angela Ahrendts
I’m very grounded – that’s how I would put it. If you met my mother, you’d probably say the same thing about her. I had a very sane upbringing, though some very insane things happened.
Tracy Pollan
I had a very rough upbringing.
Robert Snodgrass
My home and my upbringing and just the problems in my family within my extended family were such that it truly was a mix of the good, bad, and the ugly.
Beth Moore
I suppose for whatever reason I actively welcome being put down, something which perhaps goes back to my upbringing – that accusation of not being worthy which could be laid at one’s door.
Paul Muldoon
We moved to a place where we felt the children could have as normal an upbringing as possible. Los Angeles was not it. We live in a place with clean air and animals.
Doug Davidson
I was very blue collar, and I had a great upbringing.
Jim Breuer
Unfortunately, when someone asks me for a favor, I can’t say no. Because of my upbringing – my Catholic guilt – if I don’t do it, it plagues me.
Bradley Cooper
I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all. I would never wish my upbringing on anyone… but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.
Mary-Kate Olsen
My dad was an FBI agent. My mom and dad were straight arrow types, and I had a conservative, suburban Orange County upbringing.
Steve Breen
I had a sort of rocky upbringing, and I think the theater was a safe place for me.
Michael Arden
My upbringing is why I am the person I am today. I have very wise parents.
Keira Knightley
My personal style at this point in my life is more audio; it’s more driven on less visual and more musicality. But because of my upbringing, my fabulous mentors and teachers that I’ve had throughout my dance journey or career, I also possess a style that is of the past. It was just a matter of me reaching back.
Savion Glover
For everybody in the world, the answers to the mysteries in your life usually lie in your childhood, your upbringing, and your parents.
Kevin Macdonald
I had a very difficult upbringing.
Luke Evans
I couldn’t bring myself to call him by his first name, that wasn’t my upbringing. So I suggested I call him ‘Anandji.’ He glared at me and said, ‘Do I look like a schoolteacher to you?’ The next day when I called him ‘Dev Saab’ he looked around as though he didn’t know whom I was addressing.
Waheeda Rehman
What I know is that my upbringing was always the man was the head of the family. It’s a European tradition. We always look up to the man. But this is old times. Now what I believe is that I’m definitely equal.
Ivana Trump
I had a poor upbringing. We lived in a rented house with no bathroom and an outside toilet and that, combined with the fact that I left home at 15 without any serious education, has always made me feel like I have to compete.
Gregg Wallace
Unfortunately, in my home, we didn’t speak Arabic; it was a mixed culture. My mother played a dominant role in our educational upbringing, and we grew up as part and parcel of Belize’s culture.
Said Musa
Actually, competitiveness was never part of our upbringing.
Tom Bateman
Well of course, when you have kids, you become more protective and you think about how to give them the healthiest upbringing and the best future.
Laurie David
I’ve had a Hindu upbringing. There’s a lot about it I think is cool. Temples are amazing. It’s a nice vibe when people are praying. And there’s lots about it where I understand why they believe those things. But I’m not practising.
Romesh Ranganathan
I’m the result of upbringing, class, race, gender, social prejudices, and economics. So I’m a victim again. A result.
James Hillman
People ask my mother whether she had any idea that I’d be CEO of a company some day, and she would say, ‘Absolutely not. Totally out of the realm of possibility.’ There was certainly nothing that would have been very predictable in my upbringing.
Anne M. Mulcahy
My parents have always been supportive. I come from a very simple middle class family, where the upbringing is very traditional. So for them to give me the kind of freedom to exercise my choices is very fortunate for me.
Sobhita Dhulipala
I had a pretty modest upbringing; it was no pleasure cruise. I don’t think I would be as happy today if I hadn’t been through that. It was tough; I made some bad choices myself.
Vanilla Ice
That’s my upbringing. Try, if it doesn’t work out, try again. It was the same thing with Parliament.
Sam Gyimah
I’m from the middle of nowhere. I had to drive four hours just to find a city. It’s a different upbringing. It was perfect for me. I love the small-town feel, where you know everybody.
Chris Pronger
Perhaps this is one of the last remaining strands of my Catholic upbringing, but to me the word ‘worship’ means absolute unquestioning affirmation of the authority of the deity. I’ll not have that in my life. If you are wise, neither will you.
Brendan Myers
I come from a very normal day job, a very normal upbringing, so I had six or seven years working in an office nine to five in human resources. I had the normal life and kind of thought maybe this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life but still had that passion and that yearning for music.
Calum Scott
I had an upbringing to respect other people’s privacy and their right to be and choose what they want, and I expect – no, demand – no less for myself.
Kristian Nairn
I don’t come from a position that I am better than everybody; I come from a position that I had a tough upbringing. And I don’t always highlight it, because I just never wanted to be that person with another rags to riches story.
Andre Ward
We are such a product of our upbringing and environment.
Lisa Ling
Parents should be told that if they invest in the education and upbringing of a girl child, she will also make contributions for the family and society.
Sharmila Tagore
I was friends with all different people and all different groups. And that led me to being friends with a few people who didn’t even go to my school. Now I have the most amazing collection of friends of all ethnic backgrounds and upbringing and financial backgrounds.
James Maslow
Being born and raised here in L.A. is very personal for me. I feel like able to have that upbringing and background, being able to be raised here, when I go all across the world it’s like a demeanor that you carry yourself with. It’s a swag you have.
DeSean Jackson
I had a really generic upbringing, I think, when it comes to viewing movies as a kid. I didn’t really know what was out there or what was being tried. I was, like, ‘E.T.’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’ Those were the only things I knew existed.
Shane Carruth
I would never wish my upbringing on anyone… but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.
Mary-Kate Olsen
We’ve had a humble upbringing. You know, my father came through as a political refugee; my mother comes from a hard-working-farmers family. We’ve had humble upbringing.
Vincent Kompany
My upbringing was solid because of the people I had around me.
Kevin Hart
Being from the Middle East paired with my upbringing in the United States had pretty polarising effects on the way I perceive beauty.
Huda Kattan
People always make a lot about how I don’t carry grudges. That’s my religious upbringing. I went nine years without missing Sunday school. Lutheran. I can’t live with hatred inside of me. That’s what I learned. I ain’t scared of dying, either.
Earl Weaver
My particular historical vantage point is a product of my upbringing as that odd duck, a native Washingtonian whose parents were not in government. The first presidential transition of my sentient lifetime, Kennedy’s, I remember vividly.
Frank Rich
By birth and upbringing, I think I’m emotionally resilient. I don’t feel like I’m a depressive person.
Eric Schlosser
When I watch ‘Glee’, it reminds me of my upbringing.
Michelle Branch
With my upbringing and where I grew up, people slagged people. If you slagged them, they’d slag you back… I know it pales in comparison to genuine issues that people have got, but I’ve had people slagging my stuff off on my blog and my website for years.
I had a Christian upbringing – it was all about sin and guilt. I was very happy just kissing people. I was like the make-out queen – not even second base.
Mira Sorvino
The album that defined my childhood was probably Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Greatest Hits,’ whereas my half-sister, who didn’t have the same conservative upbringing, was listening to Cash Money and crunk.
People really do make the assumption that I had some weirdo Hollywood upbringing, but my parents are incredibly down-to-earth people who worked really hard to raise us in a way that was health.
Zoe Kazan
I’ve been very lucky – I don’t come from a privileged upbringing.
Vincent Kompany
We had a very strict upbringing.
Henry Golding
A great sense of morality was instilled in me through my upbringing in the Catholic faith – particularly because my father is a moral theologian. And morality is something I believe exists separate from faith, as an intrinsic human quality that one should aspire to understand and participate in.
David Lowery
As a young man, every bone in my body wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill Germans. And yet I had absolutely no reason to do so. Certainly nobody invited me to do the job. But that’s what I felt that I was trained to do. Now no part of my upbringing was militaristic.
Pete Townshend
I think back to my upbringing and the social skills I learned, the life lessons and friends I made because I was fortunate enough to play, and how that impacted me and gave me self confidence.
Jesse Palmer
I came from a really small village outside Edinburgh in Scotland and had quite a sheltered upbringing.
Nina Nesbitt
Respect for women was a very important part of my upbringing.
Sam Hunt