West Coast Quotes

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I’m definitely a West Coast artist, so much so that I’m gonna get ‘Thug Life’ tatted on my stomach one day.
Half of my family is in Los Angeles, so my cousin was the first person to play me, like, Snoop Dogg, and I would always feel like, ‘OMG, I shouldn’t be listening to this,’ and my other cousin was the first to introduce me to Aaliyah, so every time I’d go to the West Coast, I’d get those West Coast vibes.
Jillian Hervey
It took me a long time to adapt to the West Coast. I lived eight years in New York before California and might have gone back. Then I discovered surfing. It’s the California equivalent of ice hockey, I guess. It gave me a real sense of place.
Rachel Morrison
I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I split my time between the West Coast and the East.
Tessa Thompson
I like Cornwall and particularly the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland where I got married. It’s absolutely beautiful.
Lee Mack
All my stories take place on the West Coast – not the beach, but smaller inland towns. I feel homesick, and I find inspiration in capturing that.
Adrian Tomine
I was brought up west southwest coast of Scotland and my mother and father had a music shop, and so I was surrounded by pianos and drums and guitars, and music, of course.
Colin Hay
I’ve worked in the Inuit hamlets of the west coast of Hudson Bay since 1994. Over that time I’ve been very moved by both the pace of social change there – the loss of traditional ways of seeing the world, the affinity for and comfort with the land – and by the social disarray that change of this pace produces.
Kevin Patterson
The L.A. rap scene is popping again because rappers stopped saying ‘West Coast.’ Nobody says that anymore. Fans of L.A. music were reaching and saying, ‘This is West Coast music,’ because nobody else liked it.
Schoolboy Q
It’s hard for me not to play on the West Coast. I love it out there.
John Daly
The Dallas model, prominent in the South and Southwest, sees a growing population as a sign of urban health. Cities liberally permit housing construction to accommodate new residents. The Los Angeles model, common on the West Coast and in the Northeast Corridor, discourages growth by limiting new housing.
Virginia Postrel
Homelessness isn’t just an issue in San Francisco. It’s an issue throughout California and up and down the West Coast. We need to support policies that address our twin troubles of housing affordability and homelessness at the state-level.
London Breed
I used to sing with my father’s jazz band and then when I was ten years old a musician friend of his suggested that I try out for the first west coast production of Annie.
Molly Ringwald
Most Australians live in the cities on the east coast, where contact between black and white occurred as much as 200 years earlier than on the west coast – and where 95 percent of Australians are able to live 95 percent of their lives without ever seeing an Aboriginal face.
Phillip Noyce
To visit the West Coast, now and always, is to be overwhelmed by its beauty – the blue water and blue skies, the temperate air and the beaches and the looming mountains not so far away.
Ross Douthat
The United States has tried for years to live down President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s order during World War II to move Japanese-Americans on the West Coast to inland detention camps on grounds that they might be disloyal.
Helen Thomas
There are a lot of regulations that are really just crushing jobs. Look at the coal miners in the Rust Belt that are getting out of work. Look at the – look at the loggers and the timber workers and the paper mills in the West Coast. Look at the ranchers or farmers in the Midwest with regulations.
Paul Ryan
I can watch anything from 1970s West Coast rock to 1990s electro-funk – I don’t care.
Stephen Mangan
I represent the West Coast culture.
I’m really drawn to West Coast composers and I think it has a little something to do with looking across the Pacific instead of looking across the Atlantic.
Mark Morris
I was always into the West Coast rap, the production and the flows were always more appealing to me. I think my rapping days are over though.
February 19, 1942, is the year in which Executive Order 9066 was signed, and this was the order that called for the exclusion and internment of all Japanese Americans living on the west coast during World War II.
Xavier Becerra
New York for me is about work. If L.A. were to become a West Coast version of that, I’d shoot myself. The climate, the lifestyle – it really fits as the yin to my New York yang.
Vera Wang
East Coast, West Coast, all that needs to cease. Everyone wants hip-hop to be this big empire, but we’re not going to get to the level we want to get to because of the stupidity.
Da Brat
The heart of our relationship, this natural environment that has blessed us really all along the west coast of North America, on both sides of the border we’ve realized that this incredible natural wealth comes with a price.
Dan Miller
I live on the West Coast of the United States, and yet the air that I breathe is sometimes the same air that was being breathed in China the day before.
Alice Walker
I’m a novelist from the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations of British Columbia, both small coastal reserves hugging the rugged shores of the west coast.
Eden Robinson
I like to think Portland and L.A. are not rivals; they’re cousins. As cities on the West Coast, they’re distinct in their own way but still culturally similar.
Fred Armisen
I’ve been writing since I was 10 or 11. I started with poetry because that was the easiest thing. It just kind of came naturally. I think at that time West Coast hip hop was huge; all these kids around me were like, ‘I want to be a rapper.’ But I’m a white girl, not going to be a rapper.
Sasha Grey
When Wu-Tang came, Wu-Tang was for that era, right there. When Dre had it in the West Coast, it was for that time. Biggie and them, it was for that time.
Ghostface Killah
Bound for Glory’ week was such a whirlwind. With it being filmed in Canada, it was really exciting for me. Although it was on the East Coast and I’m from the West Coast, still felt like I was kind of in my hometown, I don’t know.
Laurel Van Ness
The Merchant Marines fight piracy all over the world. We fight piracy in the Philippines, the east and west coast of Africa, and the east and west coast of South America.
Richard Phillips
West Coast hip hop was the sound of my neighbourhood. It was something I could relate to because it had a sound that felt like my surroundings – almost more so than what they were saying. That music was made to be bumped in a Cadillac!
Kamasi Washington
The way I paint is similar to rock in that you don’t stand around and say, ‘Gee, what are they talking about?’ Rock is simple, blunt, colorful. Same with my paintings. You don’t stand back and wonder what it is. That’s Jim Morrison, that’s a panda, that’s a scene on the West Coast. It’s not abstract.
Grace Slick
This country, and the West Coast, especially, is bad at preserving any cultural legacy.
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Please, all you MCs out there, all you fans out there, don’t think Big gonna make a record dissing 2Pac or the West Coast because it’s not going down like that. I cant even see me wasting my time or my talent to disrespect another black man.
The Notorious B.I.G.
Fashion gave me the platform that has made this transition from fashion to Hollywood, from East Coast to West Coast. Fashion gave me the platform that has made this easier than it is for a lot of other people. And I will always count fashion as the industry that was first to welcome me and embrace what I could do.
Hari Nef
When it came time to go to college, I had been accepted for Harvard when my father was offered the position of head of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company office on the west coast, and we moved to San Francisco.
Douglass North
The West Coast is so different from the common perceptions of it.
Ann Maxwell
All the way on the West Coast, never having seen a Broadway show, it was like, ‘They don’t want me. There’s nothing there for me.’ I’d come to New York a lot and never even tried to see a Broadway show. There was no reason for me to do that.
Daveed Diggs
I grew up in Vancouver, which is a pretty liberal, gay Mecca of the West coast. There’s San Francisco, and then there’s Vancouver.
Avan Jogia
I had a hard time when I came back to Sweden and started school, because I looked different. And we moved to a really small town on the west coast of Sweden, and there were no brown people around. It didn’t really get any better until I started music school at about 10 years old.
Seinabo Sey
Maybe it’s due to my west coast liberal upbringing, but, the idea of parallel universes doesn’t strike me as being too far out there.
Joshua Jackson
If I convince myself that I’m going contest in West Coast, I will go. It doesn’t matter who else comes because that’s your belief.
Tan Cheng Bock
I’ve always done music with so-called thug- or gangster-type lyricists. I’ve always been associated with that because I’m from the West Coast.
I don’t care if I am doing music: my son comes with me every weekend. If I’m on the West Coast, he’ll come fly and be with me. If I’m on the East Coast, I get my son every weekend. It doesn’t matter where I’m at – show, no show, whatever. Break or no break. I have my son every summer and every weekend while he’s in school.
Scotland is extraordinary as a location, the light is amazing, for instance on the west coast.
Denis Lawson
No, I don’t think about the myth of the West. It’s not the kind of thinking I do. That’s more suited to people who live in big towns on the West Coast or East Coast, people who stay under a roof, in a room, all the time.
Tommy Lee Jones
If you stand over on the edge of the west coast of Ireland and look west, you are looking at something you can’t see, only imagine. You know America is there, and you can imagine it being there. But you’re also looking into infinity, because you can see nothing.
Sean Scully
I’m getting comfortable with West Coast style, which is more laid-back than British style.
Cat Deeley
My mother’s family was among the 120,000 people of Japanese descent on the West Coast who were dispatched to internment camps during World War II.
Michiko Kakutani
I don’t live on the West Coast, so when I come out to work, I rent a house.
Joe Morton
The old West Coast rappers are the way I rap; they weren’t always on beat but it was about telling a story. I’m just a little more modern so it doesn’t sound exactly the same.
I started producing in California, and they called it mob music. When I moved to Atlanta, the sound was different. People in Atlanta didn’t like to rap over West Coast beats. So I had to make adjustments to what was going on in the South.
I was at Stanford University up in the West Coast Bay Area, so the biggest song of my freshman year was ‘I Got 5 on It’ by Luniz, and the ‘I Got 5 on It’ remix was the joint that everybody was jamming constantly. And then it was also at that particular time that I became a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Sterling K. Brown
I have a West Coast rhythm section and a New York rhythm section. I’ve got them spread out all over the place.
Marian McPartland
It would be nice if we didn’t have to drill for oil in the gulf. We have this shallow continental shelf on the west coast of Florida, and it would be a real disaster if we had a major oil spill there. It would be wonderful if we could find some other source of energy.
Eugenie Clark
I’ve spent a lot of time in L.A. and I love it. A lot of Brits can’t stand the place, but I like the West Coast attitude and the way people celebrate success.
Sophia Myles
I consider the West Coast home, but Milwaukee is still a special place.
Kevon Looney
The best West Coast coaching job I’ve seen was when Mike Shanahan left the 49ers, became the head coach in Denver and made it available to John Elway.
Steve Young
When I was a senior in high school, I went to Ireland to study Irish Gaelic. And after one semester at Trinity College, I went way out to the west coast of Ireland and rented a little house by myself.
Rosemary Mahoney
I don’t want to bring a European city or an east-coast city to the West Coast.
Eric Garcetti
The West Coast blew me up years ago. Ten years ago, I was already selling out five or six shows in a row in the West. Then all of a sudden, the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois, just embraced me so well.
Jo Koy
The thing about Canada is that it’s a very large country, and the population’s very spread out among different regions. Each region in the country really has its own personality and its own culture, you know? From West Coast to East Coast – wherever you go, it’s almost like it’s its own country.
Jeff Lemire
On the West Coast, things are more relaxed, maybe because people have more fun outdoors. In the East, where the weather is not so good, people have to stay indoors. They’re very knowledgable fans. This makes you play even harder.
Robert Parish
But then again in the East Coast, I think, Tupac, inspired everybody on the East Coast, everybody down south, everybody in the West Coast you know what sayin’.
Bubba Sparxxx
We are having the single worst recovery the U.S. has had since the Great Depression. I don’t care how you measure it. The East Coast knows it. The West Coast knows it. North, South, old, young, everyone knows it’s the worst recovery since the Great Depression.
Arthur Laffer
I grew up on the West Coast during the ’80s. But I wasn’t a ‘valley girl,’ since I grew up in Norwalk, which was filled with Latina girls.
Tiffany Darwish
Because the sad fact is that the Enron Corporation and others manipulated with unfortunately great effect the energy market in the West Coast starting in 2000.
Jay Inslee
I’m not West Coast at all. I was born in Atlanta, but I grew up in Kentucky, outside of Lexington, in Winchester.
Tucker Max