Well-Rounded Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Well-Rounded Quotes from famous authors such as Demetrious Johnson, Walter O’Brien, Stephen Thompson, Pete Townshend, Tessa Virtue. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I come from one of the great coaches – Matt Hume, Brad Kertson – and my skill set is well-rounded.
Demetrious Johnson
I’ve only twice in my life come across someone with both high IQ and high EQ naturally; and that was because their parents were super high EQ, and the parents just EQ’d the hell out of them. They’re inevitably very successful because now you’ve got someone who’s sharper than the average person and well-rounded, too.
Walter O’Brien
I’m a better, well-rounded fighter than people think.
Stephen Thompson
I only really started to go to plays and to be interested in drama 20 years ago when as an artist I was already well-rounded. I think I’m more disciplined today.
Pete Townshend
For athletes, it is unhealthy to be one-sport focused, especially at a young age. I believe in exposing kids to lots of activities – there are great advantages to being a well-rounded athlete and human, no matter the field of play.
Tessa Virtue
Having a college degree gave me the opportunity to be… well-rounded. Also, the people I met at the university, most of them are still my colleagues now. People I’ve known for years are all in the industry together.
Jon Secada
I’ve always worked hard at being a well-rounded player.
Jalen Rose
Mike Brown is a big guy; he’s very durable. He’s extremely strong and very well-rounded.
Urijah Faber
I think because of our society, and the way that I grew up in soccer, I had to become well-rounded, but I also cherished the parts of me that made me special. I’m thankful for that because it’s made me a better player.
Tobin Heath
Whether it’s fight off my front foot, fight off my back foot, pick shots off, roll shots off, potshot, put combinations together, I feel like I’m a pretty well-rounded fighter. Whatever the situation calls for, I feel like I have the tools on my belt to bring it out.
Caleb Plant
Punk rock really influenced me, the basic metal bands, Zeppelin, Stones and Floyd, and Southern rock bands. I think I was pretty well-rounded.
Al Jourgensen
Being in this business and surviving day-to-day can be a constant struggle. It’s about learning how to be your own super hero, put on your own cape, and be a well-rounded individual.
Karen Civil
It’s important that our children are raised to be educated, well-rounded tax-paying citizens that understand the importance of technology and science.
Bill Nye
I’m well-rounded.
Carlos Condit
I’d love to have a lasting impact as far as growing the game. It would be cool to be remembered as a major champion. I’d like to be remembered as a great golfer but also a great person, as far as growing the game and charity work. The whole well-rounded athlete.
Rickie Fowler
Stay open-minded; stay focused. Train hard and train smart. For me, the older I get, the smarter I have to train also, because the recovery time is longer. Work on everything: become a well-rounded fighter – don’t just be good at one thing; be good at everything.
Brock Lesnar
I think any character has to be well-rounded, whether they are male or female – they have to be complex and make choices that maybe we don’t agree with, you know? I guess that’s what makes them human.
Cary Fukunaga
First, I’m a basketball player and I try to have the most well-rounded game possible. But people forget when I was recruited out of high school, I was recruited as a passer.
Spencer Dinwiddie
Andrey Koreshkov is not well-rounded. He’s been taken down and mounted and has his back taken by Lyman Good, which tells me he’s a terrible grappler. He isn’t well rounded. He’s a good striker, but that’s it.
Ben Askren
I can’t wait to take my son to see ‘Wonder Woman’ – I can’t wait to show him all the female characters can be well-rounded people.
Kaya Scodelario
As far as viewpoints, I think I’m more well-rounded and definitely more educated, and probably more hopeful than I used to be. I think when you’re young and you get into a cause, you get frustrated with it within a few years, or six months.
Eddie Vedder
It’s all about becoming a more well-rounded player and not a one-dimensional player. You might hear someone say, ‘Hilton Head sets up well for them.’ I don’t want that stereotype.
Peter Uihlein
Being really likeable all the time is just not real life, so it’s your duty to make a well-rounded character.
Claire Foy
Education helps you to be a well-rounded person, period. It teaches you how to take in information and data, process it, and use it for life building. Education was key in my family. You were going to college.
Yolanda Adams
Now that I have the training behind me, I think that really shows I do have the skills and talent to become a well-rounded wrestler.
Eva Marie
Access to sports is an important part of a well-rounded education, and it takes committed communities and companies like Dick’s to make a real difference in kids’ lives.
Charles Best
I want to be a well-rounded, versatile performer.
Zac Efron
I think a well-rounded education keeps us from being bored and boring!
John C. Mather
I want to be super well-rounded.
Sage Northcutt
I’m very fortunate. I have a wonderful family, lots of hobbies and athletic pursuits. I always wanted to have a very well-rounded life.
Laura Lang
If the character is really well-rounded, and it’s a really strong character, and if the writing is just fantastic, that’s the thing that will hook me in, certainly.
Amanda Abbington
A well-rounded performer will listen to all kinds of music. I like classical, Middle Eastern, and rock a lot.
Patti LuPone
I’m very well-rounded. It’s mixed martial arts.
Demetrious Johnson
Don’t get a movie confused with real life. I’m a well-rounded human being like everyone else.
Ice Cube
For the most part, the roles Asians can get aren’t necessarily well-rounded, and more often than not, they’re stereotypes. But that’s all we have. And then we see each other all the time at auditions, because we’re all going for the same role. I’ve made a lot of friends that way.
Brian Tee
My mom was a huge Adam and the Ants fan. My granddad listened to a lot of Motown and Elvis and Johnny Cash. So I was kind of well-rounded.
Hayley Williams
I think my kids are pretty well-rounded citizens of the world.
Simon Baker
I’m one of the most well-rounded fighters out there.
Luke Rockhold
In order to become a well-rounded musician, you have to master the three major aspects of guitar playing: the technical side, the musical side and the creative side.
John Petrucci
There’s more to life than success, and if you can try to be more well-rounded, you’ll be able to enjoy your success more. It won’t own you or control you.
Ricky Williams
Canadian comedians are generally more well-rounded… They have to do a lot more. In order to have a career in this country, you have to do everything. And in the States you can narrow-cast, you can be just a sitcom performer or a stand-up comedian or a sketch performer.
Scott Thompson
We are in a culture where it’s so easy to just turn things off that you don’t like. And I think that doesn’t make you a well-rounded person or artist. You have to be able to take the good with the bad and have opinions on things!
Mandy Moore
Only a well-rounded intellect, a spirit nourished in the eternal sources of intelligence and culture, of justice and wisdom, is a safeguard against both indifference and skepticism.
Ameen Rihani
I feel very lucky to play these well-rounded characters.
Geraldine Viswanathan
So much of our lives is surrendered to subordinating ourselves to the needs and whims of others, turning human beings into cash cows rather than independent, well-rounded individuals.
Owen Jones
My husband and I grew up with parents who supported our passion, and we’re grateful to them for that. It really helps you find your identity when you’re younger. It helps you become a really well-rounded person, the more you can show from different perspectives. The arts show us empathy, which is so important.
Idina Menzel
I do see a lot of roles that are, like, the girlfriend or the love interest or the girl next door. Maybe not totally well-rounded kinds of characters – women who are more of a plot device in a way.
Natalia Dyer
In Parliament, you need to ensure that there is a diverse and well-rounded group of individuals who are coming together to speak on behalf of national interests. I want to represent the voices of young Singaporeans who feel that they want a stake in this country, who want to have their voice heard.
Nicole Seah
Woodley has tremendous athleticism, brings a lot of technique – well-rounded fighter.
Robbie Lawler
In my mom’s case, she did a fantastic job. She raised four well-rounded, smart boys on a public school teacher’s salary. She’s impressive. She was always there for us. She sacrificed for us constantly.
Brook Lopez
I loved ‘Tin Cup’ because even though that character had her own career and was strong, she was pretty confused. I think she was my favorite character because she was well-rounded. She didn’t have it all together.
Rene Russo
I like a well-rounded life. All of this work is kind of useless if you don’t have something good to come home to.
Kurt Vile
It was a very well-rounded childhood with lots of different opportunities. My mom will say she set out to overstimulate me – surround me with way too many things and let me pick. As a result, I’ve always been a multitasker; I’ve always liked a lot of variety.
Marissa Mayer
When you act, you’re being asked to pretend in a very rigid, controlled environment. It’s very un-childlike. So a lot of times, when you put kids in that situation, you hope they have a better support system outside of what they’re doing to bring them back to reality at the end of the day and to keep them well-rounded.
Patton Oswalt
I grew up on the west side of Detroit – 6 mile and Wyoming – so I was really in the ‘hood. And I would go to school at Detroit Waldorf, and that was not the ‘hood. Growing up in Detroit was good. I had a good perspective, a well-rounded one, and not being one-sided.
Big Sean
I would love a combination of action/adventure and… love. And stories told with heart. I would like people to be invigorated as well as moved. People to see the movie and see that. I love to play, y’know, well-rounded characters.
Dennis Haysbert
There are lots of things I’m acquainting myself with now to be a more well-rounded person.
Idina Menzel
Fine dining teaches you how to cook many different things, and it gives you the basic fundamentals, but these specialty restaurants, they’re not teaching you the broad foundation you need to become a well-rounded cook.
David Chang
I want to encourage everyone to experiment and try out as many of your talents as you can because, if you utilize them properly, they will make you into a much more well-rounded person in the end.
Butch Hartman
To me, little Mike Wazowski is one of the best characters I ever got to play because he was funny. He was outrageous. He got angry. He was romantic. He was a full, well-rounded character.
Billy Crystal