Waves Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Waves Quotes from famous authors such as Paul Tillich, Barry McGee, Rainer Weiss, Garrett McNamara, Wolfgang Ketterle. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

We can speak without voice to the trees and the clouds and the waves of the sea. Without words they respond through the rustling of leaves and the moving of clouds and the murmuring of the sea.
Paul Tillich
I read in a weird way. It comes in waves, and then I start, like, five different books at once. It takes me six months to a year to finish them all, since I read mostly on planes.
Barry McGee
What was done is measure directly, with exquisitely sensitive instruments, gravitational waves predicted about 100 years ago by Albert Einstein. These waves are a new way to study the universe and are expected to have significant impact on astronomy and astrophysics in the years ahead.
Rainer Weiss
All these waves are just so fun to ride and are normal to me.
Garrett McNamara
Amplifying atoms is more subtle than amplifying electromagnetic waves because atoms can only change their quantum state and cannot be created. Therefore, even if one could amplify gold atoms, one would not realize the dreams of medieval alchemy.
Wolfgang Ketterle
The first thing I do every morning is go online to check the surf. If the waves are good, I’ll go surf. The beach is 10 minutes away.
Marisa Miller
In a sense, the searches for both magnetic monopoles and gravity waves are very similar. But, theoretically, gravity waves are more solid.
Barry Barish
I was very eager to produce an oscillator for short waves. I was doing science with microwaves, and I would get down to a few millimetres in wavelength, but I wanted to get shorter wavelengths; I wanted to get into the infra-red because I saw there was a lot more to be done there.
Charles H. Townes
No matter what your dream is, just stay the course, ride the waves, and know that, if the dream is in your heart that it, in my opinion, is meant to materialize. But it can only materialize if you stay the course.
Kim Hawthorne
But aesthetics is not religion, and the origins of religion lie somewhere completely different. They lie anyway, these roses smell too sweet and the deep roar of the breaking waves is too splendid, to do justice to such weighty matters now.
Rudolf Otto
Set in a nameless colonial country, in an unspecified era, Katie Kitamura’s second novel tracks the fortunes of a landowning family during the first waves of civil unrest.
Sarah Hall
I’ve always idolized Diana Ross’s hair. Why not have fun, big curls? You see the same sleek waves everywhere.
Jillian Hervey
I was happiest between the waves.
Gertrude Ederle
Indeed, bull markets are fueled by successive waves of prior skeptics finally capitulating as their fears fade. Eventually, fear turns to euphoria, and that’s the stuff of bubbles.
Kenneth Fisher
No two composers were more totally at home in front of the piano than Debussy and Chopin, hands to keys to strings to sound waves to pen and paper in one perfect gesture of inspiration.
Stephen Hough
We would be doing the children of South Asia a great disservice if we allowed ourselves to believe that the need of children to belong to a loving, permanent family was washed away by the waves of the tsunami.
Mary Landrieu
Gravitational waves will bring us exquisitely accurate maps of black holes – maps of their space-time. Those maps will make it crystal clear whether or not what we’re dealing with are black holes as described by general relativity.
Kip Thorne
I went to Alaska a while back and surfed the waves generated from a glacier calving and ever since then, I’ve never been afraid in the ocean.
Garrett McNamara
All three of the great waves of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century European immigrants to America innovated.
Malcolm Gladwell
The students on my course were fascinated by the idea that gravitational waves might exist. I didn’t know much about them at all, and for the life of me, I could not understand how a bar interacts with a gravitational wave.
Rainer Weiss
In Israel, waves of anger and fear circulate all the time, but so do jokes and gossip and silky evening breezes. So, too, in America.
P. J. O’Rourke
Bliss is the ocean, a towel on the sand, the sun out, the chance to swim in waves or walk dragging a stick behind you, a good book, a cold drink.
Deb Caletti
I’m taken by a story and a character. I’ll read a script, and if it touches me and moves me and makes waves, that’s why I’ll choose it.
Ellie Bamber
When you grow up by the sea, you spend a good deal of time looking at the horizon. You wonder what on Earth the waves might bring – and where the sea might deposit you – until one day you know you have lived between two places, the scene of arrival and the point of departure.
Andrew O’Hagan
When gravitational waves reach the earth, the waves stretch and squeeze space. This is a tiny stretch and squeeze. Far too small to detect with ordinary human senses.
Kip Thorne
When I first moved to Vail, it was like I was a little celebrity. You know, everyone knew my accomplishments. I was a young, fast teenager and making waves in the ski world. And it was really cool.
Lindsey Vonn
We have too many in Washington who are all too willing to just go along with the status quo and not make any waves.
John Fleming
When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing – just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park?
Ralph Marston
I was perceiving myself as good as a man or equal to a man and as powerful and I wanted to look ambiguous because I thought that was a very interesting statement to make through the media. And it certainly did cause quite a few ripples and interest and shock waves.
Annie Lennox
One time, I went bodysurfing in St. Bart’s with a friend. The waves were so intense, and my body was just getting torn up by them. But it was so freeing… but also I’m never doing that again.
Lana Condor
I like to be a part of shows that are trying to make waves and changes.
Hayley Kiyoko
I adored ‘Breaking The Waves,’ so when Lars von Trier wanted me in ‘Dogville,’ I was beside myself with joy. He works in a way that nobody I’ve ever worked with works.
Lauren Bacall
Have you considered that if you don’t make waves, nobody including yourself will know that you are alive?
Theodore Isaac Rubin
There’s giant waves in numerous occasions around the world, it’s a matter of the wind being offshore.
Garrett McNamara
I started 20 years without missing a race and ESPN started broadcasting on the air waves.
Dale Earnhardt
In France, successive waves of Gaul, Visigoth, and Frank have swept over the land and have dominated it. But the fair hair and blue eyes and the clear skin of the conquering races have been submerged by the rising and overflow of the dusky blood of the original population.
Sabine Baring-Gould
When psychical phenomena have been as much investigated as physical, love will also receive its cumatology – that is, its science of waves. We shall follow the curves of the emotions through the ages, their movement of rise and fall, the oppositions and side-influences by which they have been determined.
Ellen Key
My mum always says work goes in waves: you have a good spell and then it dips.
Nicholas Hoult
The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea.
Nikola Tesla
For me, I like to keep it real simple; I just worry about myself, the waves, and my surroundings.
Joel Parkinson
I loved the fact that Mitch Coleborn wasn’t on my radar for ‘Stranger than Fiction’ until he sent 10 waves of himself to us. Then he went from unknown to having a great section in the movie.
Taylor Steele
Climate change is killing Americans. Wildfires, heat waves, mudslides, hurricanes, and floods lead to hundreds if not thousands of deaths every year. But those are only the direct fatalities.
Annie Lowrey
I don’t know if Nashville will ever be ousted as the Music City. But I also think that here, over the last few years, Georgia has definitely kind of risen to the top as far as the crop of young artists coming out of this area that are kind of making waves, you know?
Jason Aldean
A guest star is a whole different responsibility. It’s much different than being a regular. You come in and it’s a lot of unfamiliar faces and you want to try to fit in as best you can, but also you want to stay there without making waves.
Donnie Wahlberg
Each day a few more lies eat into the seed with which we are born, little institutional lies from the print of newspapers, the shock waves of television, and the sentimental cheats of the movie screen.
Norman Mailer
From drought-parched Brazil to the increasingly ice-free Arctic Ocean, from the rising seas along the Florida coast to the punishing heat waves hitting South Asia, in communities large and small, rich and poor, urban and remote, we can see the irrefutable evidence of what science has long told us was coming.
Brian Deese
Music is a physical expression that has a physical impact upon the listener. Sound travels in waves through the air. This is not abstract. This is scientific fact. And it makes physical contact with the eardrum… and with the heart… and with the rest of the body.
Kurt Elling
Things come and go in the news cycle like waves of fever.
Adam Curtis
I’ve never guided my life. I’ve just been whipped along by the waves I’m sitting in. I don’t make plans at all. Plans are what make God laugh. You can make plans, you can make so many plans, but they never go right, do they?
John Hurt
Down below the broad, roaring waves of the sea break against the deep foundation of the rock. But high above the mountain, the sea, and the peaks of rock the eternal ornamentation blooms silently from the dark depths of the universe.
Rudolf Otto
Short waves will be generally used in the kitchen for roasting and baking, almost instantaneously.
Lee De Forest
I got desensitized by riding so many big waves that I don’t really get a rush anymore.
Garrett McNamara
Every part of me is a surfer. I love surfing, and I love the waves that I surf. So that’s the thing that I get excited about most: What kind of waves am I going to be able to surf? Am I going to be surfing alone, or will we be surfing waves that no one’s surfed before? Second to that is photography.
John John Florence
It’s different as a guest as opposed to being a star of a series. A guest star is a whole different responsibility. It’s much different than being a regular. You come in, and it’s a lot of unfamiliar faces, and you want to try to fit in as best you can, but also you want to stay there without making waves.
Donnie Wahlberg
When the ship goes down, the waves very quickly roll over the top of it, and attention shifts elsewhere. It’s just the natural order of things in TV – in life – and is as it should be.
Hugh Laurie
I always say that people are like peanut shells on the ocean: the waves will take them everywhere.
Dan Shechtman
The very flag of freedom that waves over our heads is formed from material cultivated by slaves, on soil moistened with their blood drawn from them by the whip of a republican taskmaster!
Elijah Parish Lovejoy
When you’re playing Wembley Arena the emotion comes in waves, but in a tiny club it hits you in the face.
Paul Young
I’m one of the lucky actors in television. I don’t make a lot of big waves, but there’s constant activity, and that’s the way I prefer to live my life.
Patrick Duffy
Everything, however complicated – breaking waves, migrating birds, and tropical forests – is made of atoms and obeys the equations of quantum physics. But even if those equations could be solved, they wouldn’t offer the enlightenment that scientists seek. Each science has its own autonomous concepts and laws.
Martin Rees
What I care about is making money. What I care about is making waves. What I care about is going down as one of, if not, the greatest professional wrestlers to have ever lived.
Maxwell Jacob Friedman
I just want to be able surf everything – from big waves to small waves.
John John Florence
I got all my boyhood in vanilla winter waves around the kitchen stove.
Jack Kerouac
If the League were real, today, they’d most likely be sued by every person they ever saved. They’d be subpoenaed by every authority in every jurisdiction imaginable; hearings upon hearings. There’d be waves of accolades followed by tsunamis of boos from social media.
Christopher Priest
Every time you accelerate – say by jumping up and down – you’re generating gravitational waves.
Rainer Weiss
Listeners can expect to feel very relaxed during the listening experience of ‘Beyond Waves.’ The songs are very lyrical and extremely intimate, so I feel like you’re going to need to be in a quiet room when you hear them, at least the first time.
Domino Kirke
When you focus on life, on enjoying and connecting with other people, that’s when work comes. When you focus on work, you can never work. I’m always going through waves of that.
Alia Shawkat
If those who wrote and ratified the 14th Amendment had imagined laws restricting immigration – and had anticipated huge waves of illegal immigration – is it reasonable to presume they would have wanted to provide the reward of citizenship to the children of the violators of those laws? Surely not.
George Will
Sound in a space affects us profoundly. It changes our heart rate, breathing, hormone secretion, brain waves. It affects our emotions and our cognition.
Julian Treasure
When I recorded ‘Waves’ I was in England, and I was there for months.
Dean Lewis
I caught every wave I wanted and I fell in love with big waves at 16 years old. Then it just was bigger and bigger from there.
Garrett McNamara
Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea. It is the order of nature, and regret is useless.
Chief Seattle
Life is a series of waves to be embraced and overcome.
Danny Meyer
The detection of gravitational waves is truly a triumph of modern large-scale experimental physics.
Barry Barish
Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day one should meditate on being carried away by surging waves, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Writing, for me, is a very fluid process. I sit down and wait for the words to come. They usually do – in buckets and waves. I look upon it as a blessing because the words come so easily.
Sharon Draper
I always say a song is like a ship. Once it has been made, you let it sail. Let the waves take it in the direction it wants to.
Mohit Chauhan
Over the season you have waves. It is very hard to go through the whole season at the same standard and winning games in the same way.
Michael Carrick
Anything can happen at Pipeline; it’s one of those waves where the most amazing wave can come through in one minute, and then nothing can happen for an hour.
Joel Parkinson
Popularity is very inconsistent. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. It usually just comes in waves.
Mia Wasikowska
Everything goes in waves. Evolution goes in waves. The ocean goes in waves. Energy goes in waves. Sound travels in waves.
Edgar Ramirez
Space is much stiffer than you imagine; it’s stiffer than a gigantic piece of iron. That’s why it’s taken so damned long to detect gravitational waves: to deform space takes an enormous amount of energy, and there are only so many things that have enough.
Rainer Weiss
In the book, America had already been weakened by bio terror plagues before waves of selfish violence took down the rest. But the real enemy was the kind of male human being who nurses fantasies of violent glory at the expense of his fellow citizens.
David Brin
The Planck satellite may detect the imprint of the gravitational waves predicted by inflation. This would be quantum gravity written across the sky.
Stephen Hawking
Thus one memory follows another until the waves dash together over our heads, and a deep sigh swells the breast, which warns us that we have forgotten to breathe in the midst of these pure thoughts.
Max Muller
Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?
Fanny Crosby
We are not only talking about waves of refugees coming to Greece, to Italy, and elsewhere. Destabilizing the Balkans means Lebanonization, and that means destabilizing all of Europe.
Fatos Nano
Like everyone else, I can barely take the waves of embarrassment that come with watching someone do something so badly. Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem, Sofia Coppola acting in ‘The Godfather: Part III,’ Sarah Palin talking about Russia – they all create the same level of eyeball-squinching discomfort.
Rebecca Traister
The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.
Edward Gibbon
‘You’ve got mail!’ exclaims the cheery automaton at America Online. The flag on the mailbox icon waves invitingly on my computer screen. For a second, I’m 10 years old again, waiting for the postman’s whistle to slice the stillness of an Australian afternoon.
Geraldine Brooks
What agent is there other than the Creator of the heavens and earth who can know whatever occurs in our heart, down to its most subtle and secret thoughts, and illuminate the future for us by establishing the Hereafter, saving us from the countless suffocating waves of the world?
Said Nursi
Gravitational waves, because they are so imperturbable – they go through everything – they will tell you the most information you can get about the earliest instants that go on in the universe.
Rainer Weiss
The waves travel with the velocity of light and slightly squeeze and stretch space transverse to the direction of their motion. The first waves we measured came from the collision of two black holes each about 30 times the mass of our sun.
Rainer Weiss
I’m learning kite surfing. It’s a little surfboard you have on your feet with straps, and you have a big kite like a power glider in the air that pulls you. You don’t need waves to move, and it makes a big spray of water as you go.
Bertrand Piccard
We didn’t have the lane ropes, we had to get up higher in the water to avoid the little waves.
Johnny Weissmuller
You know the Einstein waves can be thought of as a distortion of space and time. But the way we see it, we see it as a distortion of space. And space is enormously stiff. You can’t squish it; you can’t change its dimensions so easily.
Rainer Weiss
If there’s one thing that 2009 showed us, it’s that everything is happening everywhere, across multiple platforms, each one making waves that end up crashing against each other and commingling into one giant media sea.
Rachel Sklar
Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The waves of religion based on terrorism in the 1990s are based on the tormented response of a mutilated Muslim society whose progressive forces have been savagely emasculated. Why on earth is the Arab world so hostile to women? Why can it not see women as a force for development?
Fatema Mernissi
Some may say that it’s wrong for the government to meddle in what private companies are doing, but phone radio waves belong to the people.
Yoshihide Suga
On this day there was soon wind enough and to spare. The same might have been said of the sea. The Spray was in the midst of the turbulent Gulf Stream itself. She was jumping like a porpoise over the uneasy waves.
Joshua Slocum
I had gotten too comfortable. I was desensitized whenever I got in the water. I started riding big waves for that rush, but now that feeling is nonexistent.
Garrett McNamara
For X-rays, the phenomenon of diffraction by crystals was a natural consequence of the idea that X-rays are waves analogous to light and differ from it only by having a smaller wavelength.
Louis de Broglie
It is true what Rimbaud said; If you think a book is strong enough, try it at the ocean, in the wind, at the waves. If the book can resist the ocean, then it exists. Otherwise, throw it away.
Klaus Kinski
I think TV in general is camp. ‘X Factor’ is camp, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is camp. Basically, an orange man comes down some stairs and waves at the camera. People are drawn to that.
Alan Carr
It’s always great to visit Taranaki; it’s beautiful, and I’ve caught some great waves there.
Xavier Rudd
I think you could find some waves on the west side of Denmark, but I never tried it.
Lars Mikkelsen
The 2012 superstorm known as Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc beyond the Eastern Seaboard and reached Northeast Ohio as well, with heavy rain, wind gusts of nearly 70 miles per hour and waves on Lake Erie reaching 15 to 18 feet.
Marcia Fudge
If Sudan starts to crumble, the shock waves will spread.
Mo Ibrahim
It’s the board I had a problem with. I could totally handle being in the water and stuff. I came here to do my own stunts. Water! Ocean! Action! Big waves! That water, that water has tamed me. You can feel that the world is connected to it.
Michelle Rodriguez
Rule, Britannia, rule the waves; Britons never will be slaves.
James Thomson
Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. If this trend continues, truly catastrophic consequences are likely to ensue from rising sea levels, to reduced water availability, to more heat waves and fires.
Malcolm Turnbull
I don’t like sensationalizing events. Instead of making waves, I want to make everything settle, so we can see to the bottom of things.
Bennett Miller
Journalists have to call out and correct the lies and smears polluting the air waves.
Brian Stelter
As my early drawings warned me, where humans go, lions and tidal waves follow.
Wally Lamb
Florida surfers learn how to be great on mediocre waves. It trains you, gives you endurance.
Abigail Spencer
What, after all, is the narrative of ‘the American Dream?’ It was a discourse formulated between the 1880s and the 1920s in the United States during the great waves of migration and expansion and reforms of the Progressive Era.
Naomi Wolf
I mean, I haven’t been around very long. I can’t expect everyone to have seen ‘The House Bunny’. Oh God. I am having such waves of internal embarrassment, which now I’m admitting on a tape recorder. This is so one of the things I should keep in my head.
Emma Stone
I’m coming from an artistic background, from Europe, making films with Lars Van Trier like ‘Breaking the Waves,’ ‘Dancer in the Dark,’ all his films, ‘The Kingdom.’ But I like both, I like the totally artificial, commercial films where the actor has five or six bodyguards, I like that.
Udo Kier
I think it quite likely that we are the only civilization within several hundred light years; otherwise we would have heard radio waves.
Stephen Hawking
I didn’t understand the Weber bar and how gravitational waves interacted with it. I sat and thought about it over a weekend, trying to prepare for the lecture for the following Monday. I asked myself how would I do it. The simplest way… was a thought experiment.
Rainer Weiss
When we did ‘Breaking the Waves,’ he had a sign on the wall that said, ‘Make mistakes.’
Stellan Skarsgard
As far as the radio waves part of the spectrum, we can do these adequately from the ground because the atmosphere is basically transparent to our radio waves.
Claude Nicollier
If the universe sprung into existence and then expanded exponentially, you get gravitational waves traveling through space-time. These would fill the universe, a pattern of echoes of the inflation itself.
Neil Turok
It’s wonderful to be grateful. To have that gratitude well out from deep within you and pour out in waves. Once you truly experience this, you will never want to give it up.
Srikumar Rao
Thought is more than a right – it is the very breath of man. Whoever fetters thought attacks man himself. To speak, to write, to publish, are things, so far as the right is concerned, absolutely identical. They are the ever-enlarging circles of intelligence in action; they are the sonorous waves of thought.
Victor Hugo
Well, it was – big wave surfing was my job. And I had to accomplish some great feat every year. And we kept finding bigger and bigger waves until there was no wave too big.
Garrett McNamara
The world is not made up of particles and waves and beams of light with a definite existence. Instead, the world works in a much more exploratory way. It is aware of all the possibilities at once and trying them out all the time. That is a hard thing to picture.
Neil Turok
I’m grateful to be successful, and I’m grateful that we can make a living, and I hope we can maintain our integrity forever. That’s really my only dream. The notion of bigness or smallness, I feel like that comes and goes in such waves that are kind of out of my control.
Jim James
My spine healed incorrectly. There were long periods when I’d be perfectly all right, and then there were many other times when I wasn’t, when my back would give out and throw me down to the floor amid waves of nauseating pain.
Dick York
Facebook, like great politicians, surfs waves that it very rarely (if ever) creates.
Dominic Cummings
A good hair day is when my curls are popping. Sometimes my curls and waves, they like to go a little wild sometimes. They have a mind of their own. But some days, they just fall right into place.
Now I have a standard for how I make sure people do not speak to me in a way that I feel uncomfortable with. When I was younger, I didn’t have that. I was like, ‘Try not to make waves.’ I wanted everybody to like me, and so I stifled a lot of the discomfort that I had.
Franchesca Ramsey
I don’t want to be a follower; I want to be a leader and create new waves.
J Balvin
You can judge a leader by the size of the problem he tackles. Other people can cope with the waves, it’s his job to watch the tide.
Antony Jay
Have you ever walked along a shoreline, only to have your footprints washed away? That’s what Alzheimer’s is like. The waves erase the marks we leave behind, all the sand castles. Some days are better than others.
Pat Summitt
I didn’t know how to write a novel, so I sort of let it happen in waves. The only way I could write it was to think like scenes in a movie.
Eileen Myles
For millions of Americans, climate change is no longer just a chart or a graph. It’s the smoke on our tongues from massive wildfires. It’s the floodwater invading our homes and record-breaking hurricanes and heat waves.
Jay Inslee
I’ve been surfing several times, and I’m terrible at it. But what I found was that you’re usually waiting on the board, hanging out, watching the waves come in. And one that you think is a big wave is not actually one.
Andy Grammer
If God creates a world of particles and waves, dancing in obedience to mathematical and physical laws, who are we to say that he cannot make use of those laws to cover the surface of a small planet with living creatures?
Martin Gardner
To lose your everyday life of surfing and being creative on waves, enjoying the ocean – that’s scary to me. It was essential to at least try surfing again and get out there and see how it went.
Bethany Hamilton
I have this big, old, oversize Levi’s denim jacket, and I honestly think it might be for a dude. And on the back, it says, ‘Catch feelings, not waves,’ which I love because I’m very emotional.
Lana Condor
When I win, I send shock waves through the boxing world.
Naseem Hamed
Every day of the year where the water is 76, day and night, and the waves roll high, I take my sled, without runners, and coast down the face of the big waves that roll in at Waikiki.
Duke Kahanamoku
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Norman Vincent Peale
For under certain conditions the chemical atoms emit light waves of a specific length or oscillation frequency – their familiar characteristic spectra – and these can come in the form of electromagnetic waves only from accelerated electric quanta.
Johannes Stark
People think of waves as going in an orderly crash – whoosh – crash – whoosh, but in fact there are lots of different crashes and whooshes, all at different stages, and all going off at the same time.
Craig Brown
Our pool is outdoors, but it’s heated, and I’ve got one of those machines that produces waves you have to swim against; like a jogging treadmill, really, only it’s in water. Basically, it means you can have a small pool, swim for miles, and get nowhere.
Rupert Penry-Jones
A desire arises in the mind. It is satisfied immediately another comes. In the interval which separates two desires a perfect calm reigns in the mind. It is at this moment freed from all thought, love or hate. Complete peace equally reigns between two mental waves.
Swami Sivananda
To us large creatures, space-time is like the sea seen from an ocean liner, smooth and serene. Up close, though, on tiny scales, it’s waves and bubbles. At extremely fine scales, pockets and bubbles of space-time can form at random, sputtering into being, then dissolving.
Gregory Benford
The waves are subtle, altering spacetime and the distance between objects as far apart as the Earth and the Moon by much less than the width of an atom. As such, gravitational radiation has not been directly detected yet. We hope to change that soon.
Barry Barish
I’ve been doing ‘The Bachelor’ long enough that I don’t really care whose feathers I ruffle and how many waves I cause, because my personal life is much more important to me than my professional life now.
Chris Harrison
Bastard Freedom waves Her fustian flag in mockery over slaves.
Thomas Moore
I invent by analogy. I thought, ‘It’s commonplace that you can mix colors, smear them together to get new emerging colors. Likewise, you can mix radio waves to get new frequencies.’ So, I wondered, ‘Why can’t you mix sound to get new sounds?’
Woody Norris
I have lived in the South of France – think cobalt skies, lapping waves, rocky bays – for almost 35 years.
Carol Drinkwater
I think at some point there may be artists who will get fed up, and they deliberately want to use their art as a means to rock the waves a little bit. And instead of doing the status quo, they’ll deliberately go out to really make a change. I think Kendrick Lamar is an example of that.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
I went through some training with a Navy SEAL. I had to learn how to submerge myself underwater and hold my breath, how to move without creating waves, and how to be very stealth.
Jaimie Alexander
It’s good to surf whatever waves are going on right there as they’re happening.
Ben Mendelsohn
Oh! what waves of crime and bloodshed have swept like the waves of a deluge down the valley of the Rhine! War has laid his mailed hand on those desolate towers and ruthlessly torn down what time has spared, yet he could not mar the beauty of the shore, nor could Time himself hurl down the mountains that guard it.
Bayard Taylor
Nothing prepares you for shooting in the sea. Some days the sea is choppy, some days the waves are long. When there is no wind, it’s fantastic to shoot, but your brain is burning because of the heat. You are shooting hand-held and taking a crane on a boat, which is risky since you can get toppled over.
Rajiv Menon
I’m 48, and I have been in love with vampires since I was six. I was born in 1962, so I’ve been through three or four waves of vampires. When I was growing up, we had vampire shows and movies. We were still dealing with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and the old Christopher Lee vampires.
Denis O’Hare
I’m a big fan of lip fillers and collagen waves.
I loved Katrina and the Waves.
Bonnie Tyler
The electroencephalogram represents a continuous curve with continuous oscillations in which… one can distinguish larger first order waves with an average duration of 90 milliseconds and smaller second order waves of an average duration of 35 milliseconds.
Hans Berger
To ride big waves you have to be ready mentally, physically and spiritually.
Garrett McNamara
Call me curl-crazed, but there’s just something about a head full of waves that can command any room and make any outfit more interesting.
Elaine Welteroth
Observing gravitational waves would yield an enormous amount of information about the phenomena of strong-field gravity. If we could detect black holes collide, that would be amazing.
Rainer Weiss
People choose to struggle when people don’t want to relax. Sometimes it is not on your side. Relax; calm down. No matter how hard the waves are, you will float on the ocean.
Kubra Sait
When a man looks across a street, sees a pretty girl, and waves at her, that’s not a rendezvous, that’s a passing acquaintance. When he walks across the street and nibbles on her ear, that’s a rendezvous!
Wally Schirra
I’m a daughter of the middle class with a strong sense of social mobility and individualism, like the waves of immigrants, like my Spanish grandparents, who made Argentina.
Cristina Kirchner
If you look back at our history, we always tend to see drivers in waves move in one direction so it’s not uncommon to have three, four or five of your top drivers exit for different reasons in a short period of time, two years, whatever it is.
Brian France
New Zealand’s economy may be more immune… from the waves of disruption elsewhere, but I guarantee you, it’s not that immune.
Richard Quest
I feel as though I have lived many lives, experienced the heights and depths of each and like the waves of the ocean, never known rest. Throughout the years, I have looked always for the unusual, for the wonderful, for the mysteries at the heart of life.
Leni Riefenstahl
I’ve had many managers, and learned a lot from them, the good ones always stayed even-keeled, never rode the waves.
Dave Martinez
I’ve been soulsearching: why do I do this? Because I don’t really get the rush on these waves, and I don’t surf for records. It’s more to do with my love for Nazare – I want to bring attention to the town.
Garrett McNamara
During fire season and heat waves, power can go out or electric utilities may shut off power to avoid sparking fires or creating systemwide blackouts, both of which mean that hospitals have to run on their generators.
Tatiana Schlossberg
My tears will keep no channel, know no laws to guide their streams, but like the waves, their cause, run with disturbance till they swallow me as a description of his misery.
John Cleveland
When you start a conversation about something that is under-discussed and you use art to convey it, I think that is incredibly powerful but is always going to create waves.
Alex Sharp
Human induced climate change is real, and the evidence is right in front of us. It threatens our shores. It promises to bring intense heat waves and powerful storms. It has the power to disrupt our economy, endanger our food supply, and imperil global stability. We must take action to stop it.
Letitia James
The lonely wanderer, who watches by the seashore the waves that roll between him and his home, talks of cruel facts, material barriers that, just because they are material, and not ideal, shall be the irresistible foes of his longing heart.
Josiah Royce
Sunspots are hubs of intense magnetic activity and they trigger solar flares that launch charged particles, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and radio waves at the Earth.
Simon Singh
The winning concept is the slow-down approach, in which we use a parachute anchor to slow down the system as much as possible, allowing the natural winds and waves to push the plastic into the system.
Boyan Slat
Family is very important to me because that is the footprint we perpetuate. That is, the ripple in the water when the rock first impacts the pool, and it is those waves, that energy that one produces, that determines our direction.
Larry Wilcox
Big waves are a whole different ball game. You’re riding a wave with an immense amount of speed and power, generally over 10 meters. On the face of the wave, obviously life and death thoughts start to happen.
Kelly Slater
As a business man running a huge enterprise, it wouldn’t be smart for me to discuss my potential business decisions with a journalistic tabloid. That being said, I certainly aim to make waves in the wrestling world, and continue to raise Villain Enterprises stock through the roof.
Marty Scurll
What is more beautiful than a sea of water with a number of white-winged boats skirting its surface? Poetry and beauty contesting with the wind and the waves!
George Matthew Adams
I like a pretty, undone look. So I wash my hair every other day so it doesn’t get dried out, and I let it air-dry. If I want soft waves, I’ll braid it first.
Lily Aldridge
The waves from all the different parts of a sphere would cancel each other out. You need motion that’s nonspherical.
Rainer Weiss
The grief of losing my father has come in waves over the years, as it does with most people. His love and devotion as a father provided my closest, most intimate relationship. Dad, and our time together, is in my bones. While reflecting on him, the memories themselves seem to boil down into certain ‘essences of Dad.’
Jennifer Grant
When I took off on nearly vertical waves that no one else would touch, people assumed I had no fear. When they watched me suffer epic wipeouts then come up smiling, it was decided I had a screw loose.
Garrett McNamara
Since my own genome was sequenced, my software has been broadcast into space in the form of electromagnetic waves, carrying my genetic information far beyond Earth. Whether there is any creature out there capable of making sense of the instructions in my genome, well, that’s another question.
Craig Venter
I did some pretty crazy stuff that I never thought I would do, for the sake of a movie, like surfing in eight-foot waves in pitch-black darkness, where I can’t see anything. That still haunts me, kind of, in my nightmares, but it was worth it, it was fun.
Leven Rambin
There are so many different elements to surfing. Small waves, big waves, long boards, short boards. This makes it a sport you can share with people. It’s not just a solitary thing – it’s become a family thing, too. It’s about exercising and passing something on from father to son, and from mother to daughter.
Kelly Slater
When you turn from one room to the next, when your animal senses no longer perceive the sounds of the dishwasher, the ticking clock, the smell of a chicken roasting – the kitchen and all its seemingly discrete bits dissolve into nothingness – or into waves of probability.
Robert Lanza
I love Lars von Trier. ‘Dogville’ is my favourite movie of the last 20 years. ‘Nymphomaniac’ and ‘Melancholia’ aren’t quite as exciting as ‘The Kingdom’, ‘Breaking the Waves’, or ‘The Idiots’, but I’ll always love him for being him.
Ari Aster
You still get these waves of doubt that come over you, for example, when you get a bad review or you accept a part and think, ‘Oh, God, what have I just accepted? I can’t do that.’ I don’t think that’s something that will ever go away in me.
Ben Barnes
One thing I’m super aware of in my music when I’m writing is: ‘Am I overcomplicating this?’ I’ll write a song about some deep existential quandary and explore all these dumb thought waves, and then think ‘Is it effective to say that? Or is it effective to say one simple thing that communicates the feeling better?’
Julien Baker
Short films are good, especially since independent films are making waves now, more than before.
Karthik Subbaraj
Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.
Saint Augustine
It’s like a series of waves hitting you. First, getting excerpted in the ‘New Yorker’ last summer, then getting published, then the best-seller list, the award, the movie deal, now this, a Pulitzer.
Frank McCourt