Value System Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Value System Quotes from famous authors such as Bob Saget, Kenneth Lay, David Longstreth, Billy Corgan, Alyson Stoner. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

When you’ve seen a lot of bad stuff and just want to enjoy your life and be happy and have your kids happy and have your friends happy, you just have a value system where it raises the bar on what’s important.
Bob Saget
We need someone who is a strong representative of our value system.
Kenneth Lay
A lot of the music I was inspired by growing up – college rock, DIY, what they used to call indie rock – has a value system where truth-telling and authenticity are oppositional with mass media, showbiz, and commerce.
David Longstreth
All I can go on is my own value system.
Billy Corgan
Honestly, what keeps me grounded is my faith and my value system.
Alyson Stoner
Alibaba spends money on improving the products and services, not on kickbacks. That’s a good thing. It’s called a value system, and because of that, we get more and more small- to medium-sized companies to support us in China.
Jack Ma
I’m proud to be associated with the value system at Berkshire Hathaway; I think you’ll make more money in the end with good ethics than bad.
Charlie Munger
Rather than dividing the world between good and evil, the Left divided the world in terms of economics. Economic classes, not moral values, explained human behavior. Therefore, to cite a common example, poverty, not one’s moral value system, or lack of it, caused crime.
Dennis Prager
I think the question is who am I? That’s what we all should be asking ourselves. Who am I? Well, if I am first a Christian conservative then that dictates my response to all questions so my response first as a Christian conservative is to vote consistent with my value system.
Tim Scott
My parents used to play cards on Saturday… all the friends would come across. So it was like one massive Parsee gathering… and the value system kind of creeps in.
Ronnie Screwvala
I kind of know who I am as a man. There’s a value system I believe in.
Herm Edwards
I digested this value system that told me there was no one for me unless I reached a certain type of perfection. And as you get older, you realize that ideal is constantly changing.
Marti Noxon
My faith informs everything I think and do. It’s part of my value system. And to suggest that I can somehow separate and divorce that from the rest of me is not possible.
John Edwards
My faith informs everything I think and do. It’s part of my value system.
Sam Brownback
When I open many books, or most leading women’s magazines, or see almost all TV shows, I don’t find myself at all. I am completely anonymous. My value system is not there.
Jan Karon
It’s very important for people to know themselves and understand what their value system is, because if you don’t know what your value system is, then you don’t know what risks are worth taking and which ones are worth avoiding.
Ben Carson
At the core of our American value system is individual freedom.
Neil Bush
I think a lot of superheroes seem to have the same value system; they just have a different costume. They’re all doing exactly the same thing.
Brian Azzarello
The newspaper offers something very different from Google’s aggregators. It offers a value system, an idea of what matters in the world. Newspapers need to start articulating that value.
Evgeny Morozov
There are people so alienated from the mainstream of American culture that it’s like a parallel universe. They don’t expect anything but trouble from the square world. Every time they interact with that world, they’re given a ticket, sent to jail, drafted. It’s never good. So they live by a separate value system.
Daniel Woodrell
As more men become more educated and women get educated, the value system has to be more enhanced and the respect for human dignity and human life is made better.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
I feel like all my films have my politics. As a film-maker, whatever story you’re telling, your value system comes out.
Zoya Akhtar
Most people who call themselves conservatives can’t explain the American value system.
Dennis Prager
It is home schooling that is rejecting a narrowness. It is not a radical value system; it’s actually quite conservative.
Michael Leunig
There’s a very fundamental basic value system that I think America was built upon, and that’s mutual respect, honor, integrity and concern for our environment and the right to clean water. And we have moved away from it.
Erin Brockovich
One of America’s greatest strengths is the soft power of our value system and how we treat prisoners of war, and we don’t torture.
Tom Ridge
I, of course, was born as if I was a movie star in my head. Even though I had nothing, in my head I was always royalty. My mother always said, ‘I don’t know where you came from’. I didn’t have their value system. And I always lived beyond my means.
Karan Johar
The future of any corporation is as good as the value system of the leaders and followers in the organization.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
I’m a big believer in what’s called personalized medicine, which refers to customizing your health care to your specific needs based on your physiology, genetics, value system and unique conditions.
David Agus
It takes a different value system if you wish to change the world.
Jacque Fresco
We’ve got to move from membership to discipleship to being full-time Christians, not part-time saints. That means operating comprehensively on the value system of Heaven as we move about in history.
Tony Evans
Kids are very sensitive to the value system of their parents, and I just felt my parents were attaching too much importance, too much meaning, to things.
Tino Sehgal
In my years, I had the opportunity to observe peoples and countries. I see some countries doing well, others failing, and my analysis of things is that whether you fail or succeed is a function of your value system.
Mahathir Mohamad
Better to die in the pursuit of civilized values, we believed, than in a flight underground. We were offering a value system couched in the language of science.
John Polanyi
Nobody really needs a painting. It’s something you kind of create value for in a way that you don’t with a company. It’s an act of collective faith what an object is worth. Maintaining that value system is part of what a dealer does, not just making a transaction but making sure that important art feels important.
Larry Gagosian